How to make your own handwritten fonts

Last week I was invited up to London to take part in the  Dell Sessions based at the Bourne and Hollingsworth buildings (AKA the most Instagrammable place in existence) to try out the new Dell XPS because - let's face it - us bloggers are suckers for new gadgets. I spent the day surrounded by some of my favourite people, swapping stories and snapping Instagrams in the designated flat lay station. And no, I'm not joking. There was an actual work station there to help you create your own flat lays. Best thing ever.

Anyway, whilst it may have just looked like I spent the day snacking and socialising (which is only half true) I did get to grips with the new Dell XPS laptop and, guys, I kinda need one. Here's me typing away on a laptop that barely stays charged for three hours, and then there's Dell's version that stays alert for up to eighteen hours. That thing stays awake for longer than I do.

Not only that, but during the event we were also treated to a few masterclasses from famous faces in the industry - which is what I've chosen to share with you today. The second session of the day was hosted by Shini - who as we all know is the mastermind behind the blog Park & Cube and Cube Collective - and focussed on a bloggers graphic toolkit. 

The session focussed mostly on how to transfer your handwriting onto the internet. You know how you log into Instagram and you see millions of inspirational quotes in beautiful calligraphy? She taught us exactly how to do this. Or at least, kind of how to do it. The fancy writing part was lost on me and so I simply decided to embrace my toddler-esque hand writing and go with it. 

Shini talked us through the process and encouraged us to step outside of our creativity comfort zones. She advised us to stop copying and pasting various fonts online into our own spaces (ahem, guilty..) and instead inject more of ourselves into our posts by literally hand writing it. Or at least, a few words of it - don't go expecting a handwritten blog post from me any time soon. That's a big old hand cramp waiting to happen.

Anyway, to celebrate the return of my Tip Tuesdays I've decided to share everything I learnt during that session, in hopes that some of you might get some use out of it for your own blogs! You can thank Shini Park for this one, but the handwriting is all me baby. 

As if that's anything to be proud of.




how to create your own handwritten font


Get a plain piece of white paper and start sketching! Be sure to use a dark ink to make sure it shows up well enough for the next few steps. The trick is to keep on doodling your life away until you come up with the perfect typography. You can easily mix and match the letters, so don't fret!


Once you're happy with what you've done (woo!) get yourself in some decent lighting and snap away in flatlay format. Obviously the better the quality of camera, the better the outcome of the image, but an iPhone works just fine. If you have one, try scanning in your work for the best quality possible.


Next it's time to upload your images which you can do by either uploading in the bog-standard way or emailing yourself the photo. Open your typography flatlay and your chosen photograph into Photoshop (or your photo editing programme of choice!) and select the image with your writing. Next, click on the image tab, scroll down to adjustments and select the levels option.


This might look a little intimidating, but levelling out your text is a piece of cake. The aim of the game is to get the white as white as possible, and the black as black as possible. You can also do this by upping the contrast and brightness, but changing the levels takes just a few seconds. Play around with the three arrows underneath the graph until you get the perfect pic.


Now it's time to desaturate your image. It doesn't make too much of a difference if you're using black ink and white paper, but I do it anyway just to be safe - like I said, we want the black as black can be, and same for the white. You can find the desaturation option by selecting the 'image' tab and however over the
'adjustments' option. Click that for instant B&W.


Now we want to select the words / letter / doodles that we actually want to use on our final piece. To do this, select the 'lasso' tool (near the top of the left toolbar) and roughly draw around the text you want to include. Don't worry about the extra white space for now. Next, hold down the 'CMD' key and drag your selection over to the image you want to put the text over.


So now we have this big old blob of white with some text on top. Not quite what you were looking for? No sweat. Whilst you've still got that layer selected, head on over to the tool bar on the right hand side and find the drop down menu highlighted in the picture (it'll probably be the menu with the word 'normal' on it by default). Click that and voila! No more white background.


