Missguided Pay Day Picks

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Okay, so yesterday was officially pay day, but hey, who's taking note? I've had so many tabs open for Missguided that Ollie's been getting on my case about it - something to do with it slowing down his wi-fi connection. Hello!? Fashion blogger priorities here. So anyway, so keep him quiet I've decided to lay out my top picks on the blog for both your, and my own benefit. Can you guess which items I've popped into my shopping bag?


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Home Wishlist #1


It's no secret that I'm a bit of a home ware addict. I mean, pretty much everything I post on Pinterest is home related, and I'm almost certain that every time I go into a supermarket I come out with more decorative items than actual food. But obviously, a girl can never have enough, especially when we're talking about cork coasters and copper lamp shades. I mean seriously, who needs porn websites when you've got places like H&M Home and Zurleys at your finger tips? Talk dirty to me, oh industrial fan.

Where's your favourite place to buy home accessories from?


Dunhelm Mill Copper Pendant Lamp - £14.99
H&M Jacquard-weave Rug - £24.99
H&M Candles - £2.99
Zurleys Vintage Fan Shaped Table Lamp - £286.88
Zurleys Nest Tables - £97.88
ASDA Ampersand Cushion - £5.00
Watching Clocks Copper Wall Clock - £34.99
Nicolas Vahe Cork Coasters - £4.99
Zurleys Film Style Floor Lamp - £64.69

[This post is sponsored by Zurleys]

Forever 21 Sale Picks

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So here I am at 3am searching through the Forever 21 sale page, and it's safe to say that they've just earned a big chunk of my money. I usually shop bargains at the last minute when everything is on final sale, and because of that I'm usually left rifling through some rather questionable knits and pairs of shoes that are about four sizes too big. But this time? I picked up so many amazing pieces at just a fraction of their original cost. You'll have to stay tuned for the inevitable haul video..

Sale ends tonight (Sunday 8th) - go go go!