Staying on schedule with Swatch SKIN

"Time stops for no one and - on good days - neither do I"





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Time stops for no one, and - on good days - neither do I. Being a content creator I make sure I never leave the house without two key pieces of tech - my camera (for snapping Insta-worthy things on the go) and a watch on my wrist to keep me on time for meetings and events. I never know what each day might bring, whether I'm doing my thing in front of the camera, editing on the go or squeezing in a quick workout in between appointments, so I need something that acts a second skin to make sure I stick to my schedule - whatever that might be.

Enter the new Swatch SKIN watches - the latest addition to Swatch's ever-growing collection - that are designed to slot perfectly into your every day life thanks to their lightweight and minimalistic design. Inspired by movement and consisting of eleven

different designs from pastel silicone straps to stainless steel bracelets, the Swatch SKIN collection is suited to both men and women no matter what their style. I've always loved watches that look somewhat masculine - kind of as if I just slipped it off my boyfriend's wrist without him realising - so I opted for the SKIN Mesh style which literally goes with every look I create. Whenever I'm working the last thing I want is for my outfit and accessories to get in the way of what I'm doing. For me, freedom is everything with my job. I love being able to work on the go, whether I'm tapping away on my laptop in a local coffee shop or replying to emails as I hop on a flight to London. So when it comes to what I'm wearing I want everything to be practical and comfortable, but still super stylish as well. It'd be even better if it kept me on time for everything, but hey, we can't expect this thing to work miracles can we!?

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3 Ways To Style The Little Black Dress

The little black dress has been my go-to outfit of choice for years, whatever the weather. When I was younger, I used to assume the LBD was reserved only for evenings out and special occasions, but over the years I've realised that a simple black dress has been the common denominator for the majority of my outfits. Whether it's layering one up under a frilly boho dress or going all out with sky high heels and slick rick hair. My latest LBD addition comes in the form of NICCE's essentials dress as it works with just about every look I want to create - the slimming fabric doesn't go unnoticed either.,





Layered up

I'm always mixing and matching different items of clothing, and I love turning one thing into something completely different - take the LBD for example. When it's the right material, it can transform almost instantly into an easy fuss-free bodysuit.  The elasticated materiel makes it easy to layer underneath just about anything as it doesn't bunch or ride up throughout the day. You can even wear it as slimming shape wear underneath another figure hugging outfit.

River Island Denim Jacket (Mens)
Missguided Denim Shorts
Ego Official Patent Boots






If I could wander around town in my pyjamas you all know I'd be there picking up my weekly shop in fluffy thermal socks and tartan trousers (which I may or may not have done before..). However, unfortunately it's not socially acceptable to do that, so until the PJ law gets passed I'll wear the next best thing - AKA trainers, sweats and a little black dress. It's the perfect every day look that's cool, casual and - let's face it - I'll get a lot less looks wearing this down the fruit and veg aisle.

Missguided Suede Backpack
Vans Black Hoodie (Mens)
Nike Trainers





When I think about wearing a little black dress my mind instantly goes to something  like I'm wearing on the left - simple, classy, but a lil bit sassy. I love pairing black little black dresses with matching black heels and minimal accessories for a seriously monochromatic look. It's an outfit that works for just about any special occasion, whether it's a night out on the town or an anniversary dinner - or you know, just a casual Thursday afternoon outfit snapping session. 

Mango White Fitted Blazer
Missguided Chain Mail Bag
Public Desire Cage Heels


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Must-have holiday makeup essentials


Before venturing Into the world of makeup, the idea of slathering anything apart from SPF onto my skin made me sick to my stomach. Maybe it's just my under eye circles needing more coverage than they used to, but these days you wont catch me dead without clear brow gel and concealer in my carry-on. Admittedly, I did keep my makeup bag fairly streamline whilst in Marrakech last week, but that didn't stop me from throwing on a full face when I was out there. Think your skin but better and enough highlight to bounce that Moroccan sun right back off your face. Here are my top picks..





If I'm wearing makeup, you can rest assured that I'll have doused my face is pints or Urban Decay's Setting Spray before leaving the house - it really is that good. Whilst in Morocco, I took a travel size with me to test out in the 40 degree heat. I wasn't expecting miracles (in fact, I was expecting my makeup to melt off almost instantly)  but it pulled through and kept my face on flawlessly all day long.





