The best travel apps for girls (or guys!) on the go

Amazing travel apps every blogger needs
Amazing travel apps every blogger needs
Amazing travel apps every blogger needs
Amazing travel apps every blogger needs

Oh technology, you are one magical thing. I mean, hello? I can order food in an instant (probably one of the best gifts from the internet God's ever) and when I get lost I can use a simple app to tell me which direction to head in. Don't get me wrong, they don't always work exactly how I'd want them to, but that's potentially 'partly' (and by that I mean completely) due to my utterly ridiculous sense of direction. In short, if there was ever a candidate for finding the best travel apps around, it would be me. These apps are 100% idiot proof for just about any traveller out there. Don't believe me? Just give them a whirl.

Packing Pro

This is one of my fave apps of all time, purely because it means I never have to worry about forgetting my passport ever again (yep, I've done that before). It also reminds me to do every day things such as water my plants. RIP to all the plants I've killed in the past.

Travelsafe Pro

Safety comes first, so an app like this is absolutely vital for anyone, especially if you're travelling alone. It includes pretty much every emergency number and contact you'll ever need. Boom.

Urban Spoon

If you haven't already figure it out by now, I like food. In fact, no matter where I am in life food is generally one of my biggest priorities, so Urban Spoon is an absolute saviour, whether I'm in my hometown or an entirely different country. It helps you find restaurants and - better yet - it'll rate them, too. 

Jetlag Genie

I suffer like crazy with jet lag, so this app is a massive life saver. It helps you set your sleeping pattern both before, during and after your trip to ensure you're feeling good.


Kayak pretty much does it all when it comes to finding something fairly last minute. Whether it's a hotel, a car or even a flight! It also helps you manage your trip itinerary, and it'll even track your flight in real time.


This app is another example of why technology is so great these days. I mean, all you have to do is point your phone camera at something and it'll tell you everything there is to know about it! Instant wisdom, without the tour guides.


This lil guy is pretty self explanatory, but sometimes it's the simple things in life that are the best. Want to know how much your money's worth in another country. This app is all you'll need.

Google Translate

Man, I must sound like the worst traveller ever, but - you guessed it - not only am I terrible at remembering things (including my whereabouts) but I'm also really bad at learning foreign languages. Thank you Google Translator. Thank. You.


So it's 2015 and we're all officially in the showing-off-age (couldn't quite think of something as snappy as ice age..), so of course we're going to want to share our trips and travels with our family and friends. Just invite your pals to the album before you go away and start adding your snaps. It's like a little holiday photo album for your eyes (and anyone else you invite) only.

Hope you guys found some of these useful! If you haven't quite gotten enough of me yet you can head on over to the Bershka BScene blog, where there are more pictures of me floating around in a kimono, and a lil story on my favourite beach in the UK. It's three miles long, that's all I'm sayin'..

Are you going anywhere this summer!?


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