DIY Celine Trio style bag

DIY Celine trio bag

and make my own! It was seriously one of the most simple DIYs I've ever done, so I just had to share it with you guys. And better yet? The entire thing cost me less than £20 to make. So naturally I decided to make two of them. One for each arm, obvs.

You guys may have seen me sporting a Celine-style bag in some of my recent outfit pictures, and whilst the real thing is still at the top of my wish list, realistically it's not going to wind up in my wardrobe any time soon. So, I decided to get a lil creative 


3 single pouch bags
A pair of scissors
A needle and thread
Pins (to secure fabric)
Four press studs


1. Remove straps from two of the pouches
2. Lay out the studs on the top corners
3. Sew the studs into place
4. Tie a knot and cut excess thread
5. Snap the bags together and voila!


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