5 things you may not know about me

Oh weekend, how I have missed you so. Since it's a Friday I've decided to keep this post pretty laid back and let you guys in on a few not-so-secrets that you may not already know about me. And to keep it fair, I'd love for you to leave a comment with a random fact about yourself too! Go go go.

1. I have two leopard geckos as pets (and of course the two cats).

2. I've got my own BMX bike, but I'm not very good at doing anything apart from riding around in circles.

3. I love playing video games to the point that I own pretty much every console there is..

4. I carry a hot water bottle around with me most days, and sometimes even take it into the cinema.

5. My claim to fame was being on Nickelodeon when I was a kid. Score!

Leather jacket from Warehouse (similar here)
Crop top from Vero Moda via Get The Label
Sweat pants from Front Row Shop (or here)
Shoes from Vans (also here)
Clutch bag from 3.1 Phillip Lim (cheaper here)

Winter is coming

Adidas Trefoil tee outfit
Adidas trefoil tee outfit

Good lord it has gotten cold here in the UK, but I refuse to stop wearing my sandals until my toes turn blue (they're more of a casual shade of lilac right now - no biggie). There was one day last week when the cold wasn't so horrendous that it actually allowed me to walk out in a thin t-shirt, although I did end up running back home almost instantly to grab a sweater and stop myself from turning into a snow man - little too early for those kind of festivities I think.

I'm rocking one of my trade mark moody faces today, but thought I'd give you a quick heads up about what's to come. Make sure you check back on Friday for a massive onslaught for blogger bloopers - from all of us! Trust me, you're about to wish you could un-see things..

Logo tee from Adidas (Nike version here)
Leather trousers from Blank NYC (cheaper here)
Sandals from Steve Madden (again, similar here)
Clutch from 3.1 Phillip Lim (that the cats have decided to claw to pieces..)

A mission to reduce my wardrobe

A mission to reduce my wardrobe
A mission to reduce my wardrobe

The title of this post may well confuse a few of you, because half of the time my outfits couldn't be more basic, but in actual fact I own so many clothes that they no longer fit in my house. And by that, I mean around one quarter of my wardrobe is at this place, and the rest sits in my old bedroom at my Mum's house. I ventured over there a few days ago and whilst I did find a few pieces I seriously missed and had to take home with me, the majority of it I wouldn't be caugt dead in these days. Floral bomber jackets? Yup, it happened.

So alas, my mission (call it my not-so-new-years resolution if you will) is to completely get my wardrobe back down to the essentials, which means a pretty intense blog sale is going to be happening at some time in the near future. I'd love to know your favourite places to sell things on (Depop? Tictail?!) because I'm hardly much of a retail master - unless we're talking about accumulating clothes, of course..

Black fedora from New Look (similar here)
Leather jacket from Warehouse (cheaper here)
White long sleeve from T by Alexander Wang (budget here)
Leather trousers from Blk Dnm (way cheaper here)
Max Thea from Nike (available here too)

Blue jeans, white shirt

Blue jeans white shirt outfit
Blue jeans white shirt outfit

Excuse the not-overly-imaginative title, but right now my brain is focussing on one thing only - drugs. The anti-flu type, of course. I had my first flu of the year a few weeks back..got over it quick, and here I am again, tucked up in bed with a mug of lemsip and surrounded by approximately forty eight thousand tissues. Oh the glamour! Needless to say, this picture was snapped a few days ago, right before the nose-running started. I recieved a pair of Closed denim jeans in the post the other day as a complete surprise, so thought I'd ditch my usual loose-fitting sweats and attempt to style up some classic navys. First skirts, now blue jeans - who am I? It must be the meds doing crazy things to my stuffy head. Speaking of which, needs a little bit of TLC right about now. Happy Friday!

Leather jacket from Warehouse (yup, again - similar here)
White shirt from Forever 21 Men (also here)
Blue jeans from Closed Denim (similar here)
Arizona sandals from Birkenstock (highstreet version here)

Re-discovering my Grafea backpack

Grafea backpack outfit
Grafea backpack outfit
Grafea backpack outfit

There's nothing I love more than shopping my own wardrobe. In our new place, space is pretty limited, so I've had to put away a lot of my lesser-worn clothes and accessories for a while - one of them being my Grafea rucksack, which I just recently re-discovered. I feel like this beauty pretty much saved this outfit from being one of the boring #ootds on the internet, so for that, I thank you, little bag.

What have you recently re-discovered in your wardrobe?

Long sleeve by Alexander Wang (cheaper option here)
Leather sweat pants from Addison (cheaper here)
Jacket (around waist) from W Concept
Black trainers from Vans
Backpack from Grafea (also here)