How I recycle clothes that no longer fit

How to style clothes that don't fit
How I recycle clothes that no longer fit

Since moving house it's become clear that I need to get rid of a lot of stuff, purely because I either no longer wear it or it simple doesn't fit me anymore. There are a few things however that I just cannot say goodbye to, no matter how tatty or ill-fitting they might be so for this look I've managed to work in a few of my old (note: very old) favourites, mixed with a few newer additions.

First up we have this Warehouse jacket that may aswell be glued to my body - I wear it that much. I purposely ordered this in a larger size to give it that boyfriend feel, but I do have a few similar jackets that are too small for me. Have you ever seen me actually zip up a jacket? Probably not. That's because some of them are so tiny I can't even do them up any more - but I bet you never knew that until now, eh?

Next is this oversized (and very crumpled) shirt that I got from Forever 21 last year. For five pounds, it's lasted quite well, but it's definitely on it's way out. I can now only wear it when I'm 100% sure I'll have a jacket on for the rest of the day.

Now this is something I have a habit of doing - wearing trousers way too big for me. They're either two sizes too small, or two sizes too big, so whenever I suffer from the latter problem I make sure I enlist the help of a belt. But what about when said trousers have no loops? Improvise with a casual jacket around the waist. This jacket, may I add, is approximately seven years old, bobbly as hell as ripped in some places. It's now reserved solely for times when I'm without a belt.

And the rest? Well thankfully with bags one size generally fits all, and after being on this earth for over twenty one years now I've managed to buy shoes that actually fit my feet. If I don't deserve a round of applause for that, at least put your hands together for the seven year old jacket..

Leather jacket from Warehouse
Shirt from Forever 21 (similar here)
Blazer from a random market
Leather trousers from ASOS
Clutch bag from 3.1 Phillip Lim
Sandals from Zara (or here)