The best travel apps for girls (or guys!) on the go

Amazing travel apps every blogger needs
Amazing travel apps every blogger needs
Amazing travel apps every blogger needs
Amazing travel apps every blogger needs

Oh technology, you are one magical thing. I mean, hello? I can order food in an instant (probably one of the best gifts from the internet God's ever) and when I get lost I can use a simple app to tell me which direction to head in. Don't get me wrong, they don't always work exactly how I'd want them to, but that's potentially 'partly' (and by that I mean completely) due to my utterly ridiculous sense of direction. In short, if there was ever a candidate for finding the best travel apps around, it would be me. These apps are 100% idiot proof for just about any traveller out there. Don't believe me? Just give them a whirl.

Packing Pro

This is one of my fave apps of all time, purely because it means I never have to worry about forgetting my passport ever again (yep, I've done that before). It also reminds me to do every day things such as water my plants. RIP to all the plants I've killed in the past.

Travelsafe Pro

Safety comes first, so an app like this is absolutely vital for anyone, especially if you're travelling alone. It includes pretty much every emergency number and contact you'll ever need. Boom.

Urban Spoon

If you haven't already figure it out by now, I like food. In fact, no matter where I am in life food is generally one of my biggest priorities, so Urban Spoon is an absolute saviour, whether I'm in my hometown or an entirely different country. It helps you find restaurants and - better yet - it'll rate them, too. 

Jetlag Genie

I suffer like crazy with jet lag, so this app is a massive life saver. It helps you set your sleeping pattern both before, during and after your trip to ensure you're feeling good.


Kayak pretty much does it all when it comes to finding something fairly last minute. Whether it's a hotel, a car or even a flight! It also helps you manage your trip itinerary, and it'll even track your flight in real time.


This app is another example of why technology is so great these days. I mean, all you have to do is point your phone camera at something and it'll tell you everything there is to know about it! Instant wisdom, without the tour guides.


This lil guy is pretty self explanatory, but sometimes it's the simple things in life that are the best. Want to know how much your money's worth in another country. This app is all you'll need.

Google Translate

Man, I must sound like the worst traveller ever, but - you guessed it - not only am I terrible at remembering things (including my whereabouts) but I'm also really bad at learning foreign languages. Thank you Google Translator. Thank. You.


So it's 2015 and we're all officially in the showing-off-age (couldn't quite think of something as snappy as ice age..), so of course we're going to want to share our trips and travels with our family and friends. Just invite your pals to the album before you go away and start adding your snaps. It's like a little holiday photo album for your eyes (and anyone else you invite) only.

Hope you guys found some of these useful! If you haven't quite gotten enough of me yet you can head on over to the Bershka BScene blog, where there are more pictures of me floating around in a kimono, and a lil story on my favourite beach in the UK. It's three miles long, that's all I'm sayin'..

Are you going anywhere this summer!?


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The end of blogging as we know it?

Is there a future in blogging
Is this the end of fashion blogging
The future of fashion blogging

Do not ask me what has prompted this post on this particular day, because I really have no explanation (do I ever?), but this has been something that's been on my mind for a while. Grab a cuppa, maybe take a quick power nap or something before hand, and buckle up, because chances are - just like most of my other posts - this is gonna be a long one.

So for any of you that have been following me since last year, you'll know I was part of the Creators of Desire network, alongside a handful of amazing fashion gals from across the globe, I loved it there, but we decided to part ways a few months ago for various reasons. Anyway. Just a few weeks ago the CofD team announced that the majority of bloggers were leaving the site, and the website has since turned into a platform for various trending stories. Not only that, but a few days ago one of my closest bloggy friends Camilla from Into The Fold decided to turn her ridiculously sexy blog into a just as ridiculous sexy online magazine, featuring a handful of her looks throughout the month alongside articles from other people. But there's more (do you see where I'm going with this?). In the last year some more of my faves have turned their personal blogs into magazines, networks, and collaborative websites - and some have even shut their blogs down completely *sad face*. Some of these babes include the likes of Yara from Chapter Friday (previously This Chicks Got Style), Elin Kling (whose blog is no more!) and even the big shots at Conde Nast, who announced earlier this year that they were shutting down the Now Manifest network, which housed Rumi Neely, Bryan Boy and even Ms. Anna Dello Russo. Wow this is a long paragraph, I'm just gonna make a new one now to save your eyes..

