How to save money when shopping online

I like things, you like things, we all like things! Do I need more things? Probably not. Will I continue to buy them? Well, yes. Yes I will. Now, I know how it all may look online - us fashion blogguhs being all fancy and all - but I assure you, my bank balance is not that impressive looking, even at the best of times. I have all these boring things to pay for like rent and food and sometimes there's just no money left for shoes. What sort of world is it that we live in when a girl with 50+ pairs of shoes can't go and buy another pair? Do the money gods not understand that I NEED an extra black pair of stilettos just incase? I hope you can sense the not-to-subtle sarcasm here.

What I'm trying to get at here is that if us girls want to buy something, chances are we will, no matter how many eye rolls and sighs we get from our parents and partners. Sorry. Not. Sorry. Now I could write a post all about how you don't need those shoes, but I'm neither profound enough to do that nor can I bring myself to write about something I can't live by myself. Buy the damn shoes. But maybe follow a few of these super cool money saving tips first. If you save enough, maybe you can buy a second pair. Wait, who said that!?

Get rid of those cookies

So this is something that I only recently found out, but IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW Basically, if you don't know what cookies are (and no I'm not talking about those ridiculously tasty circles) they're little files that basically remember some of your information when you go to certain websites. Ever wondered why you go to buy a flight on day and it's like, actually affordable, then the next day you check out the prices and it's literally an 'okay I have to sell all my belongings moment'? That's because some sites use cookies to actually memorise the highest price you'll pay for something, and so sometimes it can show up that way the next time you log on. Sneaky non-tasty cookies. If you're shopping for something that could change in price over time, just make sure you clear your history and your cookies before had. It can also help to log out of all social media sites too. And maybe even consider going incognito on your browser. Seems like a chore, but you won't be saying that when you don't have to live off of Super Noodles for the next month.

Shop at the right time

Now I know it might be tempting to trawl the internet at 3am on a Saturday night, but if you're looking to actually buy something then try and restrain yourself for a few days. It's actually a not-so-known fact in retail that a lot of online stores put on their 'special deals' on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. I have no idea why. Literally zero.

Live by the one in, one out rule

I try so hard to live by this, but for some reason it never quite works out. But! I'm going to try a little wardrobe detox soon (maybe I'll document it?) so I'll be sure to keep my own bit of wisdom in mind for once. Basically, if you buy something, you should sell/donate/throw out another thing to make room. That way you're really picky about whether or not you actually need or want something, and it keeps your clothing collection nice and manageable.

Scavenge the internet for coupon codes

If I told you this was a favourite hobby of mine, would you judge me? Okay good, because I've genuinely saved so much money just from spending an extra five minutes searching for the best discount codes. I usually use websites like Vouchacodes, but you can always just Google the name of the store you're looking on with the word 'voucher' or 'coupon' added on the end. A lot of the time they may have catches, be completely useless or they may just be expired, but it's always worth a look. 

Sign up to newsletters

I know it's so, so annoying to get a million newsletters every single day, but sometimes they can come in handy. Before I shop online I'll always sign up to a newsletter just incase they offer some sort of discount for new customers. A bunch of places will do it without even telling you. You just sign up using your usual email, get that code, and go on with your day. Newsletters can also provide ongoing vouchers too, but if you really don't want them in your inbox just click unsubscribe! It's like a really sleazy date where you're just using someone for their money and then ignoring them the day after. I've never done that..but y'know..

Ignore sales and special offers

I mean, don't ignore sales completely, because sometimes they're just the best thing in the world. But if you don't actually need something (or even want something!) don't bother looking. You'll just end up with a basket filled with £4 tops that look good on those really sexy, slim models, but realistically they won't look so amazing on you. That's why they're in the sale!

Leave things in your basket

Ollie always makes fun at me for being so indecisive when it comes the clothes. Even if I know exactly what I want I can't bring myself to buy something straight away, and this is probably why I've gotten so good with money in the past few years. If I like something, I'll leave it in my basket or bookmark the link, then I'll come back to it a few days later to see if I still like it. I've even left things for so long sometimes that they've gone into the sale a few days later. Jackpot.

Make a list before you shop

Making a list is another of my favourite past times (hi I'm Steph and I'm a 22 year old grandma) but in this case they're actually pretty useful too. If something isn't on my 'clothing wish list' I won't buy it, and I won't go and put something on my wish list just because it's trending at that moment in time. The list is saved for anything that would seamlessly fall into my wardrobe and match just about everything I already own. If it helps, try searching online for those specific things - like a black blazer or something - to make sure you don't get tempted by anything else.

Let me know your money saving tips in the comments pls!