How to layer up like a pro this winter

scarves and other practical clothing items I've come up with the perfect solution to stylish dressing: secret layers.

I feel the cold more than anyone I know. I sit at my desk, full onesie, practically sitting on the portable heater (which is obviously turned up to the max) and I still complain about being cold. These secret layers however? Life changing. And yes, this might not be my coolest blog post to date , and okay, this might not save you if you're living in sub zero temperatures. But if you're a baby when it comes to cold whether but you still want to look the part (without freezing your butt off) this is how to do it. It ain't glamourous, it ain't sexy, but it will keep you toasty. Stay tuned for those sexy Spanx..

Comfy cosy jumpers, thick tights, bobble hats - oh Pinterest, you make everything look so damn cute. That is, until I put them on my own body and wind up looking like the abominable snowman. Eh, at least it's somewhat festive. Kind of.

I remember when I was younger I would risk getting hypothermia for as long as I could in the winter, just so I could wear my favourite skirt or baggy tee. The hairs on my legs could be sticking up at a ninty degree angle and I'd still insist that it wasn't quite sweater weather. These days I'm at least a little less stubborn when it comes to throwing on the thermals, but I do still try and brave the cold in the least amount of layers as possible. Throughout my many years of escaping


So when I said this blog post wasn't going to be glamourous, I meant it. Anyway, let's move past the fact that I'm sounding like a ninty year old woman today and just roll with it. Leggings under jeans - skinny jeans in particular - are a game changer. I've even been known to shred leggings to match the holes in my skinny jeans, just so I didn't completely freeze to death. Double points (and double warmth) if you opt for thermals.


Yep. I'm a size six girl and I rock the spanx like no other. Sure, they have their slimming abilities and yes, they are great at hiding that VPL, but my favourite purpose for said elasticated pants? The warmth. During the winter when it's really, really cold, most days you'll find me sporting a pair of high waisted spanx under just about anything. They're like a snuggly hug around your belly. Try it. You'll love it.


One of my fave outfit combos is a floaty dress, a leather jacket and a pair of knee high boots. Cute - but not the most practical #ootd when it's pretty much an ice rink outside. However my theory is, that if I keep my calves and thighs as warm as possible (hance the spanx) I can just about pull it off. Top tip of the day: Wear as many pairs of knee high socks under your boots as possible. The crazier colours the better.

double up on jackets

Leather jackets are a regular outfit occurrence for me. I wear them in the spring, summer, autumn, winter - if I could wear it to bed (without waking up in a pool of sweat) I most probably would. So when things get super chilly, instead of trading in my leather for something more thermal I just go wild and wear them both. Let the collar peek through and it'll look like one of those Zara-esque jackets!


All in all, whilst my outfit might look somewhat put together on the outside, underneath there are a multitude of sins. When you hear people saying they love layering up in the's nothing compared to what's hiding underneath my shirt. The rule I tend to live by is if your outfit covers it, wear it. Although try not to layer up so much you look like the Michelin man. Or, you know, just wear a scarf..

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Let's talk about blogger beef

I'm gonna take a stab in the dark here and assume that the majority of you guys and gals that read this blog have either seen or are at least somewhat familiar with the film Mean Girls. If not, here's a little run through. There's a pretty iconic moment near the end where some random girl walks into the school and tells a group of strangers how she wishes she could bake a cake made out of rainbows and smiles, so that everyone could eat it and be happy. The entire school looked at her like she was crazy, and she was told to leave. Today, I feel a bit like that girl.

I've been out of the loop with this blogging biz for a few weeks now. It happened as a bit of an accident really. I skipped a few days, those few days turned into a week and then I felt almost embarrassed to come back with just your standard #ootd. 'Hey guys! Been gone for a week or two but here's what I wore a month ago. Bye!' I always feel like when I take a break from blogging I need to come back with something meaningful to say. I mean, jeez, I've had a few weeks off of writing my thoughts online, I must have at least something to say. Well, here it is.

I'm very much a team internet sort of girl. I love seeing all of the amazing things that every day people like you and I get up to, all thanks to the world wide web. Imagine someone telling you as a kid that you were going to grow up, film yourself in your room talking about your favourite beauty products, and end up with a best selling book a few years later. It's both ridiculous yet utterly amazing that people like us are doing these things on the daily.

