Devising story ideas

For my portfolio I have decided to create two different features - one focussing on the specialism of fashion, the other on crime and criminal activity. When choosing my specialisms I chose to curate my articles for ELLE Magazine and the Independent newspaper, as they're both two very popular publications within their niche, but also very different in terms of content and writing style.

When devising ideas for my portfolio one trending story that stuck out to me was the Essena O'Neill controversy in which the famous Instagram-er quit the app as she felt it was giving her (500 million) followers a false idea of perfection. Since this was such a popular story at the time, I decided to build on it and turn what could be a short news story into a lengthy feature about the impact Instagram has on today's youth. 

Similarly, when devising my story for the crime specialism I decided to focus on the story regarding David Molak - a sixteen year old boy who took his own life because he was being bullied online. 

Since both of my stories were based around trending topics at the time of being written, I feel as though they would work well for my online brand as they are easily shareable and - potentially - very image heavy, which translates well on the internet.

Word count: 225