Cheap high waisted jeans for shorter girls

Cheap High Waisted Jeans Ark
Cheap High Waisted Jeans Ark

Short girls always get the, ahem, short end of the stick. We can never quite reach the top kitchen shelf (which is usually where Ollie hides all of my sweets) and finding a pair of jeans that actually fit is near damn impossible. I've always tried to squish myself into high waisted jeans in hope that they'd make me look taller than about 3 ft, but nothing has ever fit me properly, let alone make me look like an amazonian goddess. Then I came across another pair of my favourite jeans from Hearts and Bows, which don't only fit me like a glove, but hey, they're not actually black for once either. Now let's take a moment to appreciate my mid hair swish in the top photo, shall we? I'm so model.

Let me know how tall you guys are in the comments!? Girls gotta know.


TRIWA Midnight Henry Sunglasses * Black Blazer * (similar here)
Jack Wills Vest (sold out but similar here)
Hearts and Bows Lola Ripped Knee Jeans from ARK Clothing *
3.1 Phillip Lim Clutch *
Steve Madden Pony Hair Shoes *

Steve Madden BRYCEE Sliders

Steve Madden BRYCEE sliders

Oh, hello internet! It's been a while (well, more like two days but in cyber world that's basically forever). I have no real excuse this time - life has just gotten away with me! It's now 3am as I'm writing this post and I'm only half way through my work that's due in for tomorrow - my own fault really. For once I decided it was a good idea to have a lie in...and then sleep through my alarm. Oops. Now I guess I'm paying for it!

Today's post was meant to be an oh oh tee dee, but right now my Macbook is pretty much screaming at me as I'm trying to render a video, so I'm not sure it could take any Photoshop action tonight. Alas, these shoes probably do deserve their own post purely for how long it took me to get hold of them - and because of how gorgeous they are of course. As far as I'm aware, they're still in the sale right now, so if you want to make your feet very happy I'd suggest you head on over now. Oh, they're in black too..

BRYCEE White Mules from Steve Madden

Black and white basics (and the boyfriend's tee)

Monochrome outfit
Monochrome outfit

So yesterday was a bit of a blur. I don't remember how many naps I had in order to catch up on my 7am bedtime (thanks to living so far from London) but it was definitely in the double digits. I'll probably do a little post on what I got up to during my 24 hours in London, but for now I'll leave it at this. If you get a chance to watch 'They Came Together' 100% do it. I managed to see a preview of it on Wednesday night and I don't remember ever laughing so much at a film.

I digress - now to the outfit! There's hardly anything to say, as I'm sure you've seen me sporting these basics at some point since being on the old blog. I guess I like to think of this as my fancy (queue Iggy) attire. Less thug life, more 'I don't just spend my entire day in sweatpants' - even though we all know that's what the deal is most days. I'm almost certain that last sentence didn't make sense, but hopefully you get the jist. Basically, all hail the basics. Now it's time to catch up on some work.

Coat from W Concept (or here)
Breton top from the boyfriend's wardrobe (but one here)
Trousers from French Connection (cheaper here)
Bag from 3.1 Phillip Lim (highstreet option here)
Heels from Steve Madden (again, some here!)

How to pose like a blogger - the hair touch

How to pose like a blogger
How to pose like a blogger
How to pose like a blogger

With hundreds of pictures of yourselves online, as a blogger you start to notice a bit of a pattern occuring. I like to call them my 'blogger poses' - poses that I would never normally do unless in front of a lens, that only ever seem acceptable when on the blogosphere. Today, we're talking The Hair Touch (also known as the oh-no-my-hair-is-in-my-face-lol position) because apparently that was all I could do during this shoot. If you can't tell, I'm highly awkward in front of the camera, which results in a lack of creativity in the bodily movement department. So for all you awkward picture-takers like me, try this one. Slightly casual, looks remotely good in photos and who knows, maybe people will actually believe you're putting your hair behind your ear.. #plottwist

Leather jacket from Warehouse (sold out but love this)
White tee from Warehouse (or here)
Leather track pants from Addison (cheaper here)
Heels from Steve Madden (similar here)

The best Alexander Wang bag replica

Alexander Wang bag replica
Alexander Wang bag replica
Alexander Wang bag replica

I like my bags designer - let's just put that out there - but I'm not so keen on the price tag that comes with them. So when  a highstreet variation of an Alexander Wang bag goes under my radar I just have to suck it up (although, not literally) and get it. Faking it has never felt so good, and my bank balance has never been more grateful. Do you have any fashion 'dupe' secrets you'd like to share?

Bomber jacket from New Look (simiar here)
Knit from First Base
Sweatpants from H&M
Watch from Daniel Wellington
Tote bag from Pieces (via Psyche)
Slip ons from Steve Madden (here)