Is University really worth going to?

Is University worth it?
Is University worth going to?

OoOoOo slightly controversial one here, how risky of me! As a blogger I'm always asked about how I made blogging my full-time career. Did I study anything in particular? Are there specific subjects you should pick if you want to turn your internet $killz into a job? Oh so many questions.

Since I've just finished my second year of University I've decided to do a little education evaluation (sounds like a crappy 80s song heh) to both get my head around whatever is in my...head, and to also - hopefully - offer a bit of advice and insight for all you guys and gals looking to head off to University this year. Who knows, maybe it'll do neither of the above. But right now I have two options: write a blog post or do the laundry. Blogging wins every time.

So yes! I am a student. I study BA (Hons) Journalism and it's not bad. I learn things sometimes, sometimes I'm bored. Sometimes I show up on time...sometimes I don't show up at all. I study hard, hand in all my work on time and - having just got my grades back - I'm currently a few percent off of a first degree honours. All in all, I do okay. I could do better, sure, but funnily enough University has never been a priority of mine. Which is probably a really stupid thing to say in the UK when a three year course gets in around £35,000 of student debt. Gulp. Having never even used a credit card the idea of any sort of debt makes me very, very sad. But despite all this, here I am, studying away, completely ready to go into my third year. And you're sat there reading this probably wondering why I'm putting myself through all these money woes for something I'm not even fussed about. The answer? Two words. Plan. B.

I started my blog around about the time I applied for University. I was fully aware of other people making a living out of their blog, but - being a country gal and everything - I never really thought I'd ever really get 'there' ('there' turned out to be in front of my iMac 18 hours of the day #yolooo). I so badly wanted to do what I'm doing now, but I knew I'd need something to fall back on just incase it never worked out. So when my acceptance letters came through i decided to just go for it. For me, University gave me a chance to not work full time so that I could focus more on the thing I really wanted to do, which was blogging. It also gave me a bunch of free (but not actually free) money that meant I could afford food and rent whilst I was unemployed. I can say all of this now without sounded like a completely deluded human, purely because it (luckily) worked out okay for me. But lord, I would not recommend you try this at home, kids.

Now obviously I didn't go and choose a random subject that I had no interest in. I mean, my love for blogging comes from somewhere: my love for writing! I liked magazines, I'd watched The Devil Wears Prada around 400 times and I was pretty good at spelling, so journalism seemed like a decent enough subject to study. I hate that that was probably my exact thought process at the time.

But anyway, for me, journalism seemed like a smart enough option, because - in short - it was going to make me better at writing. And what does the majority of my blog consist of (aside from posey pictures of myself)? Writing. But let's be real here, just because I go and study journalism doesn't mean I'm going to be a world famous blogger, so I had to think about the 'real world' (whatever that is) and how the course was going to help me and my career. Thankfully, journalism happens everywhere, in every kind of industry. I could sit at home doing this, I could be working in a company HQ in London or I could be working in a tiny newsroom in my local village. Either way, if it all went to plan, Journalism was going to get me some form of job wherever I wanted to be.

But when it all comes down to it, does University actually help me with what I want to do with my life? Not really. And oh man does that sting. But these days I feel like so many creatives are making their own way in the industry whether it's through work experience, a crap ton of independent study or just sheer determination. Obviously the same can't be said for people that want to be something like a medical professional (since you'll probably need some form of training to be able to do open heart surgery on someone..maybe) but for those looking to venture into the more creative industry I think our generation is probably the first to be able to actually build a business from our own homes. Whether that business is a blog, a Youtube channel showcasing your skills or even an online shop. As long as you have an internet connection it seems like anyone can do pretty much anything these days. Who knows, maybe there even if an online course out there for open heart surgery!? Gulp.

Now obviously not everyone is going to agree with my thoughts, but that's exactly the beauty of the era we live in right now. I feel like everyone is always so hyped up about University and the importance of going that a lot of people my age (or younger..or older!) often wonder if they're making a mistake by not going themselves. I guess there's no real way of saying whether it's worth going or not, but I personally feel like  there are so many other ways to work your way up the career ladder without racking up five figures in debt. Then again, I'm that idiot that decided to go to Uni because of the money. So what do I know!?

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think University is worth going to?


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