Why Happy Plugs are the best

Gold Happy Plug Earphones

Just a quickie today! Thought it was about time I showed you all something a little bit different than usual - a tech obsession. I feel like I've finally stepped into the 21st century by actually using my phone for something other than texting and Candy Crush - who knew a smartphone could be so...smart? As you all know, I've also been heading to the gym a lot lately, to which these fellas have seriously come in handy. Sure, a pair of headphones might not sound like a big deal, but I'm seriously converted. There's nothing worse than doing your thang at the gym and finding your headphones popping out of your ears every five minutes - these absolutely do not do that. When they're in, they're in! Obviously, they look super cool too, and are even available in rose gold? Um, I'll take ten pairs please.

But of course, what most normal people use headphones for isn't the way they look, it's the sound, and when I'm watching Netflix or powering through the gym that's what I notice the most. It's so damn crisp! I'm not sure how I coped with 'normal' ear phones before hand, but I definitely see the fault of my ways now. So, about that rose gold pair..

Gold ear phones from Happy Plugs (rose gold here)