Summer Solstice with New DS 3 Cabrio


If you're a part of my Snapchat Fam (which by the way, I recommend you doing) you may remember that I went on a little adventure with New DS 3 a few weeks ago. I came back from a week of Turkish sun and headed straight to a not-quite-as-sunny Wiltshire for another two day break. Yeah, I don't know how I managed it either. It's a tough job going on two holidays in a fortnight.

So anyway, as most of you know I am not a Londoner. In fact, I come from a town so rural that the closest shop is a twenty minute walk. Needless to say, a driving license is pretty useful, especially when I find myself in the big smoke every week or so now. So when I was given the chance to drive around New DS 3 I decided that I wasn't going to waste the opportunity with a quick trip to the shops. Instead, I was going to face my on-going fear of long distance driving (New DS 3 has the best built in sat nav, thank god) and take a trip to Stone Henge to celebrate summer solstice. And you know..pamper myself silly at the Bishopstrow Hotel

Now, I love my own little car, but it's exactly that - little. New DS 3 Cabrio? Not so much. I've never been overly fussed about what I drive (much to my dad's dismay) and so I've always been pretty happy with the fact that - wait for it - my car has a cable to connect to my iPod. I literally thought that was some sort of technological miracle. So when I hopped in to New DS 3 and I was met with reversing cameras, parking sensors and - wait for it - wireless phone access, I felt like I had entered some kind of new age space ship. I mean, I could charge my phone by a designated USB port. Do you even realise how useful that is for a four hour journey?

Now, I don't mean to brag, but I tend to pride myself on my abilities to work just about anywhere. I've written blog posts on the train, on over night coaches, inside caravans, in the back of vans - you name it. And - as you can imagine - some of these vehicles haven't exactly been blogger-friendly. New DS 3 Cabrio, however, was practically made for gals on the go.

And since one blog post can only go into so much depth, I decided to vlog the entire trip for you over on my Youtube channel, featuring everything from food snaps, outfits of the day, a quick pamper routine, shots of the Summer Solstice festival and the most epic hotel tour ever.



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*This post is in collaboration with New DS 3*