What to wear this Christmas

When the words ‘fashion blogger’ enter your mind, I’d imagine one of the first things that pop into your head has some kind of relation to shopping, and how much I’m bound to love doing it. Right? Wrong. Shopping - to me - is the devil. I love getting dressed up, and I love looking at different outfits and such, but when it comes to me putting together looks - especially those fit for the party season - my mind goes black, and I struggle. And by struggle, I mean I pretty much just give up half way though December and spend the rest of Christmas in some form of animal onesie or Christmas jumper. Or both, depending on how cold it is.

However this year I’ve decided to step outside of my comfort zone and go all out for Christmas in my own little way. No no, don’t worry, there won’t be any glittery dresses or sequin shoes on the blog this year (or any year, for that matter). Instead, I’ll simply be piecing together some comfy basics along with a few trend-led additions to keep me looking, well, trendy. So here goes..

The dinner party

I think it’s safe to say that a lot of food comas are going to happen during Christmas, so I always like to opt for for a loose, comfortable outfit t hide all of my (carb-induced) sins. For this look I’ve decided to go all out on the seventies vibe, and focus on a variety of statement pieces such as the snakeskin boots, tassel necklace and the chunky matte black Omega watch from Watches of Switzerland, so that I can - you know - keep track of how long the waiter is taking to bring me my dessert..

The ‘work do’

Work dos are pretty much my worst nightmare. The awkward conversations, the ‘what do I wear’ moments and the inevitable ‘who even is that person?’ situations. Sure, I might be freelance now, but the wardrobe worries still haunt me to this day. But you know what I say? When in doubt, wear black. Chuck on a fluffy festive-coloured stole, slip into a pair of heels (if you can handle it) and let the awkward dancing commence!

The family gathering

Okay, so maybe it is more likelythat I will end up in a onesie for a family gathering, but in a perfect world this is the exact outfit I’d like to wear when sitting by the fire with mulled wine and mince pies. It’s comfy, classic (note the addition of a certain matte black watch again) and oh so chic. Chunk on a pair of thick black tights to get super snuggly. Or just scrap the whole idea completely and head straight for the festive knitted jumper from nana.

What’s your go to festive outfit?