How to style knee high boots

I remember the first time I ever wore knee high boots. It was at a primary school disco and rather than doing the cha cha slide with the other kids my age - I was trying to impress a boy in the year above me. His name was Max and he had that spiky Gareth Gates hair going on - the true sign of a bad boy. I stomped around in my black boots all night long until I finally plucked up the courage to talk to my spiky haired stud muffin (dear lord I hope he never finds this) and, well, it didn't go as planned. He made fun of my shoes, called me a little girl (which, granted, I was only about nine years old), told me I looked like a prostitute (I didn't even know what the word meant at that age) and then proceeded to tell me that he had a girlfriend. Sob.

From that day on I had it drilled into my head that knee high boots were absolutely not for me. I actually remember attempting a similar look a few years down the line at a girly sleepover, only this time it wasn't a boy that commented on the boots, but one of my best friends at the time. She also dropped the p-bomb on me. I ran downstairs, hid inside my sleeping bag and cried. Of course, that period of my life in which I let others determine my taste in footwear has since ended, and I'm now an avid lover of all kinds of long boots - as you've probably gathered by my recent ensembles. Today I decided to put together a post featuring some of my new favourite long boots, and how to style them up this season.





This is probably the easiest and least intimidating way to wear knee high boots, since there's technically no real skin on show - which means both added warmth, and you can match them with your jeans to make them as inconspicuous as you like. If you're a freak like me that feels the cold even in summer, this sort of look is perfect because it means you can layer up just about anything underneath. Fluffy thermal socks? Perfectly acceptable with this outfit.

How to style knee high boots
How to style knee high boots




Okay okay, so what exactly doesn't work with an all black outfit? If you've mustered up the courage to get your thighs out then something like this is perfect. Think of it as your intermediate long boot look. It's understated, simple, and it balances out the impact of walking around town in thigh high boots. Plus, it works for both day and night, which is a bonus. Of course you can wear anything with anything, but my advice is to keep it casual with these babies and let the shoes do the talking.





This is probably my favourite way to wear long boots, which is probably no news to you guys considering half of my recent outfit posts look a little something like the snap on the right. Sorry bout it. I feel like knee high boots are quite an aggressive style of footwear, so lately I've been loving pairing them with floaty, frilly dresses to balance that out a little. Any colour works, but I find white dresses compliment just about every colour and style of boot. Beware for pizza stains.

How to style knee high boots

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