The Best of the Black Friday Deals

So I think it's safe to say that I'm hardly one of those early birds that can drag themselves out of bed in a cheap-ish television (apart from that one-off last year in which I did actually drag myself out of bed in aid of a cheap-ish television. But when it comes to cyber Monday and all the online deals, I'm so on it. Cheap clothes? Well, it'd be rude not to. But since I can't buy absolutely everything (cause, you know, bills etc.) I've decided to lay out every single code I've come across that I think you guys will make good use out of - including links to everything I'm wearing in the super sewious pictures above. You know, in case you fancy being twinsies..


Asos: 30% off with the code ‘BLESSED’
All Saints: 30% off with code 'CYBER'
Boohoo: Up to 50% off (NO CODE)
Dorothy Perkins: Up to 50% off (NO CODE)
Forever 21: Deals from £4 (NO CODE)
Lavish Alice: 30% off with code 'BLKFRI30'
Missguided: 20% off with code 'CYBER20'
Motel Rocks: 30% off with code 'CYBER30'

Nelly: 20% off with code 'BLACK20'
New Look: Up to 50% off (NO CODE)
Pretty Little Thing: Up to 50% off (NO CODE)
River Island: 20% off with the code ‘BFRIDAY15’
Urban Outfitters: 30% off sale (NO CODE)
Zalando: Up to 15% off with code 'CYBERGNS'


Dune: Up to 20% off (NO CODE)
Kurt Geiger: Up to 20% off (NO CODE)
Larsson & Jennings: 15% off with code 'LJ15'
L.K. Bennett: 30% off with code 'THANKS'
Office: 25% off with the code ‘SNOW’
Public desire: 20% off with code ‘CYBERBAE’
MyBag: 30% off with code 'BLACKFRIDAY'



Maplin: Weekly offers and vouchers (NO CODE)
Currys: Selected offers online (NO CODE)
Game: Selected offers online (NO CODE)


Boots: Selected offers online (NO CODE)
Escentual: 50% off plus extra 10% off with code 'BLACKFRI'
Feel Unique: 15% off with code 'BLACKFRIDAY15'
Look Fantastic: 15% off with code 'LF15'
Superdrug: Up to 65% off (NO CODE)
The Body Shop: 40% off with code '14670'


Debenhams: Up to 30% off (NO CODE)
Harrods: Up to 10% off (NO CODE)

House of Fraser: Up to 50% off (NO CODE)
John Lewis: Price match service (NO CODE)
Liberty: Up to 20% off (NO CODE)
Selfridges: 20% off selected items with code 'SELFCCE'


Boohoo leather jacket (on sale)
Motel Poet blouse (30% off with code 'CYBER30')
Motel copper cord skirt (30% off with code 'CYBER30')
Zalando Zign knee high boots (Up to 15% off with code 'CYBERGNS')

Have you picked up any bargains this Black Friday? Don't forget that most of the deals carry on until midnight on December 1st!

How blogging changed my life

Guys, it's happened again. I've had yet another one of those pivotal moments that result in me getting all emotional and writing down my thoughts into a blog post at two in the morning. All whilst I'm supposed to be doing uni work. Oops. And hey, would you look at that, I'm actually posting an outfit photo for once! That hasn't happened in a while. (The photos, I mean - not the general clothes-wearing part. I'm not a nudist guys, I promise! But if you are, that's cool too). Aaaand there I am going completely off topic again. It's a skill I really need to work on, I know.

OKAY! So as you can probably guess by the title of this post, I've been feeling a little bit nostalgic about how blogging has change both me and my life. I know, I know, how can posting pictures of myself on the internet equate into something even remotely interesting, let alone 'life changing'? But hey, life is weird, and somehow we've made it work. God damn - when I think about it, life really is the complete polar opposite to what it was a year ago. And I mean that in a really, really good way.

For starters, it's made me a lot happier

I touched on this topic a little while ago when I boldly claimed that blogging cured my depression, but I couldn't not include it in this not-so-little life changing round up as well. See, despite what my incredibly happy face in the photos above might suggest (lol) there was once a time in my life where I was super, super down near enough every single day. I had very few friends, zero motivation and a seriously crappy outlook on life and the future. And now? Completely the opposite - and it all comes down to this little blog. I suppose that in itself is a life changer on its own, but if I left this post at that then it could potentially be considered pne of my shortest blog posts to date. And we don't want that. So here's the ins and its of how blogging changed my life, and how - hopefully - it can change yours too.

