Curating an online brand

When devising my online brand it was important for me to create shareable imagery and content to ensure that my 'print' articles translated well onto blogs and social media. When promoting my work on social media I chose to write in a tone that fit with the publications target audience - for example, when promoting the article for ELLE Magazine I decided to talk to the audience in a more personal, casual manner by asking them questions and addressing them in the second person. For the crime feature however, I chose to share the article in a more conservative manner, mostly because the piece included information about loss of life, law and mental health.

Since I included both of my pieces of work on my own personal blog, the general style and layout of the website is not something that I feel fits well with the stories I have written. If I were to create my own news site I would have opted for a less 'young' colour scheme and I would have instead chosen a more conventional 'magazine-style' layout. However, since I already have a following on my own blog I decided to promote my work there, so that it could be shown to a real audience.


Word count: 207