The Missguided Holiday Edit

Whilst you're reading this I'm going to be - most likely - half asleep in the passenger seat of Ollie's car on my way to Gatwick airport, because, ahem, we're going to Turkey baby! After three years of University I finally decided that it was time to book a little get away for me and the boy. Turns out, that despite a few weekend trips away, this is actually going to be my first relaxing holiday in almost four years, and the first holiday Ollie and I have had together. Now my pale skin (and general exhaustion) makes sense!

I couldn't be more excited to go, and I couldn't be more excited for sun (hello, 32 degrees). Ever since finishing uni the most amount of studying I've been doing has been on the new-in section of Missguided. I'm almost certain that about 94% of my suitcase is filled with new season MG, and I have no regrets. I also have no room left in my case for any souvenirs (sorry mum). So to fuel my recent holiday shopping obsession I've decided to do an edit of my favourite pieces from Missguided this season, in hopes that I can vicariously live through all of your purchases (and get them on sale when I come back to the UK in eight days time). Click the images and they'll take you straight to the product! You're welcome.

Now of course, a relaxing holiday means no laptop, but - let's face it - I'm going to be snapchatting and Instagramming my life away over there. #HotDogsOrLegs all day, every day. For seven days, at least.

I've got some posts queued up for you lovely guys and gals over the next week or so, but if you want to stalk me in real-time then be sure to add me on Instagram (@cocochicblog) and Snapchat (cocochicblog) for all the fun. And please, make sure I don't forget my passport!


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