How to get photographed at Fashion Week

I'm really really bad at getting my photo taken - I've said it before, I'll say it again, and realistically I'll say it until I'm around ninety two years old and I either stop caring or simply go senile and forget that I hate having my photo taken. Either way, it's not something I tend to look forward to on a daily basis, regardless of how many photos you've probably seen of me on here in the past twelve months. 

Fashion Week is just another one of those situations that - because of what I do as a blogger - can result in a snap or two throughout the day (you know, depending on whether I actually decided to iron my shirt). And since London Fashion Week officially kicks off tomorrow I've opted to make a very light-hearted guide on how to get papped during the week. You know, without wearing four hundred LED lights or six of the most expensive designer bags on your arm..

Wear a photogenic outfit

Generally speaking, a fully black outfit can be pretty difficult to shoot, especially when the photographers only have a few seconds to catch 'the' shot. Colourful outfits or looks with prints and patterns can make an outfit look way more interesting than it actually is (sucks for us simplistic girls, eh?). Not only that, but it can also help you to stand out from a crowd of stylish fashion peeps, if that's what you're after. But, if you are more of a monochromatic gal like I am, embrace it. If you want to dress in a minimalistic way, commit to it and strip yourself of any flashy accessories that don't exactly 'fit' with what you're wearing. You never know, you might even stand out for just rocking up in a pair of ripped jeans and a t-shirt.

Pick a statement piece

Whether it's an over the top hat, this season's designer bag or just a funky iPhone case, photographers love taking 'candid' pictures of random people doing every day things. Detail shots practically go viral during Fashion Month, so it's a good idea to ensure you get a mani/pedi a few days before hand, and maybe load up on the rings and bracelets for the day. A plain black clutch may look amazing in person, but it's going to look pretty dull in a photograph unless you chuck on a few accessories here and there. Wearing fancy shoes (whether heeled or flat) can be an awesome way to express yourself without actually changing the way you dress. Again, just make sure you get a pedicure beforehand if you're going open-toed. Cracked nails don't look great in Vogue.

Mix up the fabrics you wear

I like to do this because I'm one of those really un-adventurous people that wear black near enough every day. Instead of wearing an entire outfit filled with cotton-based, matte, flat, black fabrics, I try to switch things up with a mixture of textures. This can work amazingly with colours and prints too, but I think it's pretty vital if you're a minimalist at heart. This also goes back to photographic outfits - if your look has a mix of textures it'll add interest to a photograph. If you can add in a layer of something that seems to float around your body like some form of amoeba, 100% do it. Movement in a photo looks awesome. [Side note: steer clear from movement that includes waving arms in the air like a deranged lunatic].

Wear the same outfits as your friends

Okay maybe not exactly the same, but having a little 'theme' going on with your friends can make for the perfect picture. If you're both struggling on what to wear, pick a colour scheme and go from there. Then you can walk around looking semi-twin-like and everyone will think you're cute as hell. Bonus points if you bring a man/boyfriend/male person along for the ride. They're kind of rare in the fashion crowd. Double bonus points if said man-friend is stylish and sexy.

Know where to be

People that stand outside the shows for hours on end may get a few snaps here and there, but soon those pictures will dry up. Why? Because photographers follow the fashion crowd. Now I'm not going to tell you guys to hang outside of every show going, but because in an area with something going on definitely does help. If you're really keen to get snapped, leave a show early (or late!) to give yourself a better chance of getting your picture taken. Just try not to hang around with all the fancy celebrities and editors - they might just go and steal your limelight (how rude). For Fashion Month, it's all about 'right place right time'. Basically I'm telling you to stalk a photographer until they take your photo..

Now obviously Fashion Week is more about the clothes and the designers than getting your photo taken, but hey, any publicity is good publicity, and we kinda have to accept that street style is a pretty big part of Fashion Month these days. Of course you can feel free to shy away from the camera like I often do (note: Harry Potter invisibility cloak definitely helps) but it's also completely fine to go out and show yourself off once in a while. I mean, some of the biggest European bloggers practically made a career out of doing just that, and that's totally and absolutely find! A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do, you know? And right now, this girls gotta sleep, cause under eye bags are just so unfashionable, darling.

Will you guys be going to London Fashion Week at all?

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