It's given me some amazing friends

I think one of the main stand-out things that most of us get from the blogging world (apart from a pretty intense wi-fi bill each month) are the people we meet and the friends we make. Of course I still have non-internet friends in my life that I love dearly, but it's kind of amazing to think that the majority of my relationships have stemmed from the world wide web and social networking. When I was younger. I always used to find it difficult making friends in school - especially friends that shared a mutual love for memes, emojis and HTML - but blogging has given me just that, and then some. And hey, another good thing about blogger friends is that they don't judge you when you stand on a chair in a restaurant to get the perfect food flatlay. That, ladies and gentlemen, is a sign of a good friend.

It's brought me closer to Ollie

This might sound a little odd (and he'd think I was the biggest loser if he ever read this) but since being a full-time-blogger I feel as though Ollie and I have become even more of a tight-knit couple. We spend more time together since we're not both working constantly, we collaborate with each other on the regular, and our lives just seem a lot less stressful in general because we're both able to do what we enjoy. Less stress = a better relationship. And a better relationship = he's more likely to agree to taking photos of me on his days off. Heh.

It's helped me to open up to people

So this is something that's only happened recently after implementing more personal posts onto my blog, but it's really affected the way that I live in general. Basically - like most girls - I've always been the sort of person to hide how I'm feeling (not a great idea for anyone, FYI) but since sharing my thoughts on this blog I've noticed that I've become more of an open person in real life too. Take, for example, the post I wrote a while ago called 'when you don't feel good enough'. I guess I wrote that because well, first of all I felt like it, but secondly because it almost didn't feel as though I was actually telling anyone - at least not in a face to face kind of way. Sounds silly doesn't it? I wasn't able to talk to my closest friends about my insecurities, but I was able to type it out on the internet where thousands of people could find it. #Logical. But hey, regardless of how I came about doing it, just talking to you guys about how I'm feeling has made it so much easier for me to open up to people in general about whatever is going on in my mind, and you've also helped me realise that, actually, it's perfectly okay and perfectly normal to feel a bit rubbish from time to time. Thank you!

It helps me deal with shitty situations

And because of everything written above, it's also meant that I've had more people to talk to when it comes to dealing with every day issues. Having a blog means that I can distract myself whenever I feel necessary, and I can also just log on to my comments and talk to you guys if I ever need a bit of advise. And hot damn, are you great at shovelling out the advice. Come to think of it, you guys are kind of like my own personal counsellors. Please don't start charging me..

It's given me a life I could never afford

Now this is something that isn't overly important as such, but it's definitely something that never would have happened unless I started Cocochic just under a year ago. My family have never been broke, but I've never been in the position to go out and buy expensive expensive, or loads of clothes, or travel around the world. And - like I said - whilst that's not important or neccesary in the slightest, I can't deny that it's pretty special being able to do these things. As a blogger, I'm lucky enough to get the chance to try out lots of different products, and it's all because you guys take an interest in what I have to say (for some unknown reason!). This - of course - also means that I'm able to give away some amazing prizes to you guys too. Spoiler alert: December is going to be full of freebies..

It's opened up so many doors for me

Any day now I'm going to be publishing my own book. Like, I'm actually going to be holding a copy of book that I created all by myself. No biggie (and by that I mean I couldn't be more freakin' excited!!!). But see, the reason I'm able to do this is all because of having this blog, and having you guys behind me every step of the way. I feel like blogging always has the stigma attached to it that makes it kind of hard for people to openly admit they have a blog, but the reality of blogging is that, actually, it's not always just a place to plonk down your feelings - it can also be just an amazing career move as well. Man, I bloody love the internet.

It's allowed me to live my life how I want to

And finally - and I guess most importantly - being a blogger has meant that I've been able to take full control of my life, and live the way that I want to live (you know, minus the million pound castle and diamond encrusted underwear). I started a blog ten months ago out of pure joy, and because it was something that I just really, really wanted to do despite all of the free things and pay cheques. I think it's probably everyones dream to earn money from a hobby - whether you're a singer, musician, artist, whatever, and I feel so blessed every day to be able to do that. Before blogging, I was in a really dead end job that made me miserable, and I thought that was how I was going to spend the rest of my life. Now, I pretty much get to just talk to a bunch of friends day in, day out, and get paid for it too. All I need now is someone to pay me to nap. Any takers..?

