The best places to take outfit photos


I'd love to scour the world in search for the perfect photo opportunity. I'd love to have Ollie capture 'impromptu' photos of me sipping from coconuts in the Maldives, or strutting my stuff through the streets of Paris, or road tripping across the states. I'd love for every outfit picture we take to look like it was taken straight from the pages of a magazine. I'd love all of these things - like I'm sure we all would - but that's not the reality.

The reality, is that I live in Cornwall. When I tell people I live here one of the first things they say is usually along the lines of how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful area. And it's true - Cornwall is pretty damn great. There's the sea, the rolling fields, the quaint seaside towns. It sounds like the perfect setting for blog photos, right? Wrong - at least, not for the style if photography I'm drawn to. I want modern architecture and Notting Hill townhouses. I want all the typical blogger backdrops, without the hassle of London living, and after (literally) a year of searching for the perfect shooting spots, I've finally figured out how to fake it. Bare with me here..



Schools and colleges

Surprise! Pretty much every outfit picture of me was taken outside of a University or College. No, I'm serious. Living in a rural area means that modern (AKA white and semi-clean) buildings are hard to come by. I searched for months and months trying to find the perfect 'does it all' spot, and it turns out it was right under my nose the whole time! These days, most universities and colleges are either brand new or recently renovated, making them perfect for pictures. They're usually pretty big as well, which means there's a lot of different spots to choose from.


Factories and warehouses

If there's one thing every town has, it's some form of industrial building. These are great if you're into the more minimalistic back drop as they usually consist of white/grey walls that are really, really tall. The hardest part is finding a warehouse that's semi-modern and rust-free. Next time you're out and about, take the back routes home - you might hit the jackpot (in the wall world, at least)..






Office blocks

Just like warehouses, office blocks generally mean a whole lotta wall space and windows. Again, like most of these places it can take a little bit of hunting to find the perfect office shooting spot (what even is my life) but chances are a brand new office block has opened up right around the corner of you. Thank you jesus for the increase in corporate companies. And thank you jesus for Sunday shooting days, because there's no one to look outside of their office window and laugh at you. Ahem.





Multi storey car parks

Car parks aren't my usual go-to place, but they do come in handy when times are tough. I'd recommend going to them either early (like, super early) in the morning, or midday in a bid to avoid rush hour. I mean, by all means, pose in front of parking cars and hundreds of workers wondering what you're doing, but it might make it a little easier on you if the car parks a little more empty. Take it from me. I'm a car park pro.

Where do you guys tend to shoot your blog pictures?


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