A casual Sunday outfit

Casual Sunday outfit
Casual sunday outfit

Okay, so to title this post 'A Casual Sunday Outfit' is probably a bit of a cop-opt, considering the fact that every look I churn out is hardly black-tie appropriate. Good job I'm not heading to any black-tie events in the future though, huh? I still haven't stopped wearing my fedora - in case you haven't already noticed - and these boots are kind of a new/old addition too. They were the first ever freebie I got from blogging, and they're still going strong. If that doesn't spell out 'good quality' then I don't know what does. What's your oldest item in your wardrobe?

Fedora hat from New Look (sold out but very similar here too)
Grey knitted top from Topshop (sold out but also here)
Leather trousers from Blank NYC (more affordable versions here)
Suede boots from ALDO (sold out but identical pair here)

A new Rag and Bone addition

Rag & Bone outfit
Rag and bone outfit
Rag and bone outfit
Rag and bone outfit

For all your Brits out there - you'll know the deal with bipolar dressing. One minute the weathers hot, the next it's cold, and - after twenty one years of living in this country I feel like I've finally mastered the art of this dressing-for-all-seasons thing. Recognise this shearling number? It' was a favourite of mine last winter, but has been patiently hiding in my old closet for a while now. I opened the wardrobe, there he was, and we ran all slow motion and just fell into eachother. Happily every after etc etc. Of course, what's cold one minute is going to be boiling the next, so I decided to pair it with my PJ-like shorts from Ark and my new lightweight top from Rag & Bone - which by the way, is not going to leave my back for a very, very long time..

Shearling jacket from Glassworks
Nicole Jersey top from Rag & Bone 
Lace shorts from Ark Clothing
Bag from 3.1 Phillip Lim
Boots from Steve Madden

How to dress Parisian chic in 5 simple steps

Parisian dressing
How to dress Parisian
How to dress Parisian
How to dress Parisian

In 2012 my Tumblr was practically dedicated to the Voguettes - AKA Emanuelle Alt and Carine Roitfeld. Skinny jeans, tailored jackets, white tees - sound familiar? It's essentially my style in a nutshell. But I won't pretend that I invented this magical combination. No sir. This my friends, is the highly scientific, top-secret (not really) mathmatical equation that will help you channel Parisian chic in five simple steps. No knowledge of the French language required.

1. Find the skinniest pair of jeans you can fit into and roll up the ankles (ankle cleavage is tres sexy).
2. Throw on your boyfriend's plain tee - do not iron!
3. Step into your highest (black) heels. Pointed toe looks best.
4. Throw a monochrome blazer over your shoulders to keep you warm, but do not use the sleeves. Do not!
5. To finish, keep makeup and hair simple and fuss-free. Leave any lipstick at home!

And there you have it - you're now officially half-way to Parisian Vogue. Kinda.

GREY COAT | W Concept  TEE | Warehouse (or here)  LEATHER TROUSERS | Blk Dnm (cheaper here)  HEELS | Boutique 9 (another budget option here)

Wearing designer head to toe (almost)

Leather sweatpants outfit
Leather sweatpants outfit
Leather sweatpants outfit
Leather sweatpants outfit

WHEN you're a twenty-one year old student, chances are you're not going to be walking around h-2-t in designer very often - or ever, for that matter. But lately I've found myself sporting basically everything Addison - this little combo being my favourite for those slightly warmer evenings. If you haven't already noticed by now (and if you haven't, where have you been?) Addison have become a favourite of mine since discovering their latest Holiday collection. Simple, great quality and -most importantly- elasticated? Check check and check. That cost-per-wear just keeps going down.

TANK TOP | Addison  SWEATPANTS | Addison  SANDALS | Zara

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