Whilst everyone else is stocking up on cleaning supplies ready for their yearly Spring clean, I'm here scrolling through my favourite websites bookmarking everything and anything that takes my fancy for the summer season. I'm always on a mini-mission to re-invent myself, and this season is no different. Of course, I'm still going to be clutching my biker jackets and black boots like they're going out of style, but this season I'm switching up last years sun-dress obsession with more structured ensembles and a lot more light layers. Who knows, maybe I'll even banish the bardot tops this season? Ahem. Let's not get ahead of ourselves here. Anyway, here's a run down of my five current favourite trends, and how I plan on wearing them this season. Enjoy!



Gingham shirts

This is one of those trends that I originally hated, but the more I see it on other people the more I love it. I like the idea of styling up and all black outfit (obviously) with a floaty gingham blouse or bardot top to add a bit more femininity to the look. If you're a little wary of the gingham print but still want to give it a go, opt for something with smaller squares for a subtle nod to the trend. Pair gingham with frilled hems for a double whammy!




Trench coats

When I think of Spring / Summer outfits I tend to think more along the lines of floaty dresses, denim shorts and strappy tops..then I quickly remind myself that I live in England and that our actual summer lasts about four days. Jackets are a must here in the UK and lately I've been loving throwing a light trench coat over my every day outfit for a more put-together look. Check out Jack Wills' blog post on how to style a trench coat for more outfit inspiration!





I know right, who would have thought I would've ever, ever mentioned silk scarves here on my blog? Even now, I'm not talking about physically wearing them (although that works too) but more so re-vamping accessories by wrapping a silk scarf around them. Take for example the bag in the photo above. Without the scarf? A pretty boring bag. But with it? It's like something right off the runway. It's also a super cheap way to re-vamp your fave wardrobe staples.





Frilled hems is probably my favourite trend of the year so far, because it can work with just about anything  - skirts, dresses, jeans - you name it, you can probably add a frill to it. I love wearing frilled tiered skirts with knee high gladiator sandals in the summer and layering them up with chunky knits and knee high boots in the winter. I'm also a huge fan of wearing really floaty, frilly dresses paired with chunky black biker boots for a feminine / masculine mix up.







No, just threading a belt through your favourite pair of jeans doesn't count as taking part in this trend - with this one it's go hard or go home. An affordable way to try out this look is by wrapping a chunky corset belt around your favourite dress or tee. Not only does it look stylish, but it'll also - literally - cinch in your waist! Try a statement skirt made up entirely of belts or pair a simple LBD with a buckled choker necklace for a commitment-free take on the trend.


This post is in collaboration with Jack Wills

How to make a high street wardrobe look high end

How to make a high street wardrobe look more expensive

I am not a millionaire, not even close. I've bought designer bags in the past, and I've spent weeks eating beans on toast and/or e-baying half of my wardrobe in an attempt to make up for the whopping dent it made in my bank account. I love fashion - both high street and designer - but I don't think I'll ever be one of those people that can justify (let alone afford) a wardrobe full of Wang. These days, the majority of my money gets spent on council tax and cat litter, so when it comes to getting glammed up I'm always on the look out for pieces that look high end, but have a high street price tag. I live for the moment that I can tell

people my new shoes aren't in fact Marni, but from my local supermarket instead. I love it. I love seeing their faces change from somewhat impressed, to sheer confusion, (sometimes judgment) to absolute amazement. Having grown older, I've moved past the pressures of wearing the latest labels, and instead I focus more on - quite simply - whether or not I like the look of something. Of course quality control comes into account, but when you hunt enough it's 100% possible to compile an entire wardrobe that has longevity, a low price point and loads of style. Scroll down for some of my top tips!

How to make your clothes look more expensive
How to make your wardrobe look more high end


Generally speaking, super cheap jersey neither lasts, nor looks good. If your're scrimping on style, opt for more trustworthy fabrics like denim and wool.


Cheaper clothes tend to wear out quicker, so it's important to look after them. Dry clean, lint roll and hang up pieces to ensure they're pristine for longer.


Cheap price tags are tempting, but if it's not exactly what you want, don't buy it. Sure, it's cheap, but what's the point if you never end up wearing it?


I'm much more inclined to spend more money on a basic that I intend to wear every day. My advice? Save up for wardrobe staples, skimp on trend pieces.


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Valentines Day Gift Guide

When it comes to Valentines Day I'm very much a buy-me-pizza-and-i'm-yours kind of girl. Dominos over diamonds all day, every day. What can I say? Romance ain't dead. But, just because I prefer my cheese in a burger, as opposed to scrawled all over a card, doesn't mean I can't appreciate some of the finer things in life. And so, here are my top picks for Valentines day, whether you're treating yourself or you've re-directed your other half my way in hopes they take a hint. I see you there, confused boyfriends.

What are your plans for Valentine's Day?



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Last Minute Stocking Filler Gift Guide

Anyway, of course diamonds and general jewels are a great addition to any Christmas stocking, but if you're on a budget (or you know, you're just so over being doused in riches..sob) I like to think that I've put together a bunch of bits and pieces that will suit just about anyone! Although maybe not your Grandpa..unless of course he happens to be into metallic lipstick and pink pom poms.Feel free to check out more of my stocking filler faves down below!

I swear, stocking fillers might just be one of my most favourite things to buy during Christmas - apart from the obligatory wine and cheese. I think it's something to do with the challenge of finding good gifts that fit within a festive sock, on a reasonable budget. The fact that I wanted to create this post and make everything match and look aesthetically pleasing only added to that challenge. Is it lame if I admit to having the time of my life styling up these gift guides?

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Budget Beauty Christmas Gift Guide

that it's going to go on sale in the next few days. The best bit? There's a bunch of new extras coming in the new year as well, and I am so bloody excited. So of course, my first gift recommendation would be the 2017 Blogger Journal, but if you do fancy shopping some of my other fancy favourites down below, get scrolling!

Apologies for the radio silence over here on the blog! You know that song by Andy Williams that says it's the most wonderful time of the year? Well, good old Andy forgot to mention that it's also the busiest. And by that I mean that I've been working behind the scenes on the - wait for it - Blogger Journal 2017! I've had a fair few emails from you lovely lot and I can finally reveal 

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