Limited Edition GHD styler (and promo code)

Limited Edition GHD styler

Out of everything in my beauty cupboard my ghds are what probably get the most use. Whether it's me straightening out annoying hair kinks (ie my entire head) or my boyfriend reworking his hair every five minutes, it's safe to say they get a lot of love. Alas, finally a brand new pair has landed in my lap and what's more, they're from the new limited edition orchid collection. Anything limited edition gets a big thumbs up from me. Stay tuned for a little hair tutorial coming soon! I promise it'll be more exciting than my usual mop. Also, pick up a pair in the 'coral' colour and £10 will be donated to Breast Cancer support. Win, win!

Limited Edition V lagoon stylers by ghd (also here)
Use promo code GHD20 for £20 off!

Lani Hair Treatment revew

Lani hair treatment review

Growing your tresses is not something for the faint-hearted. It takes patience and a whole load of products to make things look as good as possible along the way. Enter Lani - my latest hair-care obsession. Let me tell you all about the smell first up - imagine a Bounty bar (coconut goodness to those not familiar) in a bottle, without the calories and with more benefits than anything else. After just one use my hair looked so much sleeker and smelt incredible, but after four uses? Even my boyfriend noticed a difference (and that's saying something). Beach hair in a bottle? Maybe not. But seriously nourished hair that smells completely edible? You betcha.

Tropical Hair Treatment from Lani