Call me naive, but here I was thinking that all creators were pretty much a part of #TeamInternet by default. Only over the past month or so I've seen various bloggers and influencers bashing each other over the internet through the means of click bait videos, tweets and shady snapchat stories. I get it, sometimes you just want to complain to your bestie about that colleague at work that grates on you. But would you stand up in the middle of the office, in front of everyone, and call someone out because of something you didn't agree with? Probably not.

And that's just it. When you're an internet person with an audience (no matter how big or small) your colleagues are your fellow influencers and your office is the entire internet. What you say on there goes out like a viral newsletter to everyone you involve yourself with - your audience, your employer(s) and anyone else with an internet connection. 

As members of #TeamInternet we should be lifting eachother up, not bringing eachother down. Whoever made up the saying 'sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me' obviously never had social media. Words hurt, whether you say them in person or whether you type them in a tweet. Sure, we can't all get along with eachother, all the time. But - just like you would in any other job - sometimes, you just have to work through it. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all. And if you ever figure out a recipe for a cake made out of rainbows and smiles, give me a call.

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Vogue VS The Bloggers

Oh Vogue, you have got some explaining to do. As some of you may know, a few days ago published an article made up of editors discussing the happenings at Milan Fashion Week. So what, right? Pretty standard procedure. Only in this article, the editors weren't just talking about the shows and the emerging trends - they were targetting the internet folk, calling them pathetic, embarassing and even telling them to 'find another business'. Yes, all this coming from the same magazine that have thrown Chiara Ferragni and Kristina Bazan (namely two of the biggest blogging gals out there) on two separate covers in the space of a year. Um, what? Newsflash Vogue: You pocketted a great deal from having those girls on the cover, and now you're trying to tell your readers that they - as bloggers - are 'heralding the death of style'? Tell that to your blogger funded pay cheque.

I say blogger funded pay cheque because that's exactly what it is. As an industry, everyone helps eachother out - at least that's how I thought it was supposed to be. Bloggers and photographers work together during fashion week to produce photos that credit the photographer, whilst also getting the blogger's face out there. Photographers then sell and/or give those photos to magazines (who need the content) who in turn promote both the photographer and blogger. See how it all goes hand in hand? 

I'm mad, of course I am! As a working blogging myself (albeit nothing in comparison to the girls and guys in question) I'm no stranger to having people ask me when I'm going to find a 'real job'. And that's fine..when it's coming from your eighty year old grandma. But when Vogue - arguably one of the most prestigous magazines out there - slates young girls and boys for being bloggers (who they regularly feature on their own social channels) I'm appalled, offended and downright disappointed.

Before blogging, it was my dream to work at a publication like Vogue. I would hide from the real life bullies and instead sit in my room and flick through the pages of Vogue to find comfort. Vogue was inclusive. It didn't matter who you were, where you came from or how much money you had. You could read it, and be a part of it. But that was about all you could do - buying a Balenciaga bag at fourteen years old was out of the question.

And you know what? It still is for the majority of us. And that's exactly why fashion bloggers were born. We as bloggers buy 


budget versions because we have bills to pay and we style these pieces up in an attempt to inspire others that, actually, you don't have to dress head to toe in Tom Ford to stand out on the street. Topshop will do just fine. 

Yes, we do get gifted pieces to wear for the week, and yes, the majority of that we do have to return - the same as any fashion shoot. Brands want advertising, and we want to look our best. You see how this helping eachother out thing works now? Let's not pretend we're not all familiar with the tens of pages of ads we have to flick through just to make it to the contents page of our favourite publications - including Vogue. Advertisements pay, both in the publishing world and the blogging world - we're all aware of that. In fact, we're so aware that we now places the words #ad or #spon on anthing that consists of some form of sponsorship.

As readers, we understand that bloggers may get paid for things, and we tolerate that, if not even applaud it. I've never considered dropping a copy of Vogue because of the number of adverts I have to flick through. We're all just doing what we have to do to keep our business going. But belittling others and biting the hand that (at least partially) feeds you? That's one way to burn a bridge, and lose a reader.

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My not-so-basic wardrobe essentials

Every year I trial (and sometimes fail at) a variety of different trends, and every year a few of those trends manage to make their way into my not-so-capsule wardrobe. This time last year I was coveting baggy beanie hats, slip on sneakers and questionable culottes, whereas this year I'm favouring feminine shapes and - wait for it - super floaty dresses. Oh the difference a year can make.

