DIY: Make your own (crazy cheap) marble top table


So, this table cost me around five pounds. Just let that sink in for a second. Okay. So. I had been scouring the internet for months trying to find the most perfect side table for my living room. Had to have a marble top (soooo on trend right now), had to be mid-century style, because again, trendy, but it had to cost me less than a months rent. Houston we have a problem. Had, I mean had.

I was doing my usual rounds in Wilkinsons the other day (you can find me in aisle four touching up the fluffy blankets) when I came across the most horrendous looking kid's stool for £4. Don't even ask me why I took note of it - maybe it was down to all of that bulk watching of DIY shows in my youth - but I did, and I'm pretty sure I'm going back to get more.

For £4, you'd expect some sort of awful fake wood material, right? Well on close inspection (seriously, I spent a good ten minutes making sure it was real wood grain I was feeling) it turns out that under all that awful blue paint was solid tree. Utter bliss. So anyway..

Wait, am I boring you? What do you mean you only came here to see how to make the table, and not here the life story behind it!? Ugh, okay. But I promise you're missing out. Onto how it's done.



Child's stool (exact Wilko table only available in-store)
Coarse sandpaper
Paint brush

Small tub of matte white furniture paint
Fine sandpaper (or cheap nail file)
Marble contact paper (via Amazon)



Buy a really ugly blue/pink children's stool from Wilkinsons (or similar).


Sand the hell out of ugly stool using coarse sandpaper and big handful of elbow grease.


Brush off leftover paint residue and apply paint primer if you're fancy (I'm not fancy so I didn't).


Apply one coat of matte white furniture paint and leave to dry (I'm impatient, so didn't).


Apply another coat of paint to ensure all wood/coloured paint is covered. I actually did leave it to dry this time - possibly because I had a nap. Should only take a few hours!


Once dry, cut contact paper roughly to size and place onto the table top as neatly as possible. Don't worry too much about a few air bubbles, as they can either be pushed out or popped with a tiny needle. A little bit of heat tends to help with making it really flat too. So full of wisdom, right?


Using some really fine sandpaper (or a cheap nail file, like I did), file the edges of the table top to make the contact paper weak at the bends. It's a weird trick Ollie taught me from his skateboarding days, but it works so so well. 


Keep on filing until excess paper comes away from the table. Sand off any extra bits.


Gaze at your new creation, pretend you're a super savvy DIY person like me and high five yourself. Boom.


So..what do you think of the table?! Be nice.


Home Wishlist #1


It's no secret that I'm a bit of a home ware addict. I mean, pretty much everything I post on Pinterest is home related, and I'm almost certain that every time I go into a supermarket I come out with more decorative items than actual food. But obviously, a girl can never have enough, especially when we're talking about cork coasters and copper lamp shades. I mean seriously, who needs porn websites when you've got places like H&M Home and Zurleys at your finger tips? Talk dirty to me, oh industrial fan.

Where's your favourite place to buy home accessories from?


Dunhelm Mill Copper Pendant Lamp - £14.99
H&M Jacquard-weave Rug - £24.99
H&M Candles - £2.99
Zurleys Vintage Fan Shaped Table Lamp - £286.88
Zurleys Nest Tables - £97.88
ASDA Ampersand Cushion - £5.00
Watching Clocks Copper Wall Clock - £34.99
Nicolas Vahe Cork Coasters - £4.99
Zurleys Film Style Floor Lamp - £64.69

[This post is sponsored by Zurleys]

A home haul / updated desk space

Homeware haul
Homeware haul
Homeware haul

So today's post was supposed to be some sort of LFW packing guide, but due to a few crappy circumstances it looks like I won't be shooting over to London this weekend, so instead a more at-home post seems more appropriate. I know it hasn't been too long since my last interiors/desk update, but in the past few weeks I've picked up a lot of new bits and pieces that I just know some of you will drool over as much as I did. Homeware geeks unite? Something like that..

With Uni starting up on Monday (how has time gone so fast!?) I'm about to start having to get my head down even more than usual, so I've been hoping a few new accessories will help provide me with a bit more inspiration. Does it work? I'm not sure, but it definitely looks good if I do say so myself.

During my last trip to London I headed to the dream that is Tiger - AKA interior design crack for anyone on a budget. One of my favourite things that I picked up was the white ceramic pot with a wooden lid. Completely pointless, but the happiness it brings me is endless (or at least, until something new catches my eye). As you also may be able to notice in the top right of the first picture, my marble board decided to crack. At first I was devastated (those things are damn pricey) but then I realised my marble board turn from one board into about six, which almost makes the small fortune I spent on it seem more reasonable. Almost. And yes, they are the new Zoeva Rose Gold brushes, and yes, I'm completely obsessed with them.

Next up is the main focal point of this here post - the chair. I've had this fella for a little while but I've only now decided to show it in it's full glory. It's literally what Pinterest dreams are made of, don't you think. You can pick them up from Out There Interiors for a pretty reasonable price considering the quality. In fact, it's built so well I've actually managed to nap in it on a few occassions. Ever tried napping sat upright? Difficult, very difficult (but also very possible in this here seat).

I also picked up a special something from H&M Home - my first ever purchase from there despite falling in love with pretty much everything on the website. This chopping board is for picture purposes only - no onions are going near this thing! On top you can see a tiny little tray that makes me so much happier than it probably should. I grabbed this (along with 3 others and one large tray) from Dot Com Gift Shop, which is probably my favourite place to pick up inexpensive house bits. More about them soon! 

What's your favourite piece from my mini-haul?

Ceramic Wooden pot from Tiger (also love this one)
Marble board from John Lewis (or here)
Eames style chair from Out There Interiors (love French pieces)
Wooden board from H&M Home (similar here)
White tray from Dot Com Gift Shop (or here)

A sneak peak into my work space

Minimal work desk space
Work space desk minimal
Minimal work space

I feel like the majority of my social-media time is spent pinning, reblogging or double-tapping pictures of office spaces, but I've never really had my own. The closest thing I've ever had to a desk is my lap or dining/kitchen table, which is often surrounded by a whole lot of food that is (needless to say) the most distracting thing on earth. Finally I decided to make an effort with my room and turn a corner of it into my own little babestation of a work-place. Consider it a work in progress.

With the right desk comes motivation, and whilst I'm still not 100% happy with the outcome I've noticed that I'm a lot more interested in getting out of bed in the morning when I have a fancy jar to drink out of and pretty notebooks to write in. Check and check. If you've been following me for a few months you may remember when I started an online course in social media marketing. Just a few months later and I'm already nearing the end of my studies with a brand new qualification in site. Oh, and I learnt a few things too of course - coming soon in future posts.

In case any of you are interested in working from home or starting an online course I've decided to put together a few tips, tricks and general facts about what it's like.

- Think hard about the course you're choosing! You're not obliged to study online so make sure you spend your money on something that you'll either really enjoy or learn a lot from.

- Motivation is key with self-studying. Although you can complete your studies in your own time you don't want to fall out of a working routine, so make some space in your diary for a few solid hours in front of the computer.

- The online tutors really are there to help you, so make sure you use them as much as possible. Realistically you're paying for the help and support you get alongside any paperwork and booklets, so it's best to get your moneys-worth.

Any questions? Leave them in the comments below!

check out my course here

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