There we go. So, moving on! Basically what I was trying to say in that horrendous essay up there, is that blogs are changing. I mean, I may be wrong here, but doesn't Chiara from The Blonde Salad have like twenty people working for her now? That's not a blog, that's an empire! And she's not the only one doing it either. I've been following blogs for years and years now, and I remember some of the most famous bloggers starting out with snaps of their outfits in their bedrooms. And - chances are - they weren't earning a penny from doing it. Now? Who knows how much work goes into their blogs, and who knows how much they even earn. Who. Knows.

Now, when it comes to earning, I've made it pretty clear that I blog as a full time job, and these days that's not the most unheard of thing on the internet. I mean, don't get me wrong, my grandparents probably think I sell my body on the internet for a living when I tell them that I 'get paid to post photos of myself online', but, er, that's an entirely different story. Either way, payment is now a huge part of the blogging industry. And with payment, comes complications.

I remember a year ago I was keen to take on just about anything that was paid or free (I mean seriously, free shoes are enough to make any girl delirious, right!?) and it was probably one of the worst things I could have done for my blog. Why? Because once you're getting paid or gifted to talk about something, you feel almost obliged to talk about it positively, even if you don't exactly love what it is you've been given. Us poor bloggers, eh? Please detect my sarcasm.

These days I like to think I'd only accept payment for something that I'd love regardless, but I know there's been a ton of media speculation that can sometimes question the ethics of bloggers no matter how big or small. I mean, surely once a blogger starts taking on work that's just for the money, their 'personal blog' becomes more of an online magazine. Maybe? I don't know. I think I've written far too many sentences to even understand what I'm writing myself any more.

Now obviously you also have the other way of looking at things, in that perhaps blogging is picking up the pace more than ever. I mean, if we take the 'super blogger's out of the equation for a minute, just look at how many girls (and guys!) are killing it in the blogging industry with their own little niches. And that's exactly what it is that I think the blogging world needs more of: niches. Last year I was trying so hard to compete with some of the top notch bloggers and it was never going to end well. Now? Well now I've decided to actually share who I really am and - correct me if I'm wrong - but a lot of people seem way more interested than actually getting to know me rather than just finding out where my jacket's from. Maybe 2015 is the year of the not-so-super-but-a-bit-more-normal blogger. Catchiest name, ever? I think so.

So, is blogging really coming to an end as we know it? I guess my real question to you guys is, where does blogging start, and where does it end? Is a blog still a blog if it turns into a collaborative website? Is it still a blog if the content is paid for? Or is there a whole new style of blog forming? So many questions. I wish I could have had the brain power to write down every single thought in my head, but I don't (that mid-week madness is kicking in), so instead, let's carry on the conversation in the comments below, shall we?


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10 (horrific) trends all 90s girls will remember

10 trends all 90s kids will remember
10 trends all 90s kids will remember
10 trends all 90s kids will remember
10 trends all 90s kids will remember
10 trends all 90s kids will remember

It may be that I'm simply giving into the nostalgia hype, or maybe the fact that I really am just a 90s girl at heart ('93 represent!) but lately I can't help but love everything 90s inspired. You know, apart from the whole parachute pants thing. 

That being said, I did decide to take my most parachute-esque pants out for a spin in the form of these baggy leather trousers. Think of it as a grunge-meets-MC-hammer inspired wardrobe choice, if you will. Pair it with a loose flannel shirt around the waist and you may as well call me the fourth member of Nirvana. Ahem. 

Now it's onto the top half. I mean, what are the first two things you think of in relation to the 1990s (apart from Tamagotchis and and Saved by the Bell)? For me, it has to be excessive amounts of denim and strappy crop tops a la Ms. Moss - and whilst I've hardly got the stomach to pull off a super short tee, sometimes you've just gotta let loose in the name of the 90s. Because after all, who even cared back then?! 

