Thierry Mugler Angel Perfume - A Star is Reborn

Thierry Mugler Angel Perfume

Theirry Mugler Angel barely needs an introduction. I mean, if you don't personally own it yourself there's bound to be someone in your family or circle of friends that absolutely adores it. My Nanny has always been Angel's number one fan, and has received a bottle of the stuff from me pretty much every year since I heard about it. Yet somehow, throughout all those years I've never actually squirted it on my own skin.

So when I answered the door to the postman holding a huge, huge box, the last thing I was expecting to be inside was a bottle of my very own Angel Perfume. In fact, strike that - the last thing I was expecting to see inside was a bottle of my very own engraved Angel Gravity Perfume with a real life star to go with it. Yes, you read that right. Not only did the Thierry Mugler PR nail it with their personalised bottles - swoon - but they actually took the time out to name a star after me and a bunch of other beauty blogging gals. Mugler did good.

Now onto the fragrance! Angel by Thierry Mugler is an oriental gourmand fragrance, which basically means that it consists primarily of synthetic edible notes such as honey and vanilla. Yum. The perfume is a deep, rich, almost chocolately scent that lingers on the skin for hours, and - in my personal opinion - only seems to get better with ageing. Speaking of which, the Angel perfume turns a whopping twenty five years old this year! If you're tempted to pick up a bottle, now is the time to celebrate!

Oh, and if any of you are heading into space sometime soon, you can find me in star form at the address NCG22 in the Pegasus constellation. Please, no fan mail.

What's your opinion on this perfume?


Thierry Mugler Angel Gravity Eau de Parfum Refillable Spray 75ml *