Wear Your Air: JD Sports X Nike Air Max

JD Sports Nike Air Max Outfit OOTD Cocochic
JD Sports Nike Wear Your Air

So, I may have missed out on this year's Nike Air Max day (let's blame it on those pesky clocks going forward/backward - I never know!) but it's safe to say that I've been loving these babies pretty much every day since the moment they fell through my mail box, so I think the shoe gods can forgive me this time around. I hope.

For today's look I decided to pair my Nike Air Max 1s with an ABE (that's all black errythang to you lot not in the know) look, because obviously I'm very adventurous with my colour choices. Ahem. 

So that's how I Wear My Air. Simple and comfy! Now onto you guys - JD Sports want to see how you guys Wear Your Air on Instagram. Want to get involved? Just strike a post in your Air Max and use the hashtag #JDAirMax. Boom.


Nike Air Max 1 Ultra Essentials from JD Sports (£97.00) *
304 Jogger / Sweat Pants - ON SALE! ( £15.00) *
304 Wanderlust Sweater (£40.00) *
Warehouse Leather Jacket (Similar Here) *

This dress is from Tesco - no, really


If you once told me I'd be wearing Tesco clothes on my blog - if at all - I'd probably laugh in your face. Not because I'm a clothing snob (I am a student, remember) but more-so because I've never even assumed that Tesco made clothes suited to my style, apart from maybe some classic basics and ridiculously comfy onesies. Boy was I wrong. I mean, here I am werkin my F+F tunic without a care in the world - probably because:

A) I managed to get my legs out for once without turning into a snowman.
B) My clothes cost less than twenty quid. Ya rly.

Oh also, I'm finally back from London with some crazy exciting news to share (don't you just hate it when bloggers/people say that?) that might warrant it's own blog post, so stay tuned for that little nugget!



My Fitness Routine & The Ketogenic Diet


Once upon a time I went to the gym - no seriously, I really did just go once. I paid for membership for around three years, made my way through my - incredibly embarrassing - one hour induction and then pretty much never stepped foot in there again. Sound familiar? 

Now this might seem like a complete #skinnygirlproblem but personally I've never really had to worry about my weight. Every so often I'll binge on a few (thousand) bags of sweets, but the most that ever did was give me a filling in my tooth and bloat my stomach out a little. Obviously I'm not complaining at all about my metabolism, but after living with a guy that's all fitness, all the time, it finally dawned on me that maybe my insides matter just as much as the outer parts do too. Go figure!?

So with that in mind, near the end of 2014 I decided to sign up to my campus gym. It was cheap, cheerful, and it meant that I would be more inclined to go if I went to University with my gym kit on. I started my training with just a few half an hour sessions of light cardio, and slowly worked my way up to squats, bench press, leg press and even a little bit of dead lift here and there. I was doing everything I was meant to, and after one month all that had changed was the size of my ass which has pretty much doubled in size, so off I went to my boyfriend, once again complaining about the impracticality of exercise, and how I was simply doomed to be that slightly bloated, Haribo-guzzling girl for the rest of my life. Oh, with a big ass now as well.

At this point Ollie had been trialling the Ketogenic diet, which is which is essentially low carb, high fat, a bucket load of vegetables...and absolutely no cakes and sweets. Dammit. I noticed that after just a few days of him being off of carbs, he lost all sense of bloating and any unwanted fat just seemed to drip off of his body. Obviously I had to give it a go.

The basic idea behind Keto is that you deprive your body of carbs so that you start using and burning off excess fat, which in turn makes you look leaner. I won't go too much into detail on the diet right now (but let me know if you want me to do a post on it!) because it's not something I can just bang out in one evening, but I genuinely have never seen so much of a change in my body as I have when doing Keto. My energy is high, I've lost any wobbly bits on my belly and - most importantly for me - I've stopped being bloated completely.

Saying that, I am typing this blog post with a belly full of pizza and a stomach so swollen that it makes me look like I'm going to take off any minute, so it's safe to say I'm not going to become a health and fitness freak any time soon. Instead, from now on I've decided to start featuring a few healthy(ish) recipes and easy fitness tips that have kept me in shape lately. No OTT detoxes, no thirty day squat challenges and absolutely no dieting pills, but just a few things that pretty much anyone will be able to do to make their lives a little more healthy. First on the list? Kale chips! Stay tuned boys and girls.

What's your favourite way to keep fit in the winter?


Nike Lunarglide Running Shoe from Millet Sports *

Things people say to me when taking photos

Things People Say to me When Taking Photos
Things People Say to me when Taking pictures

Small towns and fashion blogging are complete polar opposites. Where I'm from the majority of the streets are filled with people pushing prams and old ladies walking their dogs (no hate) so it's pretty safe to say I get some funny comments whenever I'm doing my thang. For the past few weeks I've been filing them in the back of my mind for a blog post like this, and here they are (well, some of the less rude ones at least)..

"Go on love, smile!"

"Are you really famous or something?"

"Can't you take a selfie yourself!?"

"Oooh can I join in?"

"Can I be in the background?"

"Left, right, left, right, perfect shot, amazing!"

Leather jacket from Warehouse (similar here)
Striped knit from First Base (also love this style)
Leather trousers from Blank NYC (chaper option here)
Trainers from Nike via Get The Label (also love this style)

Sweatpants and why I love 'em

Sweatpants outfit
Sweatpants outfit
Sweatpants outfit

Sweatpants and I go back a long way - we're talking childhood friends sorta status. I remember once upon a time having a pair of sweats in every colour and texture. Velvet, fleece - you name it. Just call me the sweatpants queen (but not to my face). Even now, I'm rarely seen out without something remotely elasticated around my waist. Free the nipple? How about free the crotch? Although, not literally speaking. I thank the fashion gods every day for making 'sporty chic' happen. And regardless of whether I'm completely on trend or not, if I can eat a three course meal in it, I'll keep on wearing it!

Leather jacket from H&M Trend (old but similar here)
Tee from T By Alexander Wang - on sale!! (affordable option here)
Sweatpants from Mint Velvet (and also here)
Max Theas from Nike (similar style here)
Bag from Commes des Garcons (cheaper here)