How to get 100 instagram followers a week

How to get 100 instagram followers in a week

In the past few months I've started to take Instagram seriously, very seriously, or at least, as seriously as you can take a mobile app made up of squares and emojis (which apparently, is pretty damn serious). I dedicate days to stocking up on Instagram pictures, only to spend the next day editing them and typing out the 'perfect' caption. A few cute emojis, a few tags - not too many, not too little - just enough to keep things ticking over nicely. I have literally begun to see aesthetically pleasing things as squares on my iPhone. Will it fit my theme? Did I post something similar in the last few days? I don't know whether to be proud of my commitment to it or not..

But alas, the reason you're here (which I assume is because of the title of this post, and not the allure of my sheer wit and beauty) - how the hell do you gain over a hundred followers each and every week, in the least proactive way possible? High five lazy ladies, I'm wid u.

Shoot in bulk

I don't know about you guys, but I absolutely do not live in a world of marble work tops, flourishing cacti (I kill every one I adopt) and good lighting. My life looks so ugly compared to what I plonk on Instagram, so if I had to take a photo of what I was actually doing in the day, as I was doing it, it would be a series of photos of me feeding my cats or sitting at my desk in some form of Primark pyjamas that are probably so old they should have been thrown away years ago. You know how they say Instagram isn't real life? Yeah, it's not. All those flatlays I shoot are pictures I've taken in bulk that I've scheduled throughout the week. Oops, secrets out. And editing my Instagram snaps? That can take me hours when I'm doing a bunch. Like I said, not sure if I should be proud or ashamed of myself. So to make sure that my feed is getting updated regularly with pretty pictures, I shoot everything one afternoon when the lighting is good, and I'm feeling patient enough to take five million flatlays. I literally turn my bedroom and office into some sort of photography studio, lights and all, just so I can take a few fancy pictures of latte art that went cold half an hour ago.

Queue your posts

So, funny story. During my last few weeks of semi silence I've actually been working behind the scenes to queue every single blog post, video, Instagram snap -you name it - weeks in advance. Why? Because it just makes life easier (once you've queued them..when you're trying to edit ten videos in bulk, it's hell). Queuing all my Instagram posts around a month in advance means I'm able to focus more on the content that actually matters without having to worry about what I'm going to take for my next insta pic. I use Latergram to schedule all my posts. You can upload everything straight from your computer and type captions on a normal keyboard as opposed to a 2 inch iPhone one. Whenever you've scheduled your post for you'll get a notification through on your phone. Just copy and paste the caption and boom, you're officially organised. Constant content = more followers. Bonus points if you manage to queue two or more a day.

Have a theme

When I follow someone on Instagram I don't follow them because they posted one pretty picture. I follow them because they post hundreds of pretty pictures. Just like with your blog, you need to have a theme. I mean, if I suddenly started writing about health and safety procedures in Mcdonalds you'd probably think I'd either lost my mind or been hacked by Ronald McDonald. #NotSpon. It's the same with your Instagram. My feed is predominantly airy and simplistic. I shoot everything on the same camera (the Olympus PEN E-PL7 for all of you that have asked before) at the same time or day, in the same type of setting. A theme looks pretty when you click onto someone's profile, and it means there's no surprises for the people that follow you. It's easy to get followers by spamming, but it's much more useful to get ones that engage with your content.

Take note of what's trending

Whether it's a new beauty product launch you've managed to get your hands on or a dress from the new-in section of Missguided. The trick to gaining followers is to be relevant. No one wants to hear the words 'sold out' or 'discontinued' when they ask on your picture, and companies probably aren't going to re-gram you if the picture you took is wildly outdated. Re-grams = more followers. You know the drill.

Hope that helped a few of you out! I've written a similar blog post including more tips and tricks on how to get more followers on Instagram, so be sure to take a peak at that one as well. 

Let me know if you have any tips on upping your Instagram game too!


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Happy Christmas and a life update

If some of your have managed to make your way to the internet on Christmas day - happy Christmas! Since it is a time to be with family I'm taking a few days out of hardcore blogging to scoff as much cheese and chocolate as possible. You understand, right? Here's the last week in pictures..

Obligatory #FWIS wearing my new Machine Jeans
The most beautiful pre-Christmas gift from Monica Vinader
That day I pretty much didn't leave my bed
Love my new iPad case from Caseable!
Ello cheeky - showing off my non-abs and Her Pony bralet
A little Christmas haul from Jack Wills
Another little haul (oops) from Clarins!
The day Lavish Alice sent me the most beautiful Jo Malone candle
Finally got my hands on a Caseapp marble Macbook cover!

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How to get more followers on Instagram

How to get more followers on Instagram

Excuse the lack of blog posts over the past few days! An impromptu trip to London and around 5000 essays due in this week means taking pictures of myself isn't at the top of my to do list - although Instagramming is definitely up there. I've noticed that my follower count has increased so much in the past week (thank you!), and a lot of people have been asking me what I've doing differently. So alas, here it is..

post often, but not too often
The hardest thing about Instagram is knowing when your best time to post is, and how often you should post per day. My favourite thing to use at the moment is Iconosquare (previously called Statigram) because it gives me a run-down of everything I need to know. I've learnt that - for me - twice a day, morning and afternoon is best, but make sure you check it out for yourselves. 

use popular tags
There's a fine line between tagging too much and just enough, so whenever you're tagging a picture try not to tag the most obvious things and instead go for something that you know is trending. I'm a big fan of the old flat lay, so whenever I take a snap from above I make sure to tag it with #flatlay #flatlaythenation and #fromabove. If the post includes brands or people be sure to tag them in the photo to make sure they see it too!

socialise with others
Social media - it pretty much says it on the tin. Don't be one of those people that trawl profiles with 's4s' comments. Instead, be one of those people that actually have something to say about someone's pictures. It might not get you a following straight away, but it'll definitely give your Instagram credibility! 

use unique photos
For the past week or so I've only been using photos that have been specifically for Instagram. So basically, I'm not recycling things that people will have already seen on the blog! They'll have all the more reason to follow you knowing that you post different things each time.

have a theme
Okay, so this is more of a personal thing that works for me, but I've found that taking pictures in a similar style means people know what they're going to get from you. For example, people aren't going to come to my Instagram for fitspo inspiration or selfies (akwaaaaard) - they're going to come for pictures of shoes and daily outfits!

And of course, here's a shameless plugs: follow me on Instagram!

iPad Mini (in love with this case)