And finally, the shoe of choice. I could have gone super-grunge and completed my look with a pair of heavy leather boots or pool sliders (because we all know I love me some pool sliders), but instead I decided to mix it up a little with a pair of preppy white trainers that are just ever so slightly more sophisticated than a pair of wheeled platform sneakers. Don't lie, I know you had some too.

So, 90s babies of the internet - now it’s time to reminisce about the good old days when butterfly hair clips were a must, and AC Slater was the man of our dreams..

1. Sweater vests. Can someone say Chandler Bing?

2. Denim maxi skirts. HOW did we ever walk in them!?

3. Mood rings. I mean, did those thing didn’t even work, let alone look good!

4. Hair mascara. Because who doesn’t want stiff blue highlights?

5. Bandanas. Give yourself a bonus point if you wore one as a top.

6. The bowl haircut. Thanks, Ma.

7. Denim dungarees. You were only cool if you had one strap undone.

8. ‘Shag’ bands. Wait, who even came up with this idea!?

9. Over-plucked brows. We’ve all been there.

10. Slap bracelets. Because putting a bracelet on like a normal person is far too mainstream.

Want more? Check out the New Look Fashion Timeline to get you feeling really nostalgic.


10 things every good blog needs to have

Things every blog should have

I like to think I'm a bit of a checklist queen, if I do say so myself. I make lists about the lists I want to make, and sometimes I re-write lists just for the fun of it. For the past few days I've ben suffering (and I don't say that word lightly) with some sort of Norovirus. So what do I do? I write lists. So far I've written a list about all of the blog posts I'm going to write, a list on today's things to do and - most importantly - I've written a shopping list of various foods that I can eat. Bread. Dry biscuits. Paracetamol. I'd like to see you fancy food bloggers make something delicious out of those ingredients. Wish I was joking. Anyway, I think it's safe to say that I'm the sort of person that never really rests, and that I'm always looking for something to improve on. A few days ago there was a little bit of radio silence on the blog and that my friends was all down to me trying to be all market-ty in hopes to find the perfect algorithm to making the perfect blog. Spoiler alert: there is no such thing as a perfect blog. But. I did notice that all of the 'best' blogs had a few things in common. Consider these your first steps to becoming the best blogger in the world..

Easy to use comments section

If you haven't already guessed by now, I love talking (or, typing, whatever you wanna call it!) so when I read a blog post that I love I always try to leave a comment, just because I know how much they mean to me when you guys do it. But when I leave a comment I don't want to have to fill out my email address twenty times, along with my first and last name, my website URL and about fifty different security question/captcha tests (I can't be the only person that sucks at those?). Now I understand a few things have to be filled in for security reasons sometimes, but if it takes me long to submit a comment than it did for me to actually leave a comment, something's gotta give.

A fast loading website

Now I don't know about you guys, but I have a pretty short attention span, so when it comes to waiting around for hours just to have one web page load, I'm not having it. Five seconds of waiting and I'm pretty much done. Maybe seven or eight on a good day.  But long story short, no one likes to wait for things. Us bloggers aren't giving out the most important, life changing information, so why would anyone want to spend more time than they have to on our sites? If they wanna look around after they've finished reading, that's cool. But sometimes I just want to see your latest OOTD and skim through the text about your day and - let's face it - I don't wanna have to close every window on my laptop just so it can deal with slow website speeds. If you find your site is struggling a bit try putting less on each page, and have less moving slideshows or whatever. They look good, but not if they don't work.

Beautiful images

Even if I have something super important to say in a post, I'll never upload it without making sure I have something decent for you guys to look at. I mean, hopefully by now (if you've been here for a while!) you like me for me and what I have to say, and not just because of a few overly photoshopped photos (if not, no judgement), but even still I like to make sure there's at least something for you guys to look at, even if it has nothing to do with what I'm talking about. Take the above photo for example. Thigh high boots have 0 correlation with blogging tips, but I know some people just like to have a sneak peak at what I'm wearing sometimes. So, outfit stalkers, the photo is for you. The text? Well, it might be useful, but it's not something you're going to be putting on your Pinterest any time soon, is it?

