Gaining quotes and information

By far my biggest struggle when writing my features was finding quality quotes from relevant source. This was mostly due to the fact that most of my contacts were out of the office over the Christmas period, or simply too busy to respond. To make sure I ha quotes to incorporate into my story, I decided to contact personal friends for their thoughts and opinions on relatable topics such as internet safety and their thoughts on social media.

Thankfully, once the holiday season was over I received more than enough quotes from the people I had originally contacted late December. Understandably, however, I was unable to get any comment from the likes of Essena O'Neill, Molak's family or any form of law enforcement, despite my attempts.

Nevertheless, I do believe that both of my articles contained a sufficient amount of primary research and quotes to help illustrate the topics at hand. I also endeavoured to make the majority of images included in my features my own, however this again proved difficult for the David Molak case due to ethical and legal constraints.

Word count: 182