Having this blog has done a lot of good for me, but it's also allowed me to document every outfit (both the good and, ahem, the not so good) that I've sported over the past twenty four months. Almost exactly one year ag I posted a photo of myself wearing my first ever bardot top - a trend that has gradually made it's way into my every day wardrobe. The baggy beanies? Not so much.

As we start to say goodbye to summer and hello to winter I've decided to give you all a little run down of my favourite every day basics..that maybe aren't so basic after all..


It's no secret that I've been loving bardot tops as of late (#shouldercleavage) - they look good, they're comfortable, and they allow me to show a bit of skin without freezing to death in this not-so-sunny British summer time. This winter I'll be layering them up underneath jumpsuits and pinafore dresses to really bring down that cost per wear..

moto jackets

Leather jackets have always been a staple of mine, but it soon dawned on me - after realising most of my outfits have started to look the same - that maybe I need a few colour variations to prove that I do in fact own more than one jacket. Currently working on one jacket for each colour of the rainbow.


The only thing better than a big fat comfy a big fat comfy jumper dress that does all the hard work for you. I love anything that I can throw on in a second and make an outfit out of. You can chuck them over your every day outfit or style them up in the evening with bare legs and a big chunky pair of knee high boots. 


The real reason for my love of big chunky western boots? You can layer up on the socks and no one will ever know. Granted, I also love how they look when paired with girly boho dresses and/or skin-tight skinny jeans, but when it comes to the winter it's the comfy-factor that gets a thumbs up from me. Plus bigger boots = skinnier looking legs. Bonus.


There once was a time in my life when the only form of dress I'd wear would be some form of LBD, but lately I feel like little black dresses are just far too formal for every day. Whenever I'm stuck for an outfit to wear I almost always opt for something light. white and floaty. Bonus points if it's a bardot dress. Extra bonus points if I pair it with a moto jacket and biker boots.

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How to style knee high boots

I remember the first time I ever wore knee high boots. It was at a primary school disco and rather than doing the cha cha slide with the other kids my age - I was trying to impress a boy in the year above me. His name was Max and he had that spiky Gareth Gates hair going on - the true sign of a bad boy. I stomped around in my black boots all night long until I finally plucked up the courage to talk to my spiky haired stud muffin (dear lord I hope he never finds this) and, well, it didn't go as planned. He made fun of my shoes, called me a little girl (which, granted, I was only about nine years old), told me I looked like a prostitute (I didn't even know what the word meant at that age) and then proceeded to tell me that he had a girlfriend. Sob.

From that day on I had it drilled into my head that knee high boots were absolutely not for me. I actually remember attempting a similar look a few years down the line at a girly sleepover, only this time it wasn't a boy that commented on the boots, but one of my best friends at the time. She also dropped the p-bomb on me. I ran downstairs, hid inside my sleeping bag and cried. Of course, that period of my life in which I let others determine my taste in footwear has since ended, and I'm now an avid lover of all kinds of long boots - as you've probably gathered by my recent ensembles. Today I decided to put together a post featuring some of my new favourite long boots, and how to style them up this season.





This is probably the easiest and least intimidating way to wear knee high boots, since there's technically no real skin on show - which means both added warmth, and you can match them with your jeans to make them as inconspicuous as you like. If you're a freak like me that feels the cold even in summer, this sort of look is perfect because it means you can layer up just about anything underneath. Fluffy thermal socks? Perfectly acceptable with this outfit.

How to style knee high boots
How to style knee high boots




Okay okay, so what exactly doesn't work with an all black outfit? If you've mustered up the courage to get your thighs out then something like this is perfect. Think of it as your intermediate long boot look. It's understated, simple, and it balances out the impact of walking around town in thigh high boots. Plus, it works for both day and night, which is a bonus. Of course you can wear anything with anything, but my advice is to keep it casual with these babies and let the shoes do the talking.





This is probably my favourite way to wear long boots, which is probably no news to you guys considering half of my recent outfit posts look a little something like the snap on the right. Sorry bout it. I feel like knee high boots are quite an aggressive style of footwear, so lately I've been loving pairing them with floaty, frilly dresses to balance that out a little. Any colour works, but I find white dresses compliment just about every colour and style of boot. Beware for pizza stains.

How to style knee high boots

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