Wear Your Air: JD Sports X Nike Air Max

JD Sports Nike Air Max Outfit OOTD Cocochic
JD Sports Nike Wear Your Air

So, I may have missed out on this year's Nike Air Max day (let's blame it on those pesky clocks going forward/backward - I never know!) but it's safe to say that I've been loving these babies pretty much every day since the moment they fell through my mail box, so I think the shoe gods can forgive me this time around. I hope.

For today's look I decided to pair my Nike Air Max 1s with an ABE (that's all black errythang to you lot not in the know) look, because obviously I'm very adventurous with my colour choices. Ahem. 

So that's how I Wear My Air. Simple and comfy! Now onto you guys - JD Sports want to see how you guys Wear Your Air on Instagram. Want to get involved? Just strike a post in your Air Max and use the hashtag #JDAirMax. Boom.


Nike Air Max 1 Ultra Essentials from JD Sports (£97.00) *
304 Jogger / Sweat Pants - ON SALE! ( £15.00) *
304 Wanderlust Sweater (£40.00) *
Warehouse Leather Jacket (Similar Here) *

This dress is from Tesco - no, really


If you once told me I'd be wearing Tesco clothes on my blog - if at all - I'd probably laugh in your face. Not because I'm a clothing snob (I am a student, remember) but more-so because I've never even assumed that Tesco made clothes suited to my style, apart from maybe some classic basics and ridiculously comfy onesies. Boy was I wrong. I mean, here I am werkin my F+F tunic without a care in the world - probably because:

A) I managed to get my legs out for once without turning into a snowman.
B) My clothes cost less than twenty quid. Ya rly.

Oh also, I'm finally back from London with some crazy exciting news to share (don't you just hate it when bloggers/people say that?) that might warrant it's own blog post, so stay tuned for that little nugget!