When you're your own worst enemy..

I was never very popular at school. In fact, it's safe to say that I've been a bit of a reject throughout the entirety of my education. In primary school I was bullied for being bushy browed, and gap toothed (and not in a sexy Cara D / Georgia Jagger kind of way). In secondary school I was laughed at for being an awkward emo that wore over the top liner, band tees and studded belts. Yes I did have one of those god awful Myspace XsceneX names and no I'm not going to tell you what it was. Fast forward to college and I was called more names in the corridors than, well, someone that gets called a lot of names. It was pretty much a repeat of primary school, only this time around I had a mouth full of braces and near non-existent brows, as well as a particularly questionable fashion sense. Now, I'm a third year at University surrounded by the most amazing class mates and yet, despite all of this on-going (from you guys as well) I've never been more self-critical.

I don't know what it is about our generation. Maybe it's the whole social media situation going on these days, or maybe we've simply just evolved to a point where we're all self-loathing idiots, but I know for a fact that we're all guilty of hearing it. You all know what I'm talking about here. It's that voice in your head that crops up when you least expect it, telling you you can't do something you want to, or telling you you're not as good looking as that person you just scrolled past on Instagram. It's that voice that stops you from reaching your full potential and - let's be honest - it's that voice you quite frankly just want to shut up. And I'm not gonna lie, that voice (shall we call him Gerald?) isn't going to go just by sheer coincidence. It's going to take practise to get Gerald out of our lives. It's time to stop being your own worst enemy, stop listening to Gerald and start being our own biggest supporters. Good riddance, Ger.

Stop waiting for life to happen

Guys, life is happening now, like, right now, so stop holding out for that day you're going to be 'perfect' (whatever the hell that means) and get to work today. If you're sitting there thinking 'one day I'll be the person I want to be' you'll never make it. Every day should get you one step closer to where you want to be, and who you want to be - it shouldn't just be another day for you to procrastinate and feel bad about yourself.

Stop doubting and start doing

Doubt is one of the main things that holds us back in life. Sometimes Gerald (why did I insist on calling him/her/it that?) will pop into your mind and tell you you 'can't', but do you know what you have to do when that happens? Forget about it. Would you listen to someone else if they told you you couldn't do something? Hell no you wouldn't. So why listen to that voice in your head? Amazing things happen when you step outside of your comfort zone - you just have to take the leap!

Stop relying on others for your happiness

Whether it's gaining joy from hitting a new follower milestone, or putting your happiness in the hands of your significant other, the only real way you're ever going to find true happiness is within yourself. Sure, it's great when other people like you, and it's great when people do nice things for you, but that kind of happiness is only temporary, not long-lasting. If you want to stop beating yourself up all the time you need to stop waiting for others to help you out, and instead focus on helping yourself. In the words of Ru Paul: If you can't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love some body else. Can I get an amen?

Stop comparing yourself to others

Sometimes people will be better than you, sometimes you'll be the one owning it. It's as simple as that. Jealousy is one of the most toxic things us girls and guys expose ourselves to, and it doesn't get us anywhere in life. Think about it. If I look at five million pictures of Victoria's Secret models, I'm hardly doing to become one overnight (although if there is a formula for such a thing, please send it my way). Sure, there's always room for improvement, but - news flash - you're never going to be anyone other than yourself. Take inspiration from others and build upon yourself, don't sit there wishing you were another human entirely.

Stop focussing on what you can't do..

..and focus on what you can! We can't all be great at everything, but we're all amazing at something. Sure, practise does make perfect, so if there's something you really want to get better at, go for it, but if things don't go how you want them to, don't take it to heart. You're not defined by what you can or can't do, but rather who you are and the choices you make in life. Speaking of choices, 


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How to get over those Monday morning blues

Mondays suck so damn hard. Hell, I don't even work a standard Monday to Friday, nine to five job and even I hate waking up on the first day of the week. I'll admit, sometimes I'll stay up all night on Sunday working just so I can sleep through the majority of Monday, but I get that that's neither healthy, or overly realistic. Whatever, some people go to counselling sessions to solve their problems, I go to bed. Buuut when getting under the sheets isn't an option, these little tricks and here for you. I'm here for you. We can do this.

