The best swimsuits for every budget

The best swim suits and bikinis for every budget highstreet

The phrase 'bikini weather' gives me a multitude of emotions. First, I get excited at the prospect of being able to go outside in less than seven layers of knitwear (I say prospect, because let's face it, when do I ever leave my house), then I become hopeful that maybe, just maybe, this will be the year that I get that 'bikini body' I've been dreaming of for years. And then..then I see all of the ice creams and cocktails that suddenly become available and I think ,you know what, maybe I'll just stick to a one piece this year.

To me, a one piece has always meant boob squishing Lycra that makes me look like a penguin. In fact, that's probably an insult to the poor penguins of the world. But anyway. For some reason it never seems to

compute with me that, actually, swimwear
might just have improved slightly since my school swimming lessons. And whilst I absolutely have nothing against penguins, they're not my animal of choice when it comes to how I want to look this summer. A super sexy gazelle with legs for days, sure. Or maybe just someone that doesn't look like they're concealing twins after an innocent bakery blow out. Is that too much to ask?

No, no it isn't. And thankfully, the high street has caught on to this whole flattering swimwear situ too (seriously, what took you so long, British high street?) and so naturally I've picked out some of the best swim suits so that you too can eat five million baked goods without anyone being able to tell. Goals AF.


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