So anyway, if I haven't made it clear enough then I'd just like to say a big fat thank you to all you lovely for just generally being really really great and cool and sexy. Let's all get married!

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When you're feeling under pressure..

Sorry for the lack of updates over the past week or so, but - given all of the atrocities that have happened recently - it didn't quite feel right for me to post photos of myself and talk about my own personal struggles whilst the rest of the world was suffering so much more than I could even imagine. It still doesn't feel right posting something like this even now, but, you know what they say, the show (albeit my 'show' being a one person and incredibly low budget one at that) must go on.

So I like to think that I'm a pretty open and honest person when it comes to you guys and this blog. I've spilled my guts up about suffering with depression, I've shown you guys my before and after Photoshop pictures, and I've even admitted to being a 'fake blogger' in the past. I've almost made it my mission to be as honest as possible, as often as possible, which is why I've decided to write this post today. So here goes!

For the past few months I've been under more pressure than ever before. I'm in my final year of University (which requires me to write almost forty thousand words in the next few months), I'm in the midst of publishing my own book (again, more words) and to top it all off I have somewhat of an internet life to maintain to my best ability (yep, words). Mix all of those things together in a big old (metaphorical) pot, throw in some modern day #firstworldproblems, add in a handful of generic 'young person expectations', sprinkle on a bad hair day and voila! I am officially a blubbering mess on the floor.

And whilst I'm able to joke about it all now, it wasn't so much of a laughing matter a few weeks ago. I was studying, blogging, freelancing, making a book, trying to maintain a social life, blah, blah, blah - all whilst suffering with a chest infection that just didn't seem to want to go away (still downing horrendous tasting cough syrup as I type this). In short, I had just taken on far too much for any normal twenty something. And why did I do that? It wasn't for the joy of doing it, nor was it because I even had to do it - all it came down to was the fact that I didn't want to be a failure. And so I locked myself in doors, stayed awake for three entire days, loaded up on caffeine and powered though a months worth of work in an attempt to get ahead. I repeat, I made myself ill, miserable and just downright exhausted all in the name of not wanting to feel like a failure. Hardly much of a success story, is it?

So anyway, here I am a week later finally feeling more like myself again, and - since I know a bunch of you are in uni like I am - I thought I'd share a few things that have helped me take time pressure off myself over the past seven days. The first tip? Whatever you do, don't attempt to stay awake for three days straight. No amount of black coffee or under eye concealer will save you.

Stop rushing - there's plenty of time!

Think about it, how many things on your 'to-do' list are actually time sensitive? Sure, you might have a few university deadlines and maybe you would like to get something accomplished by a certain date, but unless you absolutely have to do something within a certain amount of time there really is no point in putting pressure on yourself to do it. Seriously, hoovering the house and re-designing your entire blog can wait. Take a nap!

Cut out the crap and focus on what's important

Sometimes there's absolutely nothing wrong with doing the bare minimum. You know all those extra curricular things you can do in life? You don't have to do them if you don't want to. If you're finding it hard to blog every single day, don't! If you can manage it no problem at all, then go straight ahead. Everyone deals with things differently. so find your 'comfortable spot' and only venture out of it when you feel ready.

Talk to someone (honestly, it helps!)

You know how it goes - a problem shared is a problem halved. And whilst I hate that I've turned into one of those people that recite old sayings, in this situation it's actually pretty true. Whether it's a parent, a friend or whoever, just talking to someone about how you're feeling can make the situation a whole lot better for you. 

Take everything one step at a time

Rome wasn't built in a day. In fact, Rome was probably built over a really long period of time with loads of planning and lots and lots of tea breaks. And whilst I'm sure you guys aren't planning on building an entire city any time soon (although props to you if you are) it's still a good idea to spread things out evenly. Try splitting your main goal up into lots of different steps. They'll be easier (and quicker) to achieve and you'll always feel like you accomplished something great.

Stop looking for approval from others

People are a pain in the ass to please (I know - I'm one of them!) so if you're looking to get approval from others for what you do then please, give up now. No matter how great you are, or how hard you try, you can never please everyone. Even attempting to do the above will only result in you feeling like a failure. Instead, try and focus on what makes you proud, and what makes you happy! Who cares if no one else likes it?

Forget about being perfect 

Because let's face it - even with all of the Victoria Secret models and amazing celebrities that seem to do five million things in one day, no one in the world is actually, 100% perfect. Nope, not even Kendall Jenner.

