The best photo editing apps for your iPhone

Best photo editing apps iPhone Android

I get really really weird about my Instagram feed. Like, really weird. In fact, I'm so weird about it that for years I refused to use my phone camera for any pictures, just because my Samsung camera didn't quite give me the 'look' I was going for. I'm so weird about it that I've been known to delete pictures almost instantly if they didn't fit with my general Insta-colour-palette (yep, I'm one of those people). So weird in fact, that I actually went and bought out my old phone contract a few months ago just so I could get an iPhone - which I solely bought for the quality of the camera. It's official. The internet owns my life.

Little did I know that (despite how much I love my iPhone now) all I ever really needed to do to get a Steph-approved Instagram was download a few apps. I mean sure, the in-app editing software for Instagram is fine, but if you really want wow-worthy pictures on your feed you might want to invest in a few of these bad boys..

Snapseed - Free

Snapseed is by far my favourite editing app of all time. It comes with a bunch of basic filters, but the main selling point of this app are the general editing tools. In just a few swift finger movements you can do everything from fine tuning your images (brightness, contrast, etc) to 'healing' blemishes. It also allows you to switch back to your original photo at any time to ensure you don't edit yourself into an oblivion.

VSCO Cam - Free

If you're not into Snapseed, you're probably into VSCO Cam. Generally speaking you're either one or the other, but they basically do the same sort of thing. I find that Snapseed has the best editing tools, but VSCO has a wider variety and has the best filters. Hey, why choose? They're both free!


If you don't like to mirror your images, MirrorGram probably won't be for you because, well, it's kind of obvious isn't it? MirrorGram mirrors your shots. But, if you do fancy jazzing up your simplistic images a little then this app is the way to go. It does what it says on the tin (and it looks really really cool too).

Facetune - £2.99

Got a spot? Under eye circles? An eyebrow that just doesn't want to do what it's told? (Um, yes to all). Well - without sounding like a cheesy American infomercial - Facetune is the app for you! It can do everything from brightening your smile to even adding a little extra hair if you're so inclined. Why go to the salon when you can fake good hair for just a few coins!?

Photoshop Express - Free

If you're editing your photos on a computer, chances are you're using Photoshop - or at least something very similar). Photoshop Express is possibly the closest your phone is going to get to Photoshop itself. It includes a lot of in-app purchases that allow you to be as in depth as possible, but it's also great for a quick pic fix.

Afterlight - £0.79

Afterlight is another one of those classic Instagram apps that everyone seems to know and love. It's the perfect all-in-one programme that allows you to edit pictures, add filters and apply borders in just a few simple steps. No fuss, no hassle, and it lets you post straight to Instagram. Job done.

A Beautiful Mess - £0.79

What could be better than an app made by bloggers, for bloggers? The girls behind A Beautiful Mess know how to take a pretty picture, so it's no surprise their app does just that. Think of it as a mixture of the following two apps, only that little bit cuter..

PicLab - Free

Like pretty quotes and words plastered across your photos? Yup, me too. It's a weakness I'm not ashamed of having. But anyway, if you do have a thing for typography then PicLab is the app for you. It's not so much a photo editing app, but more along the lines of something you can add to your pictures to make them that little bit better.

Tangent - £1.49

Tangent is a lot like PicLab, only this app focusues mainly on adding geometric shapes and textures to your pics rather than text. It essentially turns your boring photo of a field into a really sexy, hipster photo of a field with geometric patterns all over it. I know which type of field I'd prefer..

And just like that, I ended an otherwise semi-serious blog post with a description of a sexy field. I think it's time to go to bed now. Let me know your favourite editing apps down below!