Hello, and welcome to the most technical (aka boring) tab of my blog. Since there's been a lot of questioning around the integrity of bloggers lately I've decided to put together a little disclaimer to cover any grey areas that may come with reading this site. If I've missed anything out - or if you just want to say hi - please contact me on info.cocochic@gmail.com.


Everything you see on this site has been made by me, unless otherwise stated. My boyfriend takes the majority of my outfit posts unless stated otherwise, but all other content is made by me. Of course I understand that sometime my images may be shared across the internet, and whilst that's perfectly fine I do ask that people link back to this website as the source, because, you know, a girl's gotta eat. All images are taken using a Canon 7d with a 24-105mm f4 L IS USM lens.



As a perk of being a blogger, I'm often sent free items in exchange for product placement on my blog, and whilst I do appreciate every offer I get, I am very selective when it comes to choosing and accepting free things. My general rule is that, if I wouldn't buy it for myself I'm don't feel overly comfortable promoting it on my website. All of my thoughts and opinions are completely genuine, regardless of whether something has been given to me or not. If I don't like something that has been sent to me I will either refrain from posting about the item or continue to create an honest (and potentially negative) review, depending on the brand's preference.  As of 01/01/15 all items marked with an asterisk (*) are products that have been gifted to me.



Like many bloggers I often use affiliate linking to gain a small amount of commission when linking to products. Since it's 100% free to read blogs like my own, I personally don't have a problem with bloggers making a little bit of pocket money as they type. Even so, when using affiliate links I always ensure that I link to either the exact products mentioned or at least something very similar. If you don't want to see any of these ads you can download Ad Blocker plus for Firefox or Google Chrome. I will never include misleading links just to make a few extra quid!



Much like the products that are sent to me, when it comes to including sponsored posts on my blog I have a few set personal rules that I make sure I stick to when considering paid content. Whilst I do appreciate that SEO is an important part of being on the internet, I do not accept pure SEO-based posts that don't benefit me in any way. Of course content that is related to my blog may be considered, but again this is no guarantee. When it comes to posting sponsored content I do not accept text that is pre-written by anyone other than myself, purely because I want to keep this blog completely true to my style and personality. Prices for sponsored posts vary depending on the work and social media support that goes into them. I do not accept compensation for guaranteed positive reviews.



When dealing with other companies I'm often asked how long it will take for me to publish various posts when featuring sponsored product(s). As noted above, I am completely transparent when it comes to my opinion on things, and sending me something will not always guarentee placement in a blog post. For more information on specific categories please see the applicable section below.


This blog is predominantly based around fashion, so the majority of the free products I get sent are either items of clothing or shoes and accessories. Since outfit posts are the posts that takes the longest to create I do ask that companies are understanding about the fact that these may take a little longer to be published than others. In general these posts are published within two weeks of receiving the item, but I do try to get them live as soon as possible. When choosing 


Beauty posts make up a fairly large part of my blog, so I do accept beauty products to potentially review. I much prefer natural looking makeup over anything else, so the chances of me featuring bright coloured eyeshadows and lipsticks are a lot slimmer than something more neutral, however I am willing to try different things. Sometimes I will get sent a lot of beauty products, and whilst they can't all be featured on my blog they will probably be featured on my beauty magazine Beauty Talk Daily, which has a new post live every day. I also feature a lot of beauty products over on my Youtube channel.


I'm very happy to receive gadgets, lifestyle products and home wares to review just so long as they tie in with my own personal style. The timescale for posting about lifestyle products may vary depending on the item, so please contact me personally if timing is important to you.



If you'd like to collaborate with me in any shape or form, please feel free to contact me on info.cocochic@gmail.com. My prices do tend to vary for different types of posts, so please send over your specifications when shooting me an email! Please note that I do receive a lot of emails each day, so it may take a few days for me to reply (depending on how organised I am). If you have an urgent enquiry please include 'IMPORTANT' in the subject line.