The reason behind why I started blogging

UK fashion blog - Why I started blogging
UK fashion blog - Why I started blogging

Hello world. Remember me? I was that girl that posted on this blog like a psychopath...then suddenly stopped for a little while. Apparently, my University course head teacher queen-of-schools person didn't consider the fact that I might want to actually post pictures of myself on the internet during my studies. So yeah, the past few days have been spent with me painstakingly typing out a case study filled with words I'm not even sure I know the meaning of. But hey, they sound good.

Anyway, it's been a little while since I've been blogging on my lonesome (for those late to the party/AKA my blog, I was on a network a few months back) and I like to think I've gotten back into the swing of things. Do not correct me if I'm wrong, just allow me to feel good about this for five seconds please.

So yeah, before the big move to this website I was starting to feel a little 'worked' by blogging. I mean sure, luckily blogging is pretty much my full-time job, but can I really call it that? It takes a lot of effort, planning and time (and obviously a genius brain, ahem) but I'm hardly a nueroscientist or super-smart academic. Realistically, I write things on the internet, take photos of things I like and get my boyfriend to take photos of me whilst all other inhabitants of my city look at me like a crazy person. I'm going off on one of those tangents I like to go on again, so I'll stop here.

Long story short, during the past few days I've seriously missed blogging - something that I haven't really felt for a while. I've missed typing nonsense on the internet in hopes that someone will read it and potentially laugh/emulate with what I have to say. And that in itself has made me realise that my original reason for blogging has changed completely.

I'll say something you've probably all thought at least once when looking through my pictures. Sometimes I dress weird. Not weird in a sort of 'oh that girl is so cool and different and individual' but more along the lines of being that girl in primary school that showed up on non-school-uniform day wearing a black and yellow Spice Girl mini dress that advertised my stomach without a care in the world. Uh yeah, I did that. Multiple times. I digress. What I'm really trying to say is that hey, I'm pretty much just an average girl (don't you hate it when internet people say that?) that's not a super model in the making, or one of those super cool fitness girls you see on Instagram, or someone with loads of money that can make you wish you were me. Nope. I'm pretty much just a born and bred country girl that ever so slightly detests overly social situations, with a fairly decent broadband speed and a wardrobe filled with things that aren't exactly the norm in 'countryside' terms. I mean really though, why don't more people wear fluffy leopard print coats these days?

So let's rewind (and let's also take a second to come to terms with a fact that this is yet another overly long post from yours truly. Sorry not sorry). I started a blog because everyone else looked cool doing it. That's it. When I was younger I wasn't exactly my number one fan, so starting a blog that - from the outside world - just looks like a website filled with photos of myself, may seem a little vain. Who knows, maybe that's exactly what it was! But meh (and I don't use that word/sound effect lightly) it was just what I was doing at the time. Copying others because I couldn't quite figure out my own little path in life *emotional music*.

But seriously, I started my blog because everyone else was doing it. It was the 'cool' thing to do and hey, all of the big bloggers just looked like they had the best life ever, so evidently if I just took a few pics of myself on an old Coolpix camera I'm bound to be snapped up by Louis Vuitton any second (side note: still waiting on that email, LV). But alas, that is still yet to happen. But you know what has happened? It's all in the title my babies. After all this time blogging and not knowing exactly why I was doing it, I've finally figured it out. And it's honestly the most insanely wild thing you'll hear all day. Ready? Okay. I started blogging because I like to write.

Woah. Journalism student. Girl that writes (wait let me count) eight paragraphs and counting on one blog post!? This girl likes writing!? I told you, it's a doosey. But that's literally it. I like sharing things with people - not because my life is so incredibly glamourous (seriously, I have hair removal cream on my upper lip right this second) or because I have any real wisdom to share, but because I just like taking words out of my mouth and putting them onto paper - or in this case, a blog.

I'll be the first to say it - I'M SOCIALLY AWKWARD! Which is so damn ironic because hey, that's what blogs are built around now - being social. I've spent so much of my real life being semi-quiet about life in general, and I've spent so long blogging about what I'm wearing that I've cracked. I need to talk, a lot. Okay scrap that. I need to talk in my head a lot, and then type it so the whole world can see what I'm thinking. Logical Steph, logical.

I'm not a fantastical traveller, nor am I a super chic style icon (god how I wish I could just change my blog name to 'normal person' - but I'm guessing that URL is probably taken and/or costs  bomb). At the end of the day - like I said above - I'm just a semi-boring girl that dresses slightly different to the other people in my street, with a lot of stuff to say but no real guts to say it in person. Oh, actually I think I summed that up pretty well. I am in fact, just a keyboard warrior - you know, minus the abuse. Okay that was a bad analogy. But I do feel pretty sorry for how many times I pound my keyboard a minute. 

But let's face it, if I can write this much in twenty minutes, just be glad I don't spill my guts in person 24/7. I'd never shut up.

What was the reason you started blogging?


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