How do you cope with feeling under pressure?


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Things I've learned since becoming a blogger

Blogging is a really, really weird thing to do. Even now that I earn a living from it I still find it difficult actually explaining to people what it is that I do on the daily. I mean, it doesn't sound overly interesting me just saying that I post photos of myself online, does it? In fact, I did actually tell my grandparents that once and I'm pretty sure they thought I was some sort of call girl or something (if you're reading this Grandad, I'm not, I promise). Ahem, moving on..

So it only just dawned on me today that my little blog isn't even a year old yet. For those of you that have followed me for some time you'll know that I was blogging over on a different network for a little while, but I never really had my own blog and my own URL until earlier this year. All I can say is that damn, a lot has happened in those few months. Here's everything I've learned..

You're doing better than you think

I've been thinking about how much of a slacker I've been lately. That is, until I realised that the blog was less than a year old. I guess sometimes you just need to take a step back and look at everything you've achieved, no matter how big or small. It's so easy to get sucked into the world of blogging that sometimes you just lose track of, well, everything. Chances are - whether you achieved a follower milestone, worked with a cool brand or got your first paying gig - you've got something to be proud of!

It's good to take a break sometimes

Weekends and holidays exist for a reason, and the reason is that people actually need to take time out sometimes. I wrote more about why you need to take a break last week, but the general notion is that, if you don't take a break, you'll soon burn out. Stay well, stay motivated, kick ass.

You'll feel guilty every day

I feel guilty if I don't post a blog post at a certain time. I feel guilty if I don't reply to emails quick enough. I feel guilty if I don't reply to your comments as soon as you send them. Hell, I even feel guilty if I don't post on Instagram some days. I know, I know, it's pathetic and I have no reason to feel guilty about nonsensical things like that. But hey, at least it means I care about what I do@Out of all the things in life you can feel guilty about, I feel guilt about this? I guess it's a good thing in a way, because it shows that I care. But man, is it exhausting!

Buying excessive props for photos becomes the norm

I can't even begin to tell you guys how many copper or marble things I've bought purely for photographic purposes. In fact,  it almost embarrasses me to admit it, but I've actually developed a 'prop box' that's filled with useless things like painted wooden planks and decorative that only ever come out when it's flatlay time. Somehow I've convinced myself that all of this is completely, unashamedly normal. Because it is. Right?!

There are more nice people out there than nasty

There's always this stigma that comes with having an online life, in that you're going to get hundreds and thousands of people trolling you on the daily. Sure, you might get the odd grump, but for me I've found that the majority of people online are actually just really, really, genuine people. I've had more support from strangers in the past year than 'real life' people. And with all the crappy things you hear on the news these days, it's actually a really refreshing feeling knowing that.

You'll become a pro at multi-tasking (and life)

I always thought I was a pretty decent multi-tasker - that is, until I started blogging. Right now I'm powering through my last year of university, I'm creating a book,  I post videos on my Youtube channel each week, I blog full time and I'm doing freelance work on the side of it all. And I have a semi-functioning social life. And I manage to shower each day (give or take). This doesn't mean I'm amazing and you should all bow down to me - it simply means that we underestimate ourselves far too much. Blogging requires you to be a million different people. A manager, a PR person, a writer, a photographer, everything. If everyone else in the blogosphere can do it, you can too - you just might have to get up a little earlier..

The boring stuff matters

No matter how many times you do it, things like search engine optimisation and filling out invoices never gets fun. Literally never. But it's these trivial tasks that help to build your blog and your brand over time. I never used to use SEO what so ever, but the moment I did I started noticing the page views roll on in. It's kind of like building a house. You want the foundations to be strong so you never have to worry about them in the future. Then once you're safe, you can start prettying up the place a little more. Yep, I just made that up all by myself.

Consistency is key

Once upon a time I posted about just about anything that popped into my head. Sometimes I'd post three times a day, sometimes I'd post three times a month. I never even knew when my next blog post was going to be, let alone whether or not you guys did?! That's why consistency is key. It's not about posting at an exact time every day, no matter what (but kudos to you if you can!) - instead it's about remaining as reliable as possible. For me, I tend to post around five times a week, usually on week days. Every Tuesday you can expect a Tip Tuesdays from me and, of course, every time you open up a blog post you know it's going to contain more words than War and Peace. You know what to expect, so you come back! (PS thank you for coming back).