A snappy about page

Aaaand just like that I realise I don't have one of my own. Oops. But either way, you should have one and so should I. These 'about me' pages won't make a difference in your stats, nor will they have any other real purpose in life. They are however, a good place to actually tell people who you are. Hello! Look at me! I'm a real person and not just a thing that lives in cyberspace (no seriously, I am actually a real human!!1). It's nice to know - or at least get an idea - of the person(s) behind the blog you're reading. Just a few sentences will do. Talk about your likes, dislikes, hopes, dreams and whether or not you like avocados. I don't.

A mobile friendly website

So this is actually a must in the blogging world now. If your website doesn't work on a mobile phone or tablet then you can be penalised, and your Domain Authority score can go way down. Despite all of this, it's really handy to have a working mobile-friendly website regardless, since we're all stuck to our phones these days. Just like before, it should be quick, easy to navigate and nice looking.

A niche and a purpose

A niche doesn't mean you have to be the only person doing what you're doing, but it does mean you need to stand out from the crowd in some shape or form. For example, for ages I was just posting outfits with nothing interesting to say about them. That's fine if people just want to look at what I'm wearing, but I usually want more from a website than just a few links to where I can buy a pair of shoes. I imagine you guys feel the same way, right!? So instead of being 'just another fashion blogger' (ew who wants them?) or 'just another beauty blogger' try doing something different. Add in some lifestyle, fitness, a weekly theme..blah blah blah. Just make sure you do something a little different to your competitors. Maybe I'll make a fashion blog for my cats.

A stylish, easy to use website

Graphic design has always been something I've been interested in, so maybe, maybe, I go a little overboard with worrying about how everything looks. But despite all that, looks isn't everything. In my opinion you should make sure your website is easy to use before you do anything, then, when it is working as it should be you can go in and do any fancy tweaks to make it looks swish and hipster. Or you know, just make it look nice.

A search bar (that works)

There have been so many times that I've wanted to search for a specific post on someones blog, but haven't been able to find it without trawling through all their posts. Again, as mentioned above, my lack of attention span usually gets the best of me and I click off after a few pages of not finding it, but if these people had a working search bar I may have stuck around for a little longer. A lot of sites like Wordpress and Blogger have a little widget that does it all for you, but if not you can always find a simple code online to make your own!

A privacy/disclosure page

If you look back at my latest post that talks about various laws your blog needs to follow you'll see that a privacy page is pretty vital for your readers - just so they know that you're not going to go and sell their email addresses onto a third party. A disclosure page is kind of the same, as it informs your readers of when your posts are sponsored/paid for or when you're wearing or using something that has been gifted to. It's just there to make sure you're being completely honest with your followers. You know when companies try to sell mascaras, then you see in the tiny writing at the bottom saying 'false lashes used on the mode'? It's like that, but blogger edition.

An easy, obvious way to contact you

PR companies are awesome, but they're not always super professional detectives, meaning that - if you don't have your email address on your page - they're not always going to be able to contact you. I have three (?) ways of contacting me on my blog, not including my social media widgets, and that's just so people are able to find my contact details without trawling the entire internet for hours on end. The easier you are to get a hold of, the more likely people will contact you. This does include spam emails though, so be sure to get a good spam filter!


Do you think I've missed anything out?


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How to be a more successful person

How to be a more successful person

Ah, success. We all want it - whether that success comes in the form of a skill set, popularity, money, or just proving others wrong. Generally, no matter where you work or what you do, chances are you'd like to be a more successful person. And if you're anything like me, the majority of your life is geared towards being just that. 

