Five simple SEO tips that will make your blog grow (woo!)

5 SEO tips to grow your blog audience
5 SEO tips to grow your blog audience
5 SEO tips to grow your blog audience

So first up, don't these little green plant ball things make you so very happy? I don't know why, but seeing them all lined up in a neat little row really pleased that minutely OCD side of me. I'm the only one that loves them? Okay, moving on..

Today's Tip Tuesday is potentially a little bit boring, but it seriously reaps the benefits. In my last post about how to grow your blog traffic a load of you mentioned how much you'd like some posts on SEO. So ladies and gents, here I am with my SEO hat on (metaphorical, of course, although please feel free to send one in the post) ready to share with you five basic SEO tips that are sure to help you grow your blog audience. Like I said, it's not the most exciting topic in life, but it's really useful to know if you're looking to take your blog to the next level. Now now students, quieten down. I don't want to go and put anyone in detention now. God I'm hungry. This post is getting a little weird. Onto the SEO tips!

Make your website mobile-friendly

A few weeks ago Google decided to switch things up with their algorithms. Wait, what now? Basically an algorithm is the formula that Google uses when figuring out how to rank different web pages - and one of the latest changes is that Googs is going to start penalising websites/blogs that aren't responsive on mobile devices, meaning your website may rank a little lower than you'd like. If you're on pre-made templates, chances are the majority of you won't have to worry about this, but it's always good to check whether or not your site works efficiently on mobiles/tablets. You can check to see if your own site is responsive here.

Submit an XML site map

YAWN. Don't those words sound so boring? I almost added the word pizza at the end just to make it more..tasty (?) but hey, I'm trying to be serious here. A site map is a file that allows you to list the pages on your site that help tell Google (and Bing, Yahoo etc.) about your content. Long story short, submitting your site map can help Google process more of your pages, which helps you become more visible on the world wide web!

Use relevant anchor text

When you search for a product online, you're not typing in 'link here' are you? So why make that your own anchor text!? I used to do this all the time, but since using relevant text I've noticed my pages and posts rank a lot higher than before. Basically, whenever you're linking out to a page, be sure to link out using words that relate to the site/product you're talking about. For example, why don't you all check out the latest post I did on How to triple your blog traffic ? See what I did there?

Make search-friendly URLS

This is pretty similar to what I mentioned above. When I'm making a blog post I like to pretend I'm a potential reader looking for a web page. What would I type if I wanted to know how to get rid of my moustache? Well, I'd probably type 'how to get rid of a moustache' into Google or something. Same goes for your URL and blog title. Instead of allowing your blog URL to be change it to It'll show up on Google a lot better that way. So uh, about that moustache..

Optimise your images

Again, this is pretty much the same as the last two, only in terms of images. It can sometimes be annoying to do (and by sometimes, I mean most of the time) but when saving your images be sure to save them with a relevant name. No one is going to go searching for 'DCM 440716', are they? Nope. So name your images as if you were searching for them yourself! To give your images that extra boost be sure to use the ALT text to describe your images. Try not to use too many key words though - Google hates that.

Hope this helped some of you!


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I tripled my blog traffic in 2 weeks (without selling my body)

How to triple blog traffic more followers

Blogging isn't all about numbers - let's just get that little nugget out of the way. But no one can deny the joy that comes with visitor growth going up, up, and up. It's like crack, but you know, the good, non-illegal sort of crack. Uhh. Don't do drugs kids. Drugs are bad. 

So for the past few weeks I've been doing things a little differently on the old blog, and in that time I've seen my traffic (along with my unique visitors) triple. Once, it even quadrupled for a few days. Okay, I'm showing off a little here, but hey, I'm pretty excited about it!

I think transparency with bloggers is seriously importantly - especially with so many blogs now working with different companies and brands. By now, I hope you all recognise me as a pretty open person. If you can see my granny pants through a pair of white trousers, I'll be the first to point it out, so when I'm sitting here bragging about all the new people I've got rocking up to my blog, you should know that I'm going to spill all my secrets to you guys. Let's face it, it's pretty damn annoying when people don't give you the full picture. Agreed? Agreed. So here it is, the full pictures (or at least as much of a full picture as I can give you without publishing a novel the size of War and Peace).

So about my stats. I used to get around 250 Unique Visitors each day, meaning 250 lovely individuals strolled on over to my blog on the daily (ps. thank you). Now? I'm getting anywhere from 650 to 1100 a day. Now unless there's some unknown naked picture of me foliating around Google, bringing all of these people to this blog to laugh and mock at me, I'd say it's down to all the things I've been doing differently lately. Normally I'd ramble about every point in twenty different paragraphs, but chances are you came here because the title caught your eye, so I'll get straight to it.

Choose an eye catching title

If in fact the reason you came here was because of the title of this post, then yay (!) - it works! Keywords are important when it comes to choosing your title, because more often than not they're the things people will be searching/looking for when browsing on the internet. The words 'tripled' 'blog' and 'traffic' are three beautiful words that are probably going to intrigue anyone, whether their traffic consists of 10 Unique Visitors a day, or 10,000. People always want more.

Be informative and have a purpose

Not only do people want more, but they also want information. This isn't to say you should make 'how to' posts every second of the day (although, go ahead if you're up to the challenge!) but I have noticed that actually having a point to a blog post really helps. Sure, some people can get away with just talking about their day in a post, but I find visitors stick around longer when there's something in it for them. Whether that's blogging advice, beauty hacks or when a sale is on - it's all down to you. One thing I do like to do however, is make as much of my content 'evergreen' which basically means it's always useful no matter what the season/year/situation. Kinda like this post, really.

Post as much as possible (within reason)

Chances are, the more you post, the more people will be inclined to stop by your site - you know, just incase you've published something new that day! I'd like to post every day, but right now University is telling me otherwise, so instead I just post as often as I can. This isn't to say you should just post a picture of your cat every four minutes to generate traffic (you know, unless that's what you're audience are after..I'm game) - ideally you should still be posting quality content, only more often.

Traffic comes from humans, talk to them

It's easy to forget that these numbers that happen on Google Analytics are actually real life, breathing, walking, people. Unless they're those spammy robot things..ignore them. Whenever people comment I always try to message back as often as possible. It can be difficult to stay on top of comments as and when they come, so I like to try and put aside twenty minutes a few nights a week to reply to different people. If they took the time to comment, comment back! Not everyone will do it, but if you reply to someone chances are they'll click back to see what you said. Hello, one extra page view - but most importantly, hello brand new actually living internet friend!

Share the love (and your blog posts)

This is probably the main thing that's helped me during the past few weeks - and some of you may well have noticed. Normally, when I posted something online I'd simply tweet about it once and maybe promote it on Facebook if I felt productive. Now? It's a whole new ball game. Obviously no one wants links shoved in their face 24/7, but at the end of the day who doesn't love a bit of self promotion? I like to promote my 'evergreen' posts on rotation. I find they tend to be the posts that get the most views, and since they never really go out of style it doesn't really matter if I promote it three weeks from now! Stumbleupon is also good for lazy promotion.

Divulge in a spot of SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is like your least favourite grandparent that you dread to see...but they give you chocolate when you do see them. Basically, when you put the effort into SEO you're bound to reap some sort of benefit. I've been doing this a lot more lately and it's boring as hell, but seriously helpful. I'll be doing a more in-depth post on SEO soon enough (I even went to the library to STUDY SEO????) so stayed tuned for that bad boy!

Hope this helped! Share any of your tips in the comments, because it's nice to be nice ;)


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