How to get whiter teeth for Summer

How to get whiter teeth

Oh teeth, thou art the bane of my life. I was a gappy toothed kid in the 90s (and not in the Georgia Jagger sexy kind of way) a brace face in the noughties and then? Then I discovered coffee. And red wine. And we all know what those two beauts do to a set of pearly whites. Let's just say they didn't look so pearly white any more.

Now since I've had to go through so much with my teeth I've always been wary about trying different methods to help improve my smile. Despite how it might look in pictures 90% of the time, I do actually smile on the odd ocassion (honestly I do) so it's really important for me to make sure my teeth are looking their best - without having to ditch the coffee or wine. Jackpot.

So we all know it's possible to head straight to the dentist. fork out a wad of cash and get your teeth blasted to perfection. But no matter who you are that dentist is going to turn around and tell you to cut down on food and drink that stains your teef. Boringgggg. I like products affordable, accessible and - above all - I like them to work. So instead of plugging a bunch of pricey teeth bleachers that don't actually work, I've decided to do a mini edit of everything I've tried in the past that actually does work. I got ya back.

How to get white teeth

Whitening toothpaste

I'll be honest, I've tried a lot of whitening tooth pastes and the majority of them do absolutely nothing, but one toothpaste that I've been loving (that actually works) is Colgate Max White One. It's gentle enough to use it as an every day toothpaste but it really does do the job over time. Don't expect a Simon Cowell grin in an instant - maybe think of it more as a bit of a top up after using white strips or treatments.

White strips

Oh these babies just win at life. I know everyone always goes on about how great Crest Whitening strips are, but these seriously have done wonders to my teeth, without any discomfort, sensitivity, nada. I use the Crest 3D White LUXE Professional Effects strips simply because they're the best. Since I've got big bugs bunny front teeth I tend to only whiten my top gnashers, which saves me a bit of moolah in the long run! How thrifty of me.


Oil pulling

Okay, so this is the thing to do if you want something completely natural and safe for your teeth. But I won't lie, oil pulling is pretty gross. Basically, it's a case of swirling coconut oil around your mouth (on an empty stomach)for twenty minutes at a time...yeah. I tend to do it when I'm making breakfast of having a shower so that I don't think about how gross it is. Be sure to add some edible mint oil or something to make it a little more bearable. So gross, but it seriously works.


Blue lipgloss

Err, what!? Yes, ladies and gents, blue lipgloss is a thing, and funnily enough it actually does work to help brighten your smile. A few brands create a blue gloss, but Benefit does the best one called California Kissin. Obviously it won't do anything crazy in terms of whitening your teeth, but it does make a slight difference without having to actually put anything on your pegs at all!

Baking soda

Bit of a controversial one, and it's something I wouldn't recommend doing on the regular, but baking soda is amazing at getting rid of surface stains on the teeth. I used to do this back in the day and I still do it now when I want a quick fix. It tastes vile - there's no way of masking it - but it does the job without breaking the bank. Just brush it on the teeth with a bit of water using an old toothbrush.

What are your top tips for teeth whitening?