Ethics and legalities

Since the story regarding David Molak was vital for my feature, it was inevitable that I should include a variety of quotes regarding the topic. Due to the sensitivity of the subject I chose to gather the majority of my quotes from the Molak family through information already in the public domain. For ethical reasons, I also made sure to source these quotes whenever relevant.

Another issue that I faced when creating my articles was sourcing originally imagery, as both stories required photos of something that had already happened (ie. in the Essena O'Neill case regarding her Instagram posts). Again, as these images were already in the public domain, I decided to use them in my own pieces to further illustrate my writing. Again, I made sure to correctly source every picture.

Whilst I did create a few of my own photos for the features, I would have liked to have included more original visuals to add credibility to my work. However, for the news element of these stories I was unable to do so.