Tip Tuesdays and Exciting News!

Fashion Blogger All Black Everything Outfit
Fashion Blogger All Black Everything Outfit

Hello world! So I guess it's time for a little update, as I feel as though I've been kind of MIA for the past few days. Ahem, where do I start?

Let's start at the fact that I've only gone and gotten an internship at Company Magazine of all places!! I start at the beginning of April, and I'm hoping to do a little vlog (or at least a blog post) on my experiences there at some point, so if you have any questions shoot them my way!

The next update is something regarding the blog - no no, I'm not eloping to yet another website again. Instead, I've decided to dedicate every Tuesday to some blogging/career/life tips and tricks. Nothing profound, but just a few things I've picked up throughout the past few years of internet-livin' that I get asked about quite a lot. The first #tiptuesday will begin next week, and I'll be focussing on how to create a Media Kit (which is pretty damn important when dealing with PR and potential partners). Any questions? Shoot them down below!

Other updates include: getting a new sofa, getting a new rug, eating dominos pizza twice in 48 hours, generally suffocating myself with university work and oh, I'm casually working on producing a lifestyle and culture magazine. You know, just so you're in the loop..

Update me on your life!?

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