10 (horrific) trends all 90s girls will remember

10 trends all 90s kids will remember
10 trends all 90s kids will remember
10 trends all 90s kids will remember
10 trends all 90s kids will remember
10 trends all 90s kids will remember

It may be that I'm simply giving into the nostalgia hype, or maybe the fact that I really am just a 90s girl at heart ('93 represent!) but lately I can't help but love everything 90s inspired. You know, apart from the whole parachute pants thing. 

That being said, I did decide to take my most parachute-esque pants out for a spin in the form of these baggy leather trousers. Think of it as a grunge-meets-MC-hammer inspired wardrobe choice, if you will. Pair it with a loose flannel shirt around the waist and you may as well call me the fourth member of Nirvana. Ahem. 

Now it's onto the top half. I mean, what are the first two things you think of in relation to the 1990s (apart from Tamagotchis and and Saved by the Bell)? For me, it has to be excessive amounts of denim and strappy crop tops a la Ms. Moss - and whilst I've hardly got the stomach to pull off a super short tee, sometimes you've just gotta let loose in the name of the 90s. Because after all, who even cared back then?! 

And finally, the shoe of choice. I could have gone super-grunge and completed my look with a pair of heavy leather boots or pool sliders (because we all know I love me some pool sliders), but instead I decided to mix it up a little with a pair of preppy white trainers that are just ever so slightly more sophisticated than a pair of wheeled platform sneakers. Don't lie, I know you had some too.

So, 90s babies of the internet - now it’s time to reminisce about the good old days when butterfly hair clips were a must, and AC Slater was the man of our dreams..

1. Sweater vests. Can someone say Chandler Bing?

2. Denim maxi skirts. HOW did we ever walk in them!?

3. Mood rings. I mean, did those thing didn’t even work, let alone look good!

4. Hair mascara. Because who doesn’t want stiff blue highlights?

5. Bandanas. Give yourself a bonus point if you wore one as a top.

6. The bowl haircut. Thanks, Ma.

7. Denim dungarees. You were only cool if you had one strap undone.

8. ‘Shag’ bands. Wait, who even came up with this idea!?

9. Over-plucked brows. We’ve all been there.

10. Slap bracelets. Because putting a bracelet on like a normal person is far too mainstream.

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