7 blog post ideas that will help generate traffic

Blog post ideas that will get traffic
Blog post ideas that will help generate traffic
How to get more blog traffic

Hello internet! Sorry I missed this week's Tip Tuesdays. I'd like to say I had a good reason for missing it, but the reality is that I just forgot what day it was. Does that happen to anyone else, like, regularly!? Either way, I'm back today (whatever day it is) with another - hopefully - helpful blog post thats er, all about blog posts. You guys seemed to love my 100 blog post ideas, so today I've decided to step it up a notch with this list of blog post ideas that will help generate traffic to your blog, using some trusty keywords and trending topics. But please, remember lil old me when you're all high flying famous bloggers, okay? 

Controversial topics and opinions

So this one can be a little tricky, purely because there's a fine line between being controversial in the way you write..and being a complete asshole. Trending topics are usually a good thing to roll with. For example, when London Fashion Week was happening (and I wasn't going) I wrote a post on why I wasn't going to LFW, and why I didn't feel like I belonged there. Chances are, even if you have zero interest in London Fashion Week, you're probably wondering why I wasn't fussed. Why? Because everyone talks about how great it is. So if you have an alternative opinion on something, why not talk about it!?

Easy DIY projects

Because let's face it, how many people actually search for DIY projects that are hard to do? Whether it's a simple recipe or just a stylish IKEA hack, people love to take credit for things that they make, even if that 'thing' takes about ten minutes to make with absolutely no effort at all. I know, because I'm one of them. I also know this, because - to my surprise - my super easy healthy fudge recipe has been one of my more popular posts to date. The fact that the words 'healthy' and 'fudge' also helps.

Relatable topics

Hey! Guess what!? I'm not rich, I have crap hair days, I'm insecure about my looks and I'm pretty sure I have IBS - or maybe I just eat too many cakes and drink too many fizzy drinks. Either way, I'm not perfect, and neither are you (sorry). I've tried pretending that I'm really cool with a fabulous life, but how many people can relate to that? Instead I've found that embracing my real life imperfections is actually more interesting for you lot to read. Whether you're simply laughing at me secretly behind a computer screen or relating with me on so many spiritual levels, who knows. But hey, it's these articles that keep you guys reading.

Trending product reviews

If you're a beauty blogger, you're probably always doing different makeup and skincare reviews. But hey, product reviews aren't just for the #bbloggers of the blogging world. Sometimes I like to tell people about things I've been loving - or even loathing. If you really want to drive traffic to reviews, try and make sure they're trending at that moment in time. For example, if your favourite Youtuber has brought out a makeup line, you can bet your ass that people across the world are going to be typing that into Google. Try and get your reviews up ASAP so that they're one of the first posts people see on Google. It's all about timing.

Lists, lists, lists

I swear, if Buzzfeed made an article called  '487 cat poos that look like the cast of Harry Potter' it would be saved to my favourites in a second. I mean, I'm not telling you to write an article about the shape of turds (although please, link me if you do, because I will definitely read it) but it does go to show that list-style posts are very, very intriguing. There's a reason so many websites do this - because they can generate a lot of clicks when done right. Just try not to make every other post a listicle. They can get old fast.

Blogging tips

Is it any wonder I've made a point of creating at least one blogging tip post a week? Personally, I love doing them, but they're also my most popular blog posts, well, ever. Who doesn't want to know how to get more traffic to their blog? Chances are, if you're reading this post (which you are, if you're reading this now..) that's exactly why you came here. People like new information. This doesn't just work for blogging tips either - tip posts can work for just about anything in life. Find your niche!

Health issues

For some reason, a lot of us blogging peeps tend to shy away from talking about health issues, whether it's something physical and/or psychological. I can't remember the exact percentage, but pretty much everyone at some point in their life will have to  go through a shitty time because of some sort of health problem. A lot of these people will also Google the hell out of how they're feeling to see if they can relate to how anyone else is feeling. It's just a natural human instinct. Personally, I feel like more of us need to talk about these things (I'm in the midst of writing my own little snippet), not to get more views in a numbers sort of way, but to get more views in hopes of helping others! Maybe share your own experiences with an issue, and start up a conversation with someone going through the same thing!

