The best nude lipsticks for every day

The best nude lipsticks for every day

Nude lips are like the LBD for my face. Does that even make sense? I'm rolling with it either way. Basically, if you haven't already been able to tell by now, I love me some nudes. Take from that what you will, but today I'm referring to the lip product variety. Did you think I was talking about something else? You disgust me. Anyway, there's very little I can say about nude lipsticks other than that I like them (which is probably why I've decided to dedicate an entire blog post to them) so I'll just cut to the chase and talk about my top five. Warning: this blog post contains nudes..

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Very Victoria Review


Let me start this mini-review by telling you this: I now fully understand the Charlotte Tilbury hype - and I'm not just saying that because the products looks fancy on my dressing table (I mean, they look fancy on my desk too). No, I like this lipstick because it's seriously fuss-free. The pigmentation is strong but without being over powering, the shade is neutral enough without making me look like a corpse, and the formula is a matte without feeling even remotely drying. It requires zero lip liner and - sometimes, depending on how courageous I'm feeling - no mirror. Perfect if you like to do your makeup half-asleep in the morning like I do.


PRICE - £23.00

Charlotte Tilbury, John Lewis, Selfridges & Net-a-Porter

Rodial XXL Lip Liner in Baby Review


Lip liners are usually my go-to product when it comes to carving out a nude lip - they're pigmented, precise and seriously long lasting, but I've always found them to be a little drying, especially when layered over the entire lip. That is, until I discovered Rodial's XXL Lip Liners. They do all of the above - without the drying aspect - whilst slightly plumping your pout thanks to Hyaluronic spheres. Basically, they're the best lip liners I've tried and I need about a hundred of them.


PRICE - £19.00

Rodial & Harvey Nicholls

Urban Decay Matte Revolution in Stark Naked Review


I'd like to take this moment to publicly apologise to Urban Decay's Stark Naked. I want to apologise because I neglected this colour for months and months without giving it a second thought. From the bullet, it looked like just another nude lippie. Pretty enough, but nothing compared to my current favourites - or so I thought. That is, until a few weeks ago when I decided to spend my evening swatching  and re-organising my entire makeup drawer(I'll do anything to get out of writing this damn dissertation). It was like love at first sight. Okay, love at second sight, but still, love all the same. 

Unlike most matte lipsticks, it has a super moisturising, almost creamy texture that glides onto the skin with just one swipe. Since it's so nourishing, it doesn't quite stay all day, but with a little lip liner layered up underneath you'll only need to top it up once throughout the day. It's slightly more coral-toned than most of the neutral nudes that I own, which makes it so unique to my collection. A must-have for my spring/summer makeup bag.


PRICE - £15.50

Selfridges, House of Fraser, John Lewis & Feel Unique

Nudestix Intense Matte Lip & Cheek Pencil in Belle Review


Recognise this little number? You should do, as it was the star of the show in my latest makeup tutorial! I've been a huge fan of Nudestix ever since I came across their contouring sticks. They were creamy, natural and fuss-free - exactly what I like in my makeup -so when I heard about their latest beauty release - a matte lip and cheek pencil - I said 'yes please' and got my hands on a few right away. Belle is somewhat of a nude/mauve combination, and I love pairing it with a subtle smokey eye. They apply like a dream, (no lip liner needed!) and last for hours without creasing or crumbling. What more could you want in a lip colour?


PRICE - £24.00

Beautylish, Space NK & Sephora

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Honey Review


Despite all of this nude lip love, sometimes my favourite way to achieve the look is to simply apply the tiniest amount of concealer to freshly balmed lips. It works perfectly..most of the time. Sometimes I just end up looking like, well, like I've just put concealer all over my mouth, which isn't exactly my ideal look. I feel like I've tried almost every 'your-lips-but-better' balm on the market, and the only one thats even come close to my makeshift muted mouth is the Fresh Lip Treatment in Honey. My favourite way to wear it is to blot out my lips when applying my base and layer the lip treatment over the topic. It keeps them moisturised throughout the day whilst also leaving a subtle, minty scented natural tint.


PRICE - £19.00

Fresh & Sephora


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