Make a list about everything you're excited/happy about

I don't say this because I'm a really peppy, positive Powerpuff girl, I say this because I'm pretty much the exact opposite, and sometimes it's good to force yourself into being a little bit more chirpy in the mornings (even if you secretly want to kill every person that comes into your path before 11am - not that I ever feel like that or anything..cough). I guess this works purely because, if you start your day off happy, it'll probably continue that way too. It doesn't have to be a list on paper either - in fact I've gotten so good at forcing myself into being a happy human (seriously, who actually wakes up as one of those naturally?) that I actually run through everything I'm happy about whilst boiling the kettle.

Stop living for the weekend

If you dread waking up on a Monday morning it's probably because your day (or even your week) isn't going to be filled with the most enjoyable things ever. I get it, days off are days when you can do whatever you want, but just because you're working 9-5 (or whatever hours!) it doesn't mean you can't do a little something when you get a spare hour or two. If you fill your week up with things you actually look forward to doing, Mondays won't seem so bleak.

Use Monday as a fresh start

I fully beat myself up over not having a productive day, but more so when it's a Monday. For me, Mondays are a time when I wake up with the sole intention of kicking ass. If I get my week off to a good start, it'll hopefully end that way too. Sure, it's easy to forget about it all and binge-watch Netflix for eight hours straight, but that doesn't really achieve all that much in the grand scheme of things. I wrote a blog post all about how to be more productive, so feel free to give it a read if you find yourself lacking a bit on the motivation side of things.

Prepare everything the night before

I always used to do this before going to school, and it worked so, so well. Before I went to bed on a Sunday night (or any night!) I would always half-pack my lunch and lay all of my clothes out for the following day. It meant there were two less things I had to do in the morning, and it also meant I didn't have to stress about what I was going to wear that day. Since most of my work uniform is centred around pyjamas these days, thankfully I'm able to cut that out of the equation entirely.

Go to bed earlier on Sunday

A tired person is a moody person, there's no two ways about it. Since you're going to have to get up on Monday regardless, try squeezing a few extra minutes (or hours!) into your slumber the night before. Once you get yourself into a consistent sleeping pattern you'll start finding it easier and easier to wake up in the morning. Yeah..I still haven't mastered that last bit, but I'm working on it (just not any time soon).

Eat your favourite breakfast

I was always 'that' person that skipped breakfast. I would wake up late, grab a cup of coffee and leave for work, then by 10am I'd be a combination of tired Steph, hangry Steph and caffiene-come-down Steph. Neither of those Steph's are ones you want to meet. Now? I eat pastries, loads of em. Granted, it's not the most healthy breakfast option, but it makes me feel a lot better about getting up out of bed in the morning. Obviously it's better to maybe eat a balanced, healthy breakfast, but if you wanna eat crap on Monday (maybe not literally, although if you feel so inclined..) then you go and eat crap on Monday.

Exercise your ass off

I have this love/hate relationship with the gym. I love being there, and I love how I feel afterwards (and I love that it allows me to eat millions of pastries for breakfast), buuuut I absolutely detest the moments leading up to going there. Unfortunately there is no trick to getting over that, 

Include 'fun things' in your daily to do list

You do have a to do list, right? Oh thank God. i thought for a minute you were one of 'those' people that didn't plan every waking moment of their day. Crisis averted. Either way, list or not, things probably have to be done that day, so try breaking up your day with little tasks that are either super easy to do, or really quite nice to do. I genuinely put 'shower' at the top of most of my to-do lists. Not because I regularly forget to maintain personal hygiene, but because it means that within a few minutes of waking up I've already managed to cross something off my list.

How do you get over your Monday morning blues?