There are so many more ideas that I could ramble on about, such as hosting competitions, finding cheaper alternatives to popular products, or even just various ways to style a certain trend piece. But alas, you're probably half asleep reading this and - let's face it - my fingers fell asleep a long, long time ago. Before I go though. Please, Please (!!) Just take a look at my new shoes. *Cough* They cost less than £30 *cough*...and I'm gone.

What do you think of these post ideas?


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Five simple SEO tips that will make your blog grow (woo!)

5 SEO tips to grow your blog audience
5 SEO tips to grow your blog audience
5 SEO tips to grow your blog audience

So first up, don't these little green plant ball things make you so very happy? I don't know why, but seeing them all lined up in a neat little row really pleased that minutely OCD side of me. I'm the only one that loves them? Okay, moving on..

Today's Tip Tuesday is potentially a little bit boring, but it seriously reaps the benefits. In my last post about how to grow your blog traffic a load of you mentioned how much you'd like some posts on SEO. So ladies and gents, here I am with my SEO hat on (metaphorical, of course, although please feel free to send one in the post) ready to share with you five basic SEO tips that are sure to help you grow your blog audience. Like I said, it's not the most exciting topic in life, but it's really useful to know if you're looking to take your blog to the next level. Now now students, quieten down. I don't want to go and put anyone in detention now. God I'm hungry. This post is getting a little weird. Onto the SEO tips!

Make your website mobile-friendly

A few weeks ago Google decided to switch things up with their algorithms. Wait, what now? Basically an algorithm is the formula that Google uses when figuring out how to rank different web pages - and one of the latest changes is that Googs is going to start penalising websites/blogs that aren't responsive on mobile devices, meaning your website may rank a little lower than you'd like. If you're on pre-made templates, chances are the majority of you won't have to worry about this, but it's always good to check whether or not your site works efficiently on mobiles/tablets. You can check to see if your own site is responsive here.

Submit an XML site map

YAWN. Don't those words sound so boring? I almost added the word pizza at the end just to make it more..tasty (?) but hey, I'm trying to be serious here. A site map is a file that allows you to list the pages on your site that help tell Google (and Bing, Yahoo etc.) about your content. Long story short, submitting your site map can help Google process more of your pages, which helps you become more visible on the world wide web!

Use relevant anchor text

When you search for a product online, you're not typing in 'link here' are you? So why make that your own anchor text!? I used to do this all the time, but since using relevant text I've noticed my pages and posts rank a lot higher than before. Basically, whenever you're linking out to a page, be sure to link out using words that relate to the site/product you're talking about. For example, why don't you all check out the latest post I did on How to triple your blog traffic ? See what I did there?

Make search-friendly URLS

This is pretty similar to what I mentioned above. When I'm making a blog post I like to pretend I'm a potential reader looking for a web page. What would I type if I wanted to know how to get rid of my moustache? Well, I'd probably type 'how to get rid of a moustache' into Google or something. Same goes for your URL and blog title. Instead of allowing your blog URL to be blogname.com/684694-468468-273 change it to blogname.com/how-to-get-rid-of-moustache. It'll show up on Google a lot better that way. So uh, about that moustache..

Optimise your images

Again, this is pretty much the same as the last two, only in terms of images. It can sometimes be annoying to do (and by sometimes, I mean most of the time) but when saving your images be sure to save them with a relevant name. No one is going to go searching for 'DCM 440716', are they? Nope. So name your images as if you were searching for them yourself! To give your images that extra boost be sure to use the ALT text to describe your images. Try not to use too many key words though - Google hates that.

Hope this helped some of you!


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