This dress is from Tesco - no, really


If you once told me I'd be wearing Tesco clothes on my blog - if at all - I'd probably laugh in your face. Not because I'm a clothing snob (I am a student, remember) but more-so because I've never even assumed that Tesco made clothes suited to my style, apart from maybe some classic basics and ridiculously comfy onesies. Boy was I wrong. I mean, here I am werkin my F+F tunic without a care in the world - probably because:

A) I managed to get my legs out for once without turning into a snowman.
B) My clothes cost less than twenty quid. Ya rly.

Oh also, I'm finally back from London with some crazy exciting news to share (don't you just hate it when bloggers/people say that?) that might warrant it's own blog post, so stay tuned for that little nugget!