Now all you have to do is shift your text to it's desired location and there you have it - you're officially on your way to becoming Shini herself. Ahem *goals*. Anyway, be sure to fiddle around with different materials (inks, markers, biros - you name it) to find out what mediums you prefer. Other than that, it's all about practise, practise, practise! 


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*This post is in collaboration with Dell, but all thoughts, opinions (and handwriting) are my own!*


At the Ulanka flagship store opening

Ulanka London
Ulanka London
Ulanka London
Ulanka London

THIS time last week I was trying on shoes and pigging out with the likes of CarrieTamara and Andreea whilst at Ulanka's first UK  flagship opening on 153 Oxford St. To say I fell head over heels (sorry, had to) would be an understatement. In the cold, rainy streets of London the (warm!) Spanish retailer stood out from miles away - or maybe that was just the Mediterranean food that that guided me. Either way, I couldn't wait to step inside. 

Offering well-known labels and personal favourites such as Vans, Converse and Birkenstock, Ulanka also sells a selection of shoes exclusive to their label. If you havn't already taken a sneak peak at my new shoes in my latest outfit, here's a little spoiler for you: I came home with the Natural Sur zebra flats. Ya rly. Me. In espadrilles. It's now a thing apparently. And trust me, I'll be coming back for the leopard pair (and about fourteen other pairs of shoes) soon enough. See you there? 

shop ulanka online here

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LFWend with Avenue 32


THE PAST few days of being at home have gone way too quickly, and tomorrow I'm heading back to London to start another week at University - it's deadline central over here which means a few days of uninterrupted sleep (minus the odd cat-attack) has been very much welcomed. But with constant naps comes a ridiculous sleeping pattern, which means I'm up right now at 3am looking through pictures from London Fashion Weekend - hence the post. Consider it a midnight feast-your-eyes if you will.

Last Saturday I hopped on a tube to meet up with a few fellow bloggers for London Fashion Weekend on behalf ofAvenue 32, followed by a serious afternoon tea feast at The Waldorf Hilton. Fashion + tea = two of my favourite things. After checking out the showrooms and very nearly scoring myself a Viktor and Rolf coat for about 70% off we took our seats at the Trend show in the BFC space, which featured florals, heavy metals and sporty chic (provided by The Outnet) all at once. Definitely something for everyone. After a bit of sun-soaking (albeit in knits and triple-layers) I then found myself in the photographer's pit for the Julien MacDonald show which featured a pair of heart attack inducing sandals much like the Wangs I fell in love with so long ago. Think tribal-meets-hooker and you're kinda there.

Then came the farewell to my afternoon tea virginity, followed by an intense sugar high, followed by a crash a few hours later. My cholesterol has potentially risen by about 400% but I have absolutely no regrets. Best end to the day - I'm considering making this a daily thing.

with thanks to avenue 32

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Backstage at Osman

Osman backstage
Osman backstage
Osman backstage
Osman backstage
Osman backstage

LAST week I dragged myself out of bed to head behind the scenes at the OSMAN AW14-15 show, thanks to the lovely ladies and gents at Purple PR. Despite the raging flu and husky man-voice, I managed to get a few words out of Tigi's Creative Director Nick Irwin who explained the beauty look.

Having just flown back from New York that day, Nick made sure to keep the hair relaxed and natural, working with the model's tresses as opposed to against them. Using the CATWALK BY TIGI Curlesque Lightweight Mousse and CATWALK BY TIGI Session Series Work It Hairspray, he shaped the hair away from the face by plaiting and pinning the strands in place, giving a streamline finish that complimented the strong cobalt eyes, courtesy of Maybelline.

After the hustle and bustle of the backstage I found myself sitting at one of the best seats in the house - only a few steps away from the absolute dreams that were the shoes. Furry winter boots? Count me in. 

Big thanks to Purple PR for making these shots possible!

check out the products here

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