Fruiteatox Review


As a lot of you will know from my last health and fitness post, I've been doing a spot of carb-free dieting lately (although my friends Ben and Jerry beg to differ at this moment in time). Now how about a little back story? I've been drinking tea excessively for years. Two sugars, a glug of milk, then about ten more cups after the first one. Since going on this diet I've managed to cut out my black tea consumption all together, and instead I've become obsessed with all things herbal.

I was given the chance to try the Fruiteatox 14 day trial a few weeks ago, and even though I see everyone raving about how wonderful their teas are on Instagram, I've never really given in to the hype. I've tried a few different brands but I've never gotten past the second day - they all tasted that bad. This however? I actually miss drinking it for the taste, not just what it did for my body.

The idea behind it is that you drink the Daytox Lemon once a day - preferably in the morning. It tastes beyond amazing and has a real kick of sweet lemon at the end, which made me wish I was able to drink more than just one cup a day (#teaproblems). As for the Sleeptox Orange, you're meant to drink this little sucker every other day, as it contains Senna - a light laxative - which thankfully didn't effect me all that much. Moving on..

In terms of weight loss, this wasn't something I was overly looking to do on a big scale. Instead I was jut looking to lose a bit of bloating and sort my skin out, which has been playing up for what seems like forever. The end result? Well, I'm bloated now considering I just ate my way through an entire pot of Cookie Dough, but despite my lactose intolerance my stomach's never really looked flatter!

Of course I have been doing the no-carb diet as of late, which helps a lot in terms of de-bloating, and I've also been going to the gym three times a week as well, but I really did notice a huge difference once I actually started this whole tea-drinking thang. My skin's pretty much back to it's usual state, too!

At £19.99 for the two week detox, it's not the cheapest thing in the world for just a few bags of tea, but I'd definitely recommend it if you're looking to shift a few pounds or de-bloat without any real commitment. It's actually the main thing that's helped me transition from overly sugary tea to more natural remedies, which will help keep that tummy pouch at bay!

Do you guys think you'll ever try a tea-tox?!


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