So of course, happiness, friends, family, etc. etc. all come first. That's a given. But when it comes to my life and my choices I want to be the best version of myself that I can possibly be. Think green juices every morning, a brain filled with useful information and, oh I dunno, a yacht or two in my back yard (although I'm not sure that's the best place to keep them?). So far, none of the above have happened, but in recent weeks I have been making minor changes in my life to get me one step closer to those yard-yachts. Want a boat in your back yard too? Keep on reading my soon-to-be-successful soul sistas.

(Note: Following these tips may not result in an actual yacht appearing in your garden).

Be nice to people

I'm putting this at the top because - even though this isn't exactly a 'way' to become more successful - it's pretty damn important. Being nice is nice no matter what, but it definitely helps a lot if you're trying to advance in whatever it is your doing. No one likes an asshole, and success doesn't mean you're entitled to be a biatch either. I just want to bake a cake made out of rainbows and flowers.

Force yourself to be busy

I don't remember where I heard it, or who even said it, but I'll never forget the saying 'if you're bored, you're boring'. So maybe you shouldn't take that as 100% accurate, because sometimes it's nice to be bored and watch Netflix for an entire afternoon, but generally I try to make sure I'm never ever stuck for things to do. Great things happen when you work at them, so try to fill your day with as many things that will get you one step closer to your end goal. If you have to have an extra window open in your browser to allow you to binge watch Pretty Little Liars as you do your work, so be it.

Take criticism well

It's so so easy to get offended by criticism, but it's important to remember that not all criticism is bad. Don't get me wrong, some people can be absolutely assholes for no reason at all, but sometimes people just want to help you out - even though they might not show it in the best way. Instead of getting offended by what others have to say, take it on board and improve on what is is your doing. Keep improving until no one has a bad word to say about what you do!

Expect failure

Being told 'no' is never fun, but if we were told 'yes' constantly we'd never appreciate what it is we have. No matter who you are or what you do you're always going to come across hurdles in life that try to stop you from achieving your goals. Those hurdles might come in the form of anything from people to situations. Just accept them for what they are, jump over them (maybe not literally) and carry on doing what you're doing.

Be your biggest critic

I've always been a heller for criticising myself. I won't lie, being my own worst enemy has had its down points, and I've always been told to stop being so hard on myself, but now I take my self-hate as an incentive to do better. Okay, maybe self-hate is  the wrong phrase, but either way, being my own worst critic means I constantly challenge myself to do better. And trust me, there's always room for improvement.

Embrace who you are

I've got a confession to make. This time last year I was pretending to be way more fashun than I actually am, and for a long time I was wondering why everything didn't feel right. I was pretending to be someone that I wasn't, and any success that came from that just felt a bit fraudulent. Now? I might be a bit socially awkward and I definitely don't have the most interesting life, but at least when good things happen I know it's because of who I am, and not because of who I'm pretending to be.

Prioritise the important things

What's more important to you, going out for a drink (or ten), or working on SEO for your blog. I know what's more fun, but sometimes you have to sacrifice the fun stuff to help get you where you want to be. I work from approximately 10am-2am most week days. I'm exhausted, but that's the price I choose to pay. It's good to constantly envisage the end goal of what it is you want to do - that way you won't feel so bad when you choose research and reaching over a movie night.

Expect to work for it

There's no such thing as being 'lucky' in a career. You don't just have your name picked out of a hat and find yourself with your dream career the next day. Unfortunately, success isn't something that happens over night, so be prepared to work through all the crap to get to where you want to be. I didn't just become a full time blogger by shopping - even now I travel for around 10 hours every time I go to London for meetings. I sleep on coaches and do my makeup either on the bus or in the toilets the next day. So glam. But I do it because - hopefully - I won't have to do it for the rest of my life. Oh lord please.

Be willing to share

I like to think of myself as a team player, but it can be pretty difficult to share your dream with someone else. Recently I've enlisted some help from Ollie to help build on the blog even more. It means sharing ideas, sharing work and sharing the pay. Luckily, he's my boyfriend, so it wasn't too hard of a decision for me, but it can still be kinda scary to put your trust in someone else to help you along the way. Two brains are better than one though, just remember that. 


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