Fool-proof ways to look more fashionable

So this blog post idea stems from something that happened a few days ago. I was out with a  friend when they told me I looked cool whilst I was wearing these Ønsker sandals (AKA my orthopaedic shoes - and I say that so lovingly). Me. Looking cool? Never thought those words would appear in the same sentence. But I'll roll with it. You know, just to be polite.

Anyway, in reality I've never thought my style was overly, well, stylish, but since I've made somewhat of a career for myself just by the way I dress (still not 100% sure how I wangled that one) I've decided to share whatever knowledge I might have on tricking people into thinking you're way more stylish than you actually are. Yup.

Mix 'ugly' shoes with a cute outfit

I love ugly (but pretty!) shoes - I think we're all learnt that about me by now. And knowing that sandals and sliders are hot this season makes doing this so much cooler. I've never been one to get fully dressed up (I didn't go to my prom because I refused to wear a big ball gown) so for me shoes like these Ønsker North sandals are a way of bringing an other wise fancy outfit down a peg or two. Plus, if you can pull off a pair of orthopaedic style shoes, you can do just about anything in life. PS. They're comfy too.

Wear baggy tees and tops

I don't know what it is about oversized tees, but when tucked into a pair of jeans they just give off this effortless vibe that makes me feel like some sort of model off duty. Hey, I might be about three foot shorter than needs be, but I'm nearly there, right? Right?!

Wear a jacket on your shoulders

Because who actually uses sleeves any more? All the Parisian editors do it so it must be cool. It might not be the most practical thing in the world (note: wind will send them flying) but who wants to wear a jacket like a 'normal' person? Ew.

If in doubt, wear a leather jacket

This is something I've stuck by for years, and you've probably all noticed judging by the amount of times I've worn a biker jacket on the blog. I don't do it because I actually own any form of motorcycle (my folks would never let me get on one of those) - I do it because it makes me look edgy and cool. Throw a leather jacket over your shoulders and, well, mind = blown.

Show off your ankles

I've never been one to show off my boobs all that often, and sometimes the idea of shaving my legs just to wear a skirt really isn't all that appealing, so if I ever want to show some skin I like to get the ankles out for the ladz. Again, if the Parisian editors do it, why shouldn't you?

Wear red lipstick

Ugh, why do people always look so cool with red lipstick on? I'm trying so hard to work on this at the moment, but as an avid food scoffer I can't help  but get it all over my face and teeth within 0.7 seconds. If you can actually keep the stuff on your lips throughout the day, do it - it instantly makes any outfit look more put-together.

Wear statement sunglasses ALL THE TIME

Okay so maybe all the time is a bit of an overstatement, but man, sunglasses really do make someone look so much cooler. This must be why all the badasses in old Hollywood films did it. I mean, do you really think the sun is shining in ever photo of me wearing sunglasses? Come on guys, I live in England. I do it because it looks way more stylish than those not-so-designer bags I have under my eyes 24/7.

So I guess the secrets out! Woops. Do you have anything to add to this list?

eBay khaki jacket
Bershka off shoulder top
Miss Selfridge denim button up skirt
Ønsker North sandals via FootAsylum