You'll realise what matters

Okay so this probably sounds way more deep than it actually is, but what I'm trying to say here is that blogging will help you figure our what it is in life that you actually want to do, and how far you're prepared to go to make sure you're able to do just that. I never realised I wanted to be a blogger growing up, but now that I am one I know that I would seriously struggle if I ever went back to a normal every day job. So, I do whatever I have to do to make sure I can stay doing what I'm doing. There are money struggles sometimes, and sometimes I'm just completely exhausted with work and uni, but hey, it's a small price to pay for doing what you love!

Things don't happen, you have to make them happen

Nearly a year ago I took a risk and left one of Europe's biggest blogging networks to try my hand at making my own blog (read more about that in my 'how to become a full time blogger' post). It could have gone seriously tits up for me, but I made sure that I never let that happen. People will always tell you how lucky you are to live the life you live, but you know what? It's all bull. All you have to do is work hard, stay patient and over time you'll get where you want to be. Next year, my aim is to become a Victoria's Secret model. Watch this space.

Anyway, I think it's safe to say I've learned a lot in the past year or so of being on the interwebs. I still can't believe this blog is less than a year old, and thinking about it only makes me more and more excited about the next ten months (and potentially ten years!) I have with you guys. Thank you for letting me do what it is that I do, and - as always - thank you for actually reading this essay of a blog post. Come on, did you really expect anything less?

What have you learned since you first started your blog?

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Is 'blogger' a dirty word?

I always feel awkward when people ask me what it is that I actually 'do'. Chances are as soon as I utter the word 'blogger' I'll be judged in some shape or form. I mean, seriously, blogging isn't exactly a real job, it's it? All we really do is sit in our PJs (which were obviously gifted) drinking coffee (which we obviously Instagrammed), writing about the new Chanel bag our rich parents bought us. Sounds like a pretty easy life to me. 

Of course I'm joking about the rich folks anecdote up there, but in reality that's how a lot of people see us (very average) Internet folk. True, I do potentially spend far too much time in my pyjamas, and I probably don't need to take a picture of my cappuccino every single morning just to get a few likes, but hey, it's part of the job. Some people get health benefits, some get a company car, I get to work from my bed. Perks, my friends, perks.

But anyway, what was I saying about blogging as a job? Oh yeah, people don't consider it as one. I mean, I get it, I pay my bills by writing down my thoughts on the Internet, prancing around in free clothes and taking pictures of my lunch on Instagram - I'm not exactly changing the world here. But do you know what makes blogging a job for me? The clue was in the previous sentence. It pays my bills. And as long as I'm not harming anyone or doing anything illegal here, what exactly is the problem?

The problem is the misconceptions people have towards bloggers. For some reason there is this idea that bloggers are essentially just lazy privileged kids that fell into what they do. They weren't trained to be bloggers - they didn't get a qualification and work their way up the career ladder to become a blogger, they just started posting photos of themselves (or whatever their niche is) and telling the world all about it. These days these 'lazy bloggers' are doing everything from appearing on the covers of magazines, to creating their own makeup line to even writing their own books. Sure, they probably aren't trained in doing any of the above, but that's what makes it so bloody great. 

Normal people are turning their lives into a career. What could be more inspiring than someone being themselves, and actually earning a living from it? Could you imagine kids in five years time being asked what they wanted to be when they grow up, and simply being able to reply 'myself' and that actually being a viable answer?

Now I get that there can be negative connotations that come with being a blogger - honestly, I do. We get all these opportunities and get paid for all these different things, how can you really know what's genuine and what's an advert anymore? But wait a minute, isn't that what we're constantly inundated with each day anyway? TV ads? Glossy advertorials? I don't know about you guys but I'd much rather be sold something by a real person than a multi million conglomerate that doesn't need the dollar. We've got bills to pay (and I've got cats to feed), people!

I remember my mum once telling me she used to work two or three jobs pulling pints and scrubbing toilets just to pay the bills when we were kids, and there is absolutely, 100% no shame in that what so ever. In fact, I have nothing but respect for people that do those kinds of jobs in order to pay their way. My Mum didn't choose to scrub toilets - she just had to. But blogging, on the other hand, probably started out as the total opposite for the most of us. We blogged regardless of the money (because at that time there wasn't any) and instead we did it just because it was something we loved. And after all, isn't that just about everyone's dream career - doing something they're passionate about? What could be more honest than that?

Do you guys think there is a stigma attached to being a blogger?

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