A free pair of Sophia Webster shoes? I'm in

#sorrynotsorry for catching you out with the catchy title. I mean hey, a girl's gotta eat (or at least have people read the stuff she writes on the internet) right? 

Anyway, I've teamed up with Lyst (aka my new favourite website and the reason my bank hates me) and I've gone and created my perfect wedding wish list. No, no. Ollie and I aren't getting married - although it was pretty amusing telling him I was shopping for wedding outfits - but since we're well into the wedding season it's sometimes nice to pretend. Especially if that 'pretending' consists of me terrorising my boyfriend into believing I'm a marriage-crazed woman. Sorry Ollie.

So! The shoes. I mean we're all here for the shoes, aren't we? Basically, Lyst are giving away three pairs of Sophia Webster shoes (worth up to £400) to one UK blogger, one US blogger and one Lyst member (that's you!).

All you need to do to enter is make a Lyst account here (you can sign in using your Facebook or Twitter if you're lazy like me), create your own wedding wish list, tag it with #LoveMyWeddingLyst and #Wedding, then simply persuade your friends and family to 'love' your Lyst! The person with the most votes? They get the shoes.

So hey, wouldn't it be pretty darn great if you won...and I won, and we could just walk around hand in hand with matching Sophia Webster shoes? Oh dem feels.

Of course it's up to you who wins, but if you like my Lyst - or you know, me - then you can head on over to my own Wedding Wish List and click the heart button. Either way, good luck on your own shoe-winning ventures!

Vote/like for my Wedding Wish List here!