4 reasons why you need to take a break

Some of you may have noticed a little radio silence from yours truly over the past few weeks. I mean heck, I haven't even Instagram'ed in over a week, what the hell is wrong wit me?! Well, here's the thing - nothing is actually all that wrong. Sure, I've had a bit of the flu and the hormones ran riot a bit for me this month, but other than that I kind of fell off the face of the earth because, well, I kind of just fancied a bit of a break.

"Wait wut? But don't you just spend your life posing for photos and answering emails in bed?" I hear you cry. And uhh, yeah, sometime that kind of is my life (although sometimes I do manage to drag myself over to the desk) but no matter what it is that I do - or you do for that matter - we all need a bit of time out every once in a while. So last week I decided to skip out on uni (oops), tidy my house from top to bottom (now wrecked by cats), dye my hair (pictures coming soon) and stay in bed for far longer than I'd like to admit. Current record stands at 5pm.

Aaanyway. Needless to say - despite the remnants of my flu and the copious amounts of uni work I have to catch up on - I'm actually feel pretty darn great. I did the things I wanted to do, ignored the things I didn't and actually looked after number one for once. It was selfish as hell and it was completely and utterly fantastic. Seriously, you should try it! Here's my reasoning..

You'll be much more productive afterwards

Even if you don't always feel like it, if you're working flat out for long periods of time you're bound to start wearing yourself out mentally (unless you're a super impressive immortal robot that never needs to sleep). And fact is, if you're a tired mess, you're probably not going to be the most productive version of yourself, are you? No, you're not - unless you are the aforementioned robot type (which I, unfortunately, am not). Taking time out for myself has meant that I've been able to come back to work with a clear mind and a bunch of fresh new ideas. And way less bags under my eyes..

It'Il help you realise what's important

For the past few weeks I've been stressing over the the most mundane things, that - in reality - don't matter all that much. So what if the laundry basket is a little more full than I'd like it to be?! Taking time out has meant that I've been able to spend time doing things that I actually enjoy, which is far more important than worrying about whether or not my favourite t-shirt is in the wash or not. I'm not saying you should forget personal hygiene or anything, but hey, if you fancy watching a bit of Netflix instead of scrubbing some socks then please, by my guest.

You'll be able to help others more

I get it, I get it, taking time out for yourself can seem a little selfish sometimes. And whilst there's nothing wrong with that, it can often feel as though you're neglecting other people in your life just so you can sit back and relax every once in a while. But come on, are you really going to be that much of a helpful friend if you're feeling super stressed yourself? Take care of yourself first, then you can save the world.

It just feels kind of good sometimes

Doing what you want to do feels good - that's all there really is to it. Whether you take time out every few weeks or even every evening, it really doesn't matter. You could be having a crap day or you could be having a great day, but if you want to take a little break from life then - to put it bluntly - just do it. There might be a million and one things to be done but you'll never do them to your full ability if your heart isn't completely in it. Sit back, relax, watch every episode of American Horror Story in a row, then kick ass later.

How do you like to relax when you take time out?

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