I'd like to make an official request here. When I die, I want to be drenched in the Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops in Sunlight. Never in my life have I come across such an unbelievably blinding liquid highlighter. Alone it gives a radiant, natural glow, but of course me being me I like to use it as a base for other powder highlighters. Sunglasses at the ready!




Pomades are my weapon of choice when it comes to filling in my brows. Usually, I flit between lots of different brands for brow products, but when it comes to waterproof pomades Anastasia Beverley Hills does it best. It's also one of my favourite products to create a faux freckle look with. Create tiny dots across the face and pat down using a finger or beauty sponge. It's an instant age re-winder!






The NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams have been a part of my every day makeup bag for over a year now, but I usually favour the more nude tones over anything bright. Each SMLC is named after different cities and countries across the world, so it was only natural I took Morocco with me to, well, Morocco! It lasts hours, layers up on the lips and requires no liner. Definitely a new fave.




A new addition to my ever-growing makeup collection, but it immediately became a fave once I swiped it across my cheeks. I'm always very wary of orange-toned bronzers because they tend to make me, well, orange, but Give Me Sun gives me a natural, healthy glow without looking like I'm caked in product and with zero effort - exactly what I'm looking for when out and about on holiday.





The jury is still out as to whether or not this stuff really is better than sex, but after trying the waterproof version of this mascara in Morocco, I'd say it's a pretty close second. The wand coats all of my lashes, whilst the mascara formula keeps my lashes curled all day long, without transferring onto the lower lash line.


Tips on how to look more awake


"Over the past few weeks sleep has been pretty low on my list of priorities, meaning I've had to work a little harder when it comes to covering that up each day. So today, I thought I'd share with you some of my top tips and makeup hacks to look more awake. Coffee optional."



Sometimes, even the best concealers can't cover those under eye not-so-designer bags, which is when colour correcting comes in. Using a peach-toned corrector, block out any blue/purple tones under the eye to even out the base and brighten the eyes. Then, apply a yellow-toned concealer and banana powder over the top to completely disguise those late nights!



As someone that wears contacts I am all too familiar with the feeling of dry eye balls, and when I don't get enough sleep you can expect them to look red and irritated as well. Sexy, right? To keep my eyes looking fresh and awake no matter what I use the Murine Bright and Moist Eye Drops every single morning before applying my makeup. You can pick them up from both Boots and Superdrug!



This hack is pretty self-explanatory, but it's something a lot of people forget to do if you want to look more awake. I mean, doing this literally opens up your eyes more, and it works a treat whether you decide to wear mascara or not! To make sure they stay curled all day long, try heating up your lash curler to add a little more hold. Just make sure you leave it long enough to not burn your eyes, because ouch.



Okay, so you've gotten rid of those under eye bags and your eyes are the moist-est (?) they've ever been, but you still look like you could do with a nap or seven. Another great tip is to apply a nude liner to the waterline - as this can often look a little red if you're feeling sleepy. White liners work too, but can sometimes look a little too stark and obvious, so stick with something flesh toned to really open those eyes up.



Think of eye contouring exactly how you think about face contouring. You use the darker colours to create shadows, and the light colours to lift, right? So when your eyes aren't looking so lively, focus mainly on light, shimmering highlight shades, as darker shadows can sometimes give a more sunken in look. Apply a bright highlighter to the inner corner of the eyes and voila!



If you do decide on wearing mascara, go for something that holds a curl - or even go ahead and apply falsies if you really want to go all out. To make your eyes look even more open, try directing your mascara wand towards the centre of your face for both your top and bottomm lashes. Again, this will help to lift your lashes and give you a more wide awake look. 

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The only LBD you'll need this season



My style changes on an almost daily basis. One day I'm in ripped jeans and leathers, the next I'm in my frilliest, floatiest dress I own, and then the next I'm wandering around my house in an old t-shirt and sweatpants that are seriously overdue a trip to the washing machine. Comfort is key - that's something that always remains a constant for me. I love dressing up, but I also love being able to just throw something on with a pair of boots and look somewhat put-together. And hey, if it just so happens to hide any lumps and bumps, that's a plus too. A current favourite of mine comes in at just £9 from Stylewise Direct, as it's casual, comfy, but still seriously on trend. I mean hey, if ripped jumper dresses are good enough for King Kylie, then they're definitely good enough for me. Pair them with biker boots for something seriously nonchalant or slip on some sock booties for something a little more glam. Wear it to bed, wake up, and go. I won't tell anyone.







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