Royally Good Birchbox review

Birchbox Royally Good April 2015
Birchbox Royally Good April 2015

Mail generally gets me really excited - like, even the junk mail - so you can only imagine my joy when the April Birchbox came flying through my letter box. And when I found out that this month's edition included not five, but six beauty products? Gurl (..or boy), don't even get me started.

Now, I don't tend to follow the royal family all that much (both literally and metaprhoically) but it turns out that Kate Middleton is due to pop with baby number two any day now, which is exactly what Birchbox is celebrating this month by putting some of their favourite products on a pedestal. And they are..

Laura Mercier Eye Pencil in Violet (£18.00)

If there's one brand that will tempt me to try coloured liner, it's probably going to be Laura Mercier. I've loved the black liner for years, so I know for a fact that this baby is going to be just as good - the fact that it's a mini size as well means it's perfect for on the go. I've heard violet liner can make brown eyes pop too. Oh the temptation!

Lola Barcelona Nail Polish in Garcia (£7.50)

Granted, I've never tried a nail polish from Lola Barcelona (who are apparently exclusive to Birchbox) but - and it may just be my excitement for summer talking - but this pinky coral colour looks like it would be perfect for my tanned tootsies. If they ever do get tanned, that is.

Percy & Reed London No Oil Oil (£14.00)

Ahh, oils. The one word in haircare that get I can actually get excited about - even if they're not actually an oil, as Percy and Reed seem to claim. As with everything else from the brand, this baby smells amazing, and I'm way too excited to get it in my mop.

Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash (£19.50)

Give something a dual purpose, and I'm all ears. This Bliss face wash  not only smells good enough to eat (although I wouldn't recommend it) but it also does a damn good job at giving me squeaky clean skin. It also helps to get rid of dead skin cells. Score.

Korres Bergamot Pear Showergel (£8.00)

I already have so many of these Korres travel minis floating around my stash, but I still get excited every time a new scent pops up. Shower gel? It's pretty much all the same to me, just so long as it smells good. And this one? It so does.

Inner Me Energise Me (£10.00)

I don't always trust health supplements that come with beauty boxes, but I'm a huge. huge fan of Inner Me products. If these little pills actually give me energy, then you can expect a big thumbs up from me! PS. The packaging's pretty too.

Will you be picking up this month's box?


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