How to get more followers on Pinterest

How to get more followers on Pinterest

I love Pinterest, you love Pinterest, we all love Pinterest! Lord knows why, but there's just something so addictive about re-pinning pictures from the internet. It's almost like lazy crafting without the paper cuts and glue highs. Maybe that analogy was a little off. I'm rolling with it.

See the thing is, no matter how much I love using Pinterest, I've never really used it 'seriously' - AKA, I've never really tried to gain followers or re-pins. That's fine for most people, but as someone that relies on blog views for a living, it one day it dawned on me that maybe I should start using it a little more strategically (but of course, keep on posting those cat memes).

Now generally speaking, the more followers you have on Pinterest means the more people you will get clicking over to your site. So, what do you need to do? Well, you need to get more followers, obviously. Oh, you mean you want to know how? Oh alright then nosey, I guess I can let you in on my secrets. Here's how I went from 500 to 1000 followers in just over a month..

Make your blog Pinterest-friendly

Making sure you have the 'pin' button on your photos can make all the difference, as well as ensuring you have the Pinterest widget visible on your blog. If someone's reading up on your latest post, they might not have Pinterest on their mind, so giving them subtle hint along the way can remind them they hey, you are on Pinterest and you welcome others to re-pin your stuff. Sounds simple, but oh the difference it can make!

Make your pictures Pin-worthy

Just because you want people to re-pin your #ootd, doesn't mean they want to. Why? Because - gulp - your pictures might not be pretty enough. Of course, you're pretty enough, but maybe your photo style doesn't quite fit with their Pinterest 'style'. Adding extra photos to you posts will up the chances of them re-pinning your pics. Maybe you could even check out what your current followers like to pin, and slightly shape your own snaps around that!

Cosy up with Viral Woot

Viral Woot is kind of Pinterest cheating, but also kinda not. I love it, either way. Basically all you have to do is sign up to the website, set up your Pinterest account with them and start earning points. You earn points by following and liking other people's pictures on Viral Woot, and you give away those points when someone likes or follows you. It sounds spammy, but it actually helps you generate real life followers that (gasp) actually like what you post! It's also helped me find a bunch of new accounts that I never would have found before.

Pin other people's content

How boring would it be if you clicked on someone's Pinterest and all you saw was their face, or five million pictures of the same cat? They might have an amazing face/cat but, regardless that stuff can get old quickly. It's important to re-pin other peoples stuff to add both variety to your boards and also share a little bit of the creative love. Plus, you never know, they might check back to your site and fall in love with your pictures too. Do you see how this works here?

Name your boards wisely

If you're creating a board about your favourite outfits, try to steer clear from calling it something cryptic and/or irrelevant. You may well love those song lyrics, but are people really going to find your board by Googling Taylor Swift's lyrics to her latest song? Maybe not. It sounds boring, but calling a board something like 'The Best Fashion Blogger Outfits' can make a world of difference.

Talk to other people

I've said this before and I'll say it again. Social media is called social for a reason. How do you get more followers? You talk to them! Think of every person you talk to as a potential follower, whether they have one follower or on million. If you get along with someone online they'll be more inclined to check out your Pinterest than if you simply as for a 'follow for follow'.

Pin things, but not too often

It's so easy to get carried away with pinning fifty thousand pictures of good looking food - trust me, I know. But just think of what you'd like to see when logging into Pinterest after a long day. If you're following a bunch of boards, do you really want to see pages and pages filled with desserts, all from the same account? I love desserts just as much (probably more) as the next person, but if I wanted to see just those photos I'd only follow those people. Limit your photo sharing to just a few per pinning session. It's quality, not quantity. 

Of course, you can always just ask people to follow you as well - kinda like I'm going to now. Hey! You! Follow me on Pinterest! Or else. If that doesn't work, then man, I don't know what to tell you.

Do you use Pinterest to benefit your blog?