5 winter trends (you can actually wear!)

Wearable winter trends 2015/16

I don't know about you guys, but no matter how much I love the idea of walking to my local supermarket dressed in head to toe designer runway looks, my gut instinct (as well as my bank balance) always seems to tell me otherwise. Either way, I like to try and stay on trend as much as possible whilst still managing to pay my rent on time. That, my friends, is where H&M comes in..

Now it's no secret to anyone how much I love H&M (in fact this is probably the four-hundreth H&M wish list post I've done in the past month, give or take). I find that they manage to filter down the trends and create pieces that are - dare I say it - actually wearable for the every day gal for you and I. I can go in store, pick something off the mannequin and hey, presto, I'm instantly on trend without a thought in the world. Exactly how I like it.

This season's it's all about boho vibes, feminine blouses and ponchos - three things I've never really delved into in terms of style, purely because I've never know how to style it. But over the past few weeks you may have noticed a little switch up in the way that I've been wearing things. It's goodbye to baggy tees (for the moment, at least) and hello off the shoulder gypsy tops. Goodbye black leather (again, for the moment) and hello brown suede. I've even dabbled in tassels this season. Yes, really.

So anyway, what I'm getting at here is that, if I can style up the new boho-rock trend, anyone can. There's no need to dress head to toe in paisley print to stay on trend (unless you want to of course) - in fact, these are the only pieces you need to kick start your winter wardrobe.

A feminine boho top

I find this to be one of the best ways to alter your look without fully committing to a trend. Look for light flow-y materials for extra comfort, and opt for a long bell sleeve to ensure you're kept warm in the winter weather. Bonus points if you opt for one with added tassels. 

A thick poncho or cape

Not only are these throws seriously on trend, but they're also incredibly comfy. Just imagine walking outside wrapped up in your favourite blanket - pure bliss! Knitted ponchos also act as the main focal point of any look so you really can just throw it on and head out the door. Shoes are optional if you're going for that real boho vibe.

A touch of brown suede

Whenever I think of 70s style I'm instantly drawn to brown suede textures - whether they're on bell bottom jeans, a-line skirts or even a classic boot. If you're unsure about how to incorporate this new fabric into your wardrobe opt for a simplistic brown suede belt for a slight nod to the trend.

A bucket bag

Bucket bags are the ultimate nonchalant accessory that are both practical and seriously stylish. Again, feel free to opt for whatever colour and texture you wish, but if you're looking to invest in a bag to last you the upcoming months head straight for a classic black suede.

Pointed boots

Do you really need another excuse to buy a new pair of shoes? I didn't think so. The black leather boot is forever a staple in my wardrobe, but this pointed pair with brown detailing gives yet another subtle hint to the new season trends. Plus, they look seriously cool when poking out from under a pair of flares!

You can find more winter trend pieces over on the H&M website. Which is your favourite!?

[This post was sponsored by H&M, however all thoughts are